What Episode Does Elena Become A Vampire? 10+Essential Elena Episodes From The Vampire Diaries

In The Vampire Diaries, Elena Gilbert undergoes a huge supernatural transformation, changing from a human to a vampire and back again. When vampire brothers Stefan and Damon visit Mystic Falls once more, the doppelgänger is dragged into the perilous world of the undead. Elena engages in intense relationships with both of the Salvatore brothers as a result of her conflicted feelings for them, and numerous of these encounters change her life.

There were numerous upheavals in Elena’s life as a result of her relationships with the Salvatores and her enigmatic ancestry as a Petrova twin (which fans had witnessed over the 8 seasons). Only a few of the 134 episodes that Elena appeared in ultimately prove to be significant to her character and the larger plot, despite the fact that many of them were iconic and distinctive in their own right.

On December 27, 2021, Kayleigh Banks updated this page. Even though Nina Dobrev left the show at the conclusion of season 6, her character continued to play a significant role in the plot for quite some time.

Despite the show’s best efforts to advance the plot by focusing on various strong forces attempting to enlist the Salvatore brothers, the plots always revolved around either defending Elena or attempting to assassinate her. Therefore, Elena was the heart of the programme because everything always came back to her, whereas Stefan and Damon were more or less the show’s faces.

Becoming A Vampire – “Growing Pains” (S4 Ep1)

Elena becoming a vampire seemed inescapable from the start of The Vampire Diaries, and it ultimately happened in the season 4 episode “Growing Pains.” Elena spends the majority of this episode coming to terms with her transformation and questioning whether she really wants to join the undead.

Elena never intended to become a vampire, but her eventual transformation intrigued people who were interested in the scenarios the writers would come up with. They were interested to see how Elena would adjust to her new abilities and whether they would significantly alter her personality.

Discovering The Truth About Vampires – “Lost Girls” (S1 Ep6)

During the first season of “Lost Girls,” Elena discovers the truth about her new boyfriend. When she confronts Stefan, the vampire gives in and informs her about his past as a vampire (as well as admitting Damon was responsible for the recent killings in the town).

Although Elena initially finds it difficult to accept Stefan’s actual nature, this does turn out to be a crucial moment in Elena’s story since it introduces her to the supernatural world. Despite her initial discomfort with Stefan’s disclosure, she rapidly adjusted and developed a strong dislike for all things mystical and enigmatic.

Elena And Stefan End Their Relationship For Good – “Resident Evil” – (S5 Ep18)

Although Elena was still in love with Damon at this point, some fans believed that Stefan and Elena’s tale hadn’t been fully resolved by the writers. After all, since their dopplegängers were frequently attracted together, fans had assumed that Stefan and Elena were destined to be together.

When the fans discovered that it was because the Travelers’ leader had used a spell for his own gain, the writers quickly put an end to their partnership in “Resident Evil.” Many individuals were unhappy with the idea that Stefan and Elena’s romance was “fake,” even though it did answer certain viewers’ worries and satisfy “Delena” aficionados. The writers basically put an end to Stefan and Elena’s love tale by breaking the magic.

Elena Chooses Damon – “Graduation” – (S4 Ep23)

a picture of Elena and Damon dancing from The Vampire Diaries
Fans have been following Elena’s internal conflict over her emotions for both Salvatore brothers for four years. When she turned into a vampire in season 4, her predicament was only made 10 times worse. However, by the time “Graduation” aired, everyone had already discovered the solution.

Here, spectators witnessed Elena tell Damon that she loved him and wished for their union. Many fans were intrigued to see where this new development would lead, even if they were sad for Stefan because he had heard it from the next room. It would be intriguing to see if Elena and Damon could make it work since viewers had yet to see how Elena would handle being in a serious relationship with someone as distant and unpredictable as Damon.

Elena Erases All Memories Of Damon – “Yellow Ledbetter” (S6 Ep2)

Elena struggled when Damon was tragically stranded on The Other Side and thought to be dead. In fact, her grief was so intense that she requested Alaric’s aid in getting over it by removing all of her pleasant memories of the older Salvatore sibling (“Yellow Ledbetter”).

Although some people considered the plot to be rather fascinating, many Delena fans were dissatisfied with the most recent twist, especially because they knew that Bonnie and Damon were both alive and would probably soon return. In addition to wondering how the other characters would respond, fans also pondered whether she would ever be able to recall these memories once more.

Elena’s Death – “The Departed” (S3 Ep22)

Fans anticipated that Elena would die one day because she repeatedly risked her life for her friends and family. Although she had passed quite a few times over the years, her noble sacrifice to save Matt in “The Departed” had to be her most heartbreaking death.

Fans were devastated for a split second before being outraged when they learned that Elena had died with Damon’s blood still in her system. Fans were concerned about Jeremy’s reaction to learning that he had lost another member of his family because Elena had been close to all the key characters on the show, especially Jeremy. As the show’s pivotal main character had been murdered off, it also left viewers wondering where the show would proceed, but the unexpected ending immediately answered that question.

Elena’s Enchanted Sleep Begins – “I’m Thinking Of You All The While” (S6 Ep22)

Elena’s character was written into a cursed coma in the season 6 finale as a result of actor Nina Dobrev’s departure from the show in real life. Elena’s life is bound to her best friend Bonnie by Kai’s spell, preventing the doppelgänger from waking up while the Bennett witch is still alive.

Before being abandoned to sleep in a coffin, Elena shares heartfelt farewells with her loved ones, including one last dance with Damon on the road where they first met. It was undoubtedly an emotional farewell that brought many fans to tears as they began to worry how the plot would proceed without the focal point of the programme or narrative.

Elena’s First Kill – “The Killer” (S4 Ep5)

Many admirers observed Elena struggle when she turned into a vampire since she couldn’t manage to suppress her want for blood. When the vampire hunter Connor showed there and tormented her over Jeremy, she was observed to suffer even more (which caused her to lash out and break his neck).

Fans were stunned right away because Elena didn’t frequently act impulsively. She frequently argued in favour of a more tranquil strategy. Therefore, the fact that she had just killed someone drew attention from the audience and suggested that Elena’s morals were about to be undermined and she would undergo a significant change.

Gives Into Her Feelings For Damon – “Heart Of Darkness” (S3 Ep19)

Elena battles her feelings for both Salvatore brothers throughout the first part of the book despite first falling in love with Stefan. Elena gives in to her love for Damon during a road trip to Denver to see Jeremy and has sex with the vampire in a hot motel room.

Despite the fact that this isn’t their first kiss, it is unquestionably one of the best in Elena and Damon’s relationship because it shows her acting on her emotions and putting matters into her own hands. She strikes up a conversation with Damon and gives in to feelings she has for the senior Salvatore.

Jenna’s Death – “The Sun Also Rises” (S2 Ep21)

During the moonstone ceremony in season 2, Elena tragically loses a significant someone in her life (“The Sun Also Rises”). She is sacrificed by the Original hybrid to end the curse that prevents his werewolf heritage from being used against him after spending the majority of the season living in fear of Klaus.

Klaus makes Jenna, Elena’s aunt, a vampire as part of the ritual before staking her to death as a sacrifice. She had been a pillar of support for Elena and had done her best to help them, therefore it was undoubtedly one of the most heartbreaking deaths in The Vampire Diaries.

Meeting Katherine – “Memory Lane” (S2 Ep4)

Fans anticipated that Katherine and Elena would eventually meet as soon as Elena learnt the tale of Stefan, Damon, and Katherine. Katherine and Elena stare at one other. Nobody anticipated it to happen as early as season 2, when Katherine visited Mystic Falls once more. While she frequently encountered the Salvatore boys, Elena didn’t meet her until “Memory Lane.”

Fans were particularly uneasy about this because Katherine had previously threatened to murder her if Stefan and Elena continued their relationship. However, as the more experienced vampire quickly discovered, Elena was far smarter than she was given credit for. Katherine would struggle to complete her task with so many people working for Elena.


Meeting Stefan – “Pilot” (S1 Ep1)

When Elena first meets Stefan Salvatore in the premiere episode, her life is irrevocably changed. The doppelgänger, who is still in shock over the death of her parents, is drawn to the enigmatic new student at Mystic Falls High and falls in love with him right once.

The dynamics of her connection with Stefan change how the show unfolds. Though not the end goal, Elena’s relationship with Stefan enables her to grieve the past and look forward to the future.

Reuniting With Her Loved Ones – “I Was Feeling Epic” (S8 Ep16)

During the “I Was Feeling Epic” series finale, Elena awakens from her magical slumber. When Bonnie and the ghosts of the Bennett witches gather to defend the town, Mystic Falls is spared from the flames of hell. Bonnie finally breaks Kai’s curse thanks to the astounding feat, prompting Elena to finally awaken.

She meets Damon again and continues to live a typical life with her human partner. Elena’s quest is brought to a fitting conclusion in “I Was Feeling Epic,” which includes a meeting with her parents in the afterlife. The series finale is among Elena’s best episodes, along with the one in which she turns into a vampire, “Growing Pains.”


Taking The Cure – “I’d Leave My Happy Home For You” (S6 Ep20)

Voldemort Diaries Elena accepts life as a vampire but never stops yearning for her humanity. Elena and Damon are in the afterlife. She finally gets what she desires when Damon agrees to take the cure with her, giving up his vampirism to seek a human life, in season 6’s “I’d Leave My Happy Home For You.”

Before moving on to the next phase of their relationship, the pair takes some time to take advantage of being vampires one final time. Elena uses the treatment and reverts to being a human, but their happy ending is shortly delayed. While Kai’s interruption annoyed the audience, they were certain that Elena and her friends would triumph because they had beaten some truly nasty villains in earlier seasons of The Vampire Diaries. Soon enough, they would be able to outwit him as well.


Turning Off Her Humanity – “Stand By Me” (S4 Ep15)

In the fourth season of The Vampire Diaries, grief once more rocks Elena’s world. The gang is ambushed by Katherine, who then feeds Silas Jeremy to murder him and escapes with the cure. Damon commands Elena to switch off her humanity because the loss of her brother has left her broken.

Fans were riveted by the ending of “Stand By Me,” which explores the bond between the Gilbert siblings. The audience knew they were about to see a side of the new vampire that the show had not yet explored because Elena had turned off her humanity at this point. If the creators of The Vampire Diaries had their way, Elena would have ended up even worse than Katherine.




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