Walking Dead Spin-Off Dead City Latest Images Ensures Maggie & Negan’s Come Back

Maggie and Negan are back in the upcoming The Walking Dead spinoff Dead City, as shown in new photographs. The Walking Dead had its 2010 AMC debut and ran for 11 seasons before releasing its season finale on November 20. Although the long-running, highly regarded horror series has ended, The Walking Dead franchise has just just started to expand. Three spinoff series have been been produced to date, and three more are in the works. Dead City, the first of several future spinoffs, was revealed as Isle of the Dead in March. In August, the series’ name was changed to Dead City, and production was finished in October. Six episodes of The Walking Dead: Dead City are planned for release starting in April 2023.

Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) return to the zombie series in Dead City in new photos from The Walking Dead shared on Instagram. Maggie appears in the first photograph sporting a new style; she is seated in a pub while sporting a leather jacket, gloves, and her hair pulled back. In the second picture, Negan can be seen gazing out from a balcony while still sporting a leather jacket. The last, and possibly most revealing, picture shows Maggie putting a knife to Negan’s throat while Negan appears completely unfazed. View the fresh pictures below:

What We Know About Dead City So Far

Fans were devastated by Rosita’s tragic death in the Walking Dead series finale, but it also brilliantly positioned the franchise’s impending spinoffs. For the first time since leaving, Rick and Michonne made an appearance in the finale’s closing few scenes, giving viewers a glimpse of what lies ahead for them. Carol bid Daryl farewell before he departed on his own from Alexandria, launching his spinoff Daryl Dixon. Negan’s future was not disclosed, but Maggie hinted that she wanted to travel more like she did in The Walking Dead season 9, which helped set up the New York-based plot of Dead City.
Cohan and Morgan have both been dropping hints about The Walking Dead: Dead City ever since it was initially revealed. Dead City will take place a few years after The Walking Dead ends, and it will follow Maggie and Negan as they travel across New York City, though the actual plot is yet unknown. Although Maggie’s final scene implied that she wanted to see more of the world, some fans have hypothesised that New York may have something to do with locating Rick and the CRM. The reason for the new destination is still unknown. Morgan has also hinted that the character of Negan may reappear in The Walking Dead: Dead City.

Why Maggie and Negan are travelling to New York City is still a mystery, as is the reason they are travelling at all. In the Walking Dead finale, Maggie and Negan had a difficult, emotionally charged talk in which Maggie told Negan that she would never forgive him for killing Glenn, regardless of what happened. Given Morgan’s indications that Negan will revert to his previous behaviour in the spinoff, it is unclear how their relationship will progress despite Negan’s apparent sincerity. However, solutions should be forthcoming shortly given that The Walking Dead: Dead City premieres on AMC in just a few months.

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