Warriors of Future Ending: Does Major Sean Li Survive?

The Hong Kong sci-fi action thriller movie “Warriors of Future” on Netflix is directed by Yuen Fai Ng. The plot centres around an alien plant named Pandora and is set in the year 2055. When a meteorite hits the area known as B16, a massive plant emerges and begins to spread, consuming everything in its path. The plant does, however, also improve the environment and the globe.

The mission for Tyler and his warriors is to prevent the plant from growing while still enabling it to purify the air. However, the mission fails, and Tyler loses the majority of his troops. A larger scheme comes to light as the survivors work to achieve their objective. Here is all the information you require regarding “Warriors of Future’s” conclusion. Spoilers follow!

Warriors of Future Plot Synopsis

The opening narration of the movie is Tyler’s explanation of how people survive in a post-apocalyptic world. Technology’s quick development sparked a number of catastrophes, including poisons in the air, hunger, and wars. For the purpose of purifying the air inside these enormous dome-like structures, Major General Sean Li constructs Skynet above cities. The HQ dispatches Colonel Tam with a potential solution after the meteor strikes Earth and Pandora begins to expand. Sean Li and Commander Johnson Cheng are guided through the strategy by Tam and Dr. Chang Chung Chong. The physician is in possession of a gene bullet containing the P7N9 virus. To cause the plant to hibernate, the virus must be injected into the pistil of Pandora. The plant will thereafter stop growing, but the air will still be cleaned.

Plan B, which entails attacking the area and destroying the factory, is also put out by Colonel Tam. The problem is that 160,000 residents of the B16 district will also perish. Since he has invested a lot of time, money, and resources in creating the Skynet and doesn’t intend to stop any time soon, Sean Li is opposed to the notion. But the Colonel cautions him to adhere to the HQ’s directive. Tyler speaks against the proposal after hearing it from his squad because of how risky the expedition is. Tyler nevertheless embarks on the mission since it might provide humanity a second chance at survival. When the Air Command Unit tries to carry out the plan, several mistakes happen.

First, in a life-or-death emergency, two skyfisher aircraft are unable to communicate with one another. Second, as Pandora expands, it collides with two skyfishers, killing the soldiers within. Third, a mystery explosion occurs on one of the bigger ships, the Orca. Only Tyler, Connor, and one other soldier make it out alive, but because their skyfisher is destroyed, they are unable to reach the squad. So, while Tyler and the survivors figure out how to patch their wounds, retrieve the gene bullet, and inject it into the pistil, Johnson sends an ex-soldier named Taron Yau to save Tyler. As the story goes on, it becomes clear that the aeroplane accidents weren’t random. Success of the expedition and a second chance for humanity are now in jeopardy. Can Tyler successfully introduce the gene bullet into Pandora’s pistil? Let’s find out, then.

Warriors of Future Ending: Does Tyler Plant the Gene Bullet in Pandora’s Pistil?

When Tyler and his colleagues arrive at the pistil, Commander Johnson places the gene bullet there, stopping the growth of Pandora’s pistil. The difficulties they must overcome to complete their task, which start when Tyler’s skyfisher crashes, are considerable. When Tyler, Connor, and Lincoln visit a hospital to have Lincoln’s wound treated, they come across mysterious creatures who feed on the flesh of humans. Commander Johnson, meantime, makes the decision to visit the location and encounters Taron Yau, a former buddy and soldier, en route. While Tyler and Connor are saved by the two when they arrive at the hospital in time, Lincoln is killed by the monster.

Having just been constituted, the team contacts the base. The crew is directed by Colonel Tam to the downed plane carrying the gene bullet. Additionally, she gives Lucy at the base instructions to determine the causes of the skyfishers’ signal loss and one of the orcas’ explosions. To figure out what transpired, Lucy begs her boyfriend Connor to find the head of a robot that was on the Orca. While Connor locates the robot’s head and Tyler recovers the gene bullet, Connor also notices a grenade pin adjacent to the robot.

The crew quickly learns that Sean Li was the cause of the explosion and the signal loss. He employed another robot named Timora to jam all the communications in the vicinity while giving instructions to a robot to remove the grenade pin. Sean Li doesn’t back down when Johnson and Tyler confront him over the phone. Instead, he gives the order to kill the entire crew to three robots, two machines, and Enigma. Sean also stops the team’s ability to communicate with the base. The crew gets ready for the battle ahead and bravely takes on all foes. They knock out the machines one by one, but they struggle mightily against Timora.

Tyler and Taron Yau successfully take down Timora and remove its signal jammer. In the meantime, Connor digs a hole in the ground to provide the squad access to Pandora’s pistil. Commander Johnson recognises that the unidentified animals have emerged from this location as soon as he steps inside the pistil. He fires the gene bullet into the pistil, causing it to blow up, release the virus, and halt the expansion of Pandora.

We learn early on that Tyler and his group will be able to complete the task. We write the ending of our own stories, goes one of the movie’s recurrent dialogue lines. The line implies that Tyler and Johnson’s mission was always intended to be successful, which is exactly what happens. Johnson returns and rescues the day at a point when Tyler believes he is dead. It simply demonstrates how committed each team member was to completing the task. Tyler reiterates the same discourse towards the conclusion, highlighting how the team has succeeded in achieving their goals.

Does Major Sean Li Die?

Yes, Major General Sean Li shoots himself in the head and dies. Colonel Tam also learns of Sean Li’s conduct after Johnson and the crew do. If the mission is successful, the air quality will improve and no one will need Skynet, so Sean Li intends to sabotage it. He so makes every effort to ensure the team’s failure in the mission till the very end. Sean doesn’t seem to be phased even after Colonel tells him the information; the mission is almost over. But Johnson and his team are able to complete a suicide operation and escape unharmed.

Thus, Sean Li commits suicide, and there are two important causes for this. Sean is a haughty man who thinks Skynet is the future and that nothing can stop it. Even saying, “I am Skynet, and Skynet is me,” he says to Johnson. Sean Li’s ego and arrogance are devastated when Johnson successfully plants the gene bullet. Aside from that, he will soon be imprisoned because everyone is aware of his acts. It would be more embarrassing for the man to be arrested because that would involve going in front of the team and the public. In order to avoid going through everything, Sean Li commits suicide. To him, dying is preferable to being an embarrassment in the eyes of others.

Are Tyler and Johnson Going to the Moon?

Most likely, Tyler and Johnson are travelling to the moon aboard a spacecraft. The two guys appear inside an aircraft in the sequence towards the middle of the credits, but this time they are both donning the suits and helmets that astronauts typically don. Johnson explains the task to Tyler and clarifies that they will just be observing the signal and its source. They will not interact with it in any way. The objective of the mission is information gathering alone.

Following that, the plane begins to tremble, but after a few period of flight, the turbulence stops. The film closes as we watch Tyler and Johnson’s spacecraft travel toward the moon. Given the theme of the film, there’s a chance that Tyler and Johnson will investigate a base station on the moon or look for evidence of extraterrestrial life, which could lead to a brand-new adventure.

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