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Vanilla the Chimp: Heartwarming Video Story

The touching scene of a rescued chimpanzee seeing the sky for the first time in 28 years is captured in the Vanilla the Chimp video.

The world’s viewers have been moved by a touching film posted by the Florida-based sanctuary Save the Chimps.

Vanilla, a 28-year-old chimpanzee who spent nearly 30 years imprisoned in a New York research institution before being freed in 1997, is featured in the film.

She was subsequently moved to a sanctuary in California, where she was housed in a chain-link-fence cage with no grass or other stimulating surroundings.

When the refuge was shut down in 2019, the nearby wildfires put Vanilla and her gang in danger.

Save the Chimps organised a special FedEx flight to transport Vanilla and her group to their refuge in Fort Pierce, Florida, in an effort to save the chimps.

There, they join 226 other chimpanzees that were also rescued from various locations, such as laboratories, amusement parks, the exotic pet trade, and roadside zoos.

The Video

In the video, Vanilla emerges from her new sanctuary area and is unable to take her eyes off the wonder-filled sky.

Dwight, the alpha male, was there to welcome her, cuddle her, and give the former lab chimp more motivation.

Vanilla has acquired a lot of friends since getting to the sanctuary, but she has a special affection for Dwight because they have a lively connection.

Vanilla’s New Home

Vanilla had gotten used to her new surroundings on the sanctuary island quite well.

She can see her surroundings from her new three-story climbing platform, and the lush green grass of the island is a sharp contrast to the barren cage and enclosure she formerly called home.

She is free to wander and take her friends on an exploration of their new surroundings.

Chimpanzees rescued from cruel situations are given the chance to live with other chimpanzees and develop relationships in the private organization’s safe and large habitat.

On a 150-acre island in the Indian River Lagoon of the St. Lucie River, the sanctuary houses roughly 220 rescued animals in 12 chimp groups.

Vanilla The Chimp Video: Animal Welfare

Worldwide, there are still many instances of animal testing and captivity, which raises serious issues with animal welfare.

Thousands of chimpanzees and other animals are used for testing and study by both public and private organisations in the United States.

There is hope, though, as animal rights organisations like Save the Chimps work hard to save these animals and enhance their conditions of life.

The bottom line

The tale of Vanilla serves as a reminder that every animal deserves to live in safety and without pain.

Many people were moved to tears seeing the footage of her admiring the sky for the first time.

A better future for these animals is made possible by organisations like Save the Chimps.

With ongoing help, additional chimpanzees like Vanilla will be able to escape the horrors of captivity and enjoy the freedom and happiness they are due.

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