Is BMF An Abusing Word? What Does BMF Mean On TikTok?

If you frequent any of the social media sites, you have undoubtedly come across some of the slang that people these days like using while publishing stuff online. However, it also happens frequently that despite being widely used, something puzzles you. And recently, a similar circumstance arose when many users became perplexed by the slang term BMF, which is common on numerous social media platforms. And don’t worry if your name is on the list. You’re covered by us! As the post unfolded, we would be delving further into the topic of what BMF on TikTok means. Let’s first describe the platform on which this lingo has cast its shadow before moving in that direction. That social networking site is none other than the preferred TikTok app among those who enjoy fun! This slang had originally become well-known on this platform.

Following that, it was widely utilised on Twitter and Instagram as well. Regarding TikTok, it is a social media platform with a short video focus where users can submit a range of content relating to dance, humour, tricks, and entertainment. Additionally, it was the first site to make the novel type of brief video content popular. Later, this developed into a pattern, and other social media platforms followed suit. And today, this feature is available on both Instagram and YouTube. It goes by the name “Reels” on Instagram but is referred to as “Shorts” on YouTube. Now let’s examine what BMF on TikTok actually means.

What does BMF mean on Tik Tok?

Like the phrase we’ll be discussing, “BMF,” users of TikTok have frequently introduced terminology that can be challenging to understand. Thus, from a distance, it appears as though there are numerous whole forms. Moreover, this word serves varied purposes depending on the context in which it is used. You shouldn’t worry, though, as we have found the most common full form and definition of BMF that Tik Tok users use by scanning through many of the materials.

BMF is therefore commonly abbreviated as “Bad Motherf***er”. This phrase may initially appear strange and demeaning to a novice, but it is really used on TikTok to congratulate someone on their flare, attitude, or strength. You may also be familiar with the phrase from the influential film “Pulp Fiction.”

Other possible meanings of BMF!

BMF can also stand for “Be My Friend” when used in online chat or comments by users, in addition to “Bad Motherf***er.” The phrase “Best Male Friend” could also be used as the full form of BMF. Many individuals use it simultaneously meaning “Be my friend” and “Best male companion.”

BMF is another name for the song “Blowing Money Fast,” which is a hit for Rick Ross. In addition to this, BMF stands for “Black Mafia Family” in legal terms. It is used to describe a drug-dealing organisation in the legal and administrative fields. BMF also denotes “Mass Mail Facility” in its shortened version.

This phrase is also used to mean “Best Mates Forever.” Then came Bad Mr. Frosty. Additionally, for mentioning Soundgarden, an American rock band, and their third studio album, “Badmotorfinger.” A&M Records issued it on October 8th, 1991.

Some other popular Tik Tok slang in 2022!

“IB” is another Tik Tok lingo that is becoming more common. It means “Inspired By,” so there. This is how creators express recognition to those who provided the inspiration for their particular piece of material. The term “Flex,” which is next on the list, meaning to brag about something admirable. This word just gained a spot among the most used slang terms. In addition, the word “Slay” is frequently used these days. It sounds like the phrase “killed it!” When something or someone “slays,” it means that they may be performing admirably or that they are simply incredibly cool.

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