Warrior Season 3: Release Date, Plot, Cast, & Everything You Need To Know

Despite the fact that Warrior very recently had its television debut in 2019, the show’s origins go back many years. The story for what would become Warrior was originally conceived more than 50 years ago by martial arts movie messiah Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee’s daughter Shannon Lee put forth a lot of effort to make her father’s dream come true. Warrior did, however, experience its fair share of highs and lows.

Warrior has so far had two seasons, the first of which debuted in 2019 and the second of which premiered in late 2020. Since then, it’s been unknown what will happen to the show, partly since parent company WarnerMedia stopped all original programming on Cinemax, where Warrior first aired, early last summer. Due to the lack of a home, the show was left without direction.

On the other hand, the show’s two seasons started streaming on HBO Max on January 1st, 2021. The show enjoyed enormous success as a result, drawing in even more viewers thanks to the huge number of subscribers the streaming behemoth has. Although Lee and Tropper were unable to disclose the actual number of viewers for the programme after it moved to HBO Max, they can say with certainty that Warrior fared much better than it did on Cinemax. The programme actually outperformed Game of Thrones in the “Popular TV” category of the streaming service.

In the press announcement announcing the show’s renewal on April 14, Shannon Lee expressed her gratitude to HBO Max “for understanding the value of portraying this narrative.” Here is everything we currently know about Warrior season 3 and what you can anticipate from it, even if it’s still too early to know all the specifics regarding the show.

Season 3: Potential Storyline

The tale will probably continue from where it left off in the second season, which saw Zing escape from jail. There will undoubtedly be more bloodshed in the following season. As the acting Long Zi chief’s brother, Ah Sahm will be expelled, and if any of the other troops find out, they’ll end up having issues with him in the Hop Wei.

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Additionally, Young Jun has already demonstrated that he finds it difficult to handle his duties as the new head of Hop Wei. As a result, Young Jun needs Ah Co more than ever, especially now that he has established himself as an icon throughout the entire Chinatown neighbourhood. Additionally, Mai Ling is a murderous maniac. Her attachment to the dishonest acting mayor Buckley—been she’s extorting him over his background as an allied soldier—will probably lead to another brawl in Chinatown’s streets.

All of this, though, is predicated on what we know from the season 2 finale. In an interview with Inverse, Trooper responded to the question of what information they could share about the new season:

“I don’t want to say anything that ends up being inconsistent with what we do. However, the objective is to continue discussing subjects we have been discussing, specifically the nation’s attitude toward the newest wave of immigrants. [We] will enter government buildings and begin explaining how immigrants are frequently pitted against one another. On the other hand, we need to get our minds around the Hop Wei and the Long Zhi.

Season 3: The Cast

Since the third season of Warrior’s renewal was just recently announced, not much about the characters who will be returning for the show’s upcoming season has been formally confirmed. However, as evidenced by the widespread support the show garnered from the general audience for its renewal before it was even announced, many of the cast members and producers share a passion for this programme.

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Jonathan Tropper was asked if he could announce which members of the Warrior cast would be back for the third season during the same interview with Inverse. “Confirming indicates a transaction is done, and HBO is in the process of executing those,” he continued. I can confirm that we are making an effort to reunite everyone and are optimistic about doing so.

Now that we have assumed that all of the show’s major characters will return for season 3, it is very clear that Andrew Koji will reprise his role as Ah Sahm. The main character of the show is Koji, who portrays a martial artist. Dianna Doan, who portrayed Mai Ling in the first two seasons, is also quite likely to make a comeback. The recently appointed Hop Wei Tong commander Young Jun, portrayed by Jason Tobin, and the brothel madam Olivia Cheng, who plays the other two, will also join the cast.

Shannon Lee disclosed her plans to make a cameo appearance on the show in what was then a potential third season in an interview with Pop Culture. Lee studies Kickboxing, Wushu, and Taekwondo cross-disciplinary and adopts the Jeet Kune Do martial arts philosophy of her late father, Bruce Lee. Shannon Lee showcasing her real-world fighting prowess on the show will be a lot of fun.

Season 3: Premiere Date

Although a date has not been set, we anticipate Warrior season 3 to debut in mid- to late 2022.

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