10 Best Volleyball Anime Series You Should Have Already Seen

Many individuals adore sports anime. Quality prevails over number when you narrow it down to a single sport, like volleyball. They combine anime’s entertainment value with athletics’ burst of adrenaline. You might be surprised to learn that there have been a lot of volleyball-themed anime movies and television shows over the years.

It felt natural to examine one of the most well-liked sports on show when the Summer Olympics were still recent memories. In volleyball, collaboration is truly defined. Volleyball places a greater emphasis on the value of each player than a number of other team sports. The anime depicted in this article embodies this spirit. After saying that, it’s time to reveal the Top 10 Volleyball Anime you must watch, so hang around!

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2.43: Seiin High School Boys’ Volleyball Club (2021)

A high school student named Kimichika Haijima leaves the volleyball team at Tokyo Junior High School and goes back to his hometown of Fukui. He meets up with Yuni Kuroba, a childhood friend who has exceptional athletic ability but is prone to losing it under pressure. Haijima and Kuroba are an excellent duo thanks to Haijima’s amazing passion and volleyball prowess.

In addition to joining the volleyball team, the two students enrol in Seiin High School. They will be joined by second-year students Akito Kanno, who typically wears long sleeves due to a sun allergy, 163 cm hot-blooded captain Shinichirou Oda, clever and quick-witted vice-captain Misao Aoki, and their third-year pair. The young team breaks out of its previous weakened state and becomes Fukui’s rising star. This is the tale of a particular team’s struggle to prevail over a number of fascinating foes.

Instead than emphasising the activity itself, Seiin places a strong emphasis on the relationships between its cast members as well as on the emotions and realities of competing as an athlete. As a result, the movie is uneven yet entertaining, with a few notable scenes, especially when character development and a great final match are taken into account.

Attack No. 1 (Atakku Nanba Wan)

It was the first female sports animation series to premiere on Japanese television, and it’s a terrific oldie. Kozue is a volleyball-loving anime character who aims to play on the country’s volleyball team. This fantastic volleyball anime series traces Kozue’s ascent to fame, starting with him participating in school volleyball and ending with his incredible accomplishment of becoming a national volleyball player.

Kozue’s rise to the top hasn’t been smooth. She deals with a lot of challenges and is at odds with Yoshimura, the squad captain. Midori Hayakawa, a friend of hers, and her coach help her get by.

Since Attack No. 1 was the first female sports anime to air on television, it is a significant work of animation. The manga was created in 1968 by Chikako Urano, and an anime adaptation followed a year later. It was started in an effort to capitalise on the Japanese women’s volleyball team’s gold-medal success at the 1964 Summer Olympics. The fact that Japan hosted those summer games added to the appeal of their achievement.

Over the course of a lengthy, well-made series, this sports drama explores the several unfavourable effects of an athlete’s rise to fame. Throughout the anime, Kozue’s character is put to the test as she develops in her ambition to become the finest volleyball player in the world.

Even while it may appear corny, it does a great job of portraying Kozue’s actual struggles, which makes achieving the summit of her athletic career even more satisfying. This series, which is still well-liked in Japan, is credited with creating the sports animation subgenre, specifically volleyball.

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Attack on Tomorrow (Ashita e Atakku) (1977)

In this gripping sports anime, a group of girls form a volleyball team for their high school. For whatever reason, all of these anime volleyball series include female characters. The situation is fairly similar here, too. A bunch of volleyball-loving high school girls are the subject of this anime.

The squad transforms from a disjointed group to a school-wide force thanks to their unrivalled energy and dedication. The team, which is well-known at their school, is currently trying to win the volleyball championship by dominating the National High School Volleyball League. They form a team and work tirelessly to improve until they are among the best teams in their school.

Their new goal is to win the National High School Volleyball League, which will not be simple, but they will make every attempt to achieve it with their combined efforts. The squad is put to the test physically and mentally throughout the anime as they rise to renown and learn important lessons.

It will be painful and unpleasant, but sharing the burden with your friends will be helpful. The game of volleyball teaches the ladies valuable life lessons.


Attack you (Attakua Yu) (1984)

You Hazuki, an upbeat and ambitious high school girl, moves from Osaka to Tokyo to live with her father, Toshihiko, in this animation. Since she left when you were quite young, you have not seen her mother. Her little brother Sunny resides with you and her father as well. Sunny is extremely dedicated to his older sister and goes with her everywhere, including to volleyball competitions and school.

You have a great passion for volleyball and hope to play for the 1988 Japanese Olympic women’s volleyball squad. She joins the volleyball team at her high school to accomplish this, which is coached by the homeroom teacher. Her coach is quite tough and spanks players who don’t perform to their potential.

Fortunately for You, she becomes one of their best players over time. When you are put on opposing teams from Nami Hayase, you start to have a volatile relationship with her and it gets even worse. Amidst all of this chaos, You aspires to defeat Nami’s team and win the affection of her crush, So Takiki.

Haikyuu!! (2014)

One of the most well-known sports animes ever made is “Haikyuu!!,” which is probably the best volleyball anime ever made. The main character of the anime is Shouyou Hinata. After watching a well-known volleyball player known as “Little Giant” in action, he decides to revive the volleyball team at his middle school. His team is capable of making the sacrifices required to earn a tournament spot. However, when they are soundly defeated by a team commanded by Tobiyo Kageyama, known as the “King of the Court,” things swiftly go south. This encourages Hinata to work even harder to accomplish better than Tobiyo.

A small middle schooler named Hinata Shouyou found an unanticipated love for volleyball while watching a national championship game on television. Shouyou, a young child known as “the little giant,” joined the volleyball team at his school with the goal of becoming like the champion’s star performer. Unfortunately, he was the only one in the group; they didn’t even have a place to practise.

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He did not let this deter him, and after bringing in five more players in his final year, he was able to compete in a real tournament. However, his team’s first-round opponent was the team that was considered the favourite to win the tournament and its star player, Kageyama Tobio, also known as “the king of the court.”

Despite the heartbreaking defeat suffered by his squad, Shouyou vows to advance and eventually surpass Kageyama. Shouyou, who he first saw competing in the national championships, is currently beginning his first year of high school. He’s going to join the volleyball team, put in a tonne of work, and destroy Kageyama the next time they meet on the court, or that’s what he thought, until he finds out that they’re both now students. Their skills will surely help the volleyball team, but only if they can set aside their differences and learn how to work as a team.

He joins the Karasuno High School volleyball team after finishing middle school. He finds out that Tobiyo, one of his competitors, is also there. Despite having a strong leaping ability, Hinata’s small stature makes it harder for him to establish himself on the team. It also turns out that Kageyama has his own problems. To each of their problems, there is only one solution, though. To give their side a competitive advantage, they must complement one another. It’s true that the idea is incredibly intriguing. Wait until you watch the anime, please!

Haikyuu!!: To the Top (2020)

With a convincing victory over Shiratorizawa Academy, the volleyball team from Karasuno High School earned its much anticipated trip to the national championships. Tobio Kageyama gets invited to the All-Japan Youth Training Camp to compete against other well-known players as preparations get underway. A special rookie training camp for first-year students is being held in Miyagi Prefecture, and Kei Tsukishima has been invited. The ardent Shouyou Hinata feels excluded because he hasn’t received any invitations of his own.

On the other side, Hinata is unyielding. He bravely makes the decision to enter Tsukishima’s rookie training camp covertly, using his rage as fuel. Hinata sees this as a terrific opportunity even though he gets hired as a ball boy. Along with his volleyball skills, he begins to consider how he may use the plethora of information available on the court.

The members of the volleyball team from Karasuno struggle to strengthen their skills and overcome their weaknesses as the eagerly awaited national competition draws near.

Harukana Recieve (Harukana Reshibu) (2018)

Aces are not allowed in beach volleyball. Each player must locate their one indispensable partner on the sand court in order to win. After moving in with her grandmother and cousin Kanata Higa, Haruka Oozora learns this on her first day in Okinawa.

While visiting a nearby beach, Haruka sees a group of girls playing beach volleyball and is immediately invited to join them. This enjoyable practise game turns competitive when Narumi Tooi, one of the females, notices Kanata approaching the court.

Later, Haruka learns that Narumi and Kanta used to play beach volleyball together because of Kanta’s diminutive size before Narumi left. The Junior Tournament will soon take place, which is wonderful news. Haruka, however, only has a limited amount of time to learn the game in order to play with Kanata and help her conquer her phobia as a result of her little size.

Despite their tragic loss, Haruka now recognises her cousin’s withdrawn behaviour. In the past, Kanata and Narumi were one of the most talented beach volleyball teams. Now that the Junior Tournament is just a few weeks away, Haruka must become an expert in the complexities of beach volleyball competition while helping Kanata get over her crippling dread of the sport she once liked.

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Kougyou Aika Volley Boys (1997)

Teenage guys who lack sex join the girls’ volleyball team at Kudo High School in a situation that is evocative of Field of Dreams and Ping Pong Club because they think that if they build it, the girls will come—despite the fact that there are no girls there at all this year.

The story centres on three students who are collectively known as the Numa-K 3 Baka Trio (“The Asanuma Technical High School Idiot Trio”) who go by the names of Akagi, Miyamoto, and Taniguchi. The trio starts a second volleyball team at their school in a misguided attempt to become more popular.

Shoujo Fight: Norainu-tachi no Odekake (2009)

Volleyball video animation “Shoujo Fight: Norainu-tachi no Odekake” is distinctive. If you enjoy volleyball and would like to watch a brief anime about it, you absolutely must watch this. It is only 30 minutes long. You won’t feel particularly connected to the characters, and it’s hardly a masterpiece, but there is some fun volleyball action.

High school student Neri Ooishi serves as the protagonist of the anime. She has exceptional volleyball talent. She led the volleyball team at her elementary school as captain. In the national championship, that team came in second.

However, she did spend three years as the volleyball team’s backup at a junior high school. She has new teammates and the chance to show herself once more now that she is in high school.

She is trying to hide her skill as a volleyball player because something is keeping her from playing the game she adores. What is, however, causing her to stop? Despite her passion for the game, why is she leaving?




Zoku Attacker You! Kin Medal e no Michi (2008)

A 52-episode anime television series called “New Attacker You!” was created in China and Japan. It is a follow-up to the well-liked “Attacker You!” film, which debuted 24 years ago. For the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Knack Productions produced this second animated series. The Tomoharu Katsumata-produced series had its world premiere on Cartoon Darian in China before skipping the television network in Japan and going straight to DVD.

Female volleyball players that are young and competitive want to be the best. If they lose in court, they run the possibility of losing their jobs and running into problems with their loved ones, friends, and family.




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