Who Is Whitney Rose’s Husband Justin & What Does He Do For A Living?

Since the first season of “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City,” Whitney Rose has been transparent about the tumultuous beginning of her marriage to Justin Rose. While they were coworkers, Whitney and Justin got married to their respective wives when they first met. According to Bustle, many of their family members turned their backs on the two once they ultimately fell in love and decided to end their marriages. Due to her romance with Justin and subsequent divorce from her then-husband, Whitney, a long-time Mormon, was excommunicated from her church.

Whitney and Justin renewed their 10th wedding anniversary in the “RHOSLC” Season 1 premiere, in spite of the doubters. She and Justin are thought to be worth $3 million, based on CheatSheet, and their opulent home is frequently shown in the franchise. Fans are aware that Whitney makes some money as a housewife and through her first skincare business, Iris + Beau, according to Bravo. Fans of “RHOSLC” are interested to learn how Justin became a millionaire over the years.

Justin was an executive for LifeVantage

Justin Rose began working at Nu Skin Enterprises as a marketing services manager in 1989, according to his LinkedIn profile. He progressed to more esteemed positions over time. He started out as a director of sales at Melaleuca in 1996 before moving on to USANA in 1999 as an executive director of sales.

He was employed by LifeVantage Corporation at the time of “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” premiere as the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. When he and the business were sued in 2018 for allegedly conducting a pyramid scheme, Justin, who had been working for the nutritional supplement firm since 2015, was confronted with legal problems, according to Meaww. Brian Smith, a man, asserted, “LifeVantage is really a pyramid scheme that passes for a multi-level distributor of dietary supplements. Despite LifeVantage’s claims of retail sales, there isn’t much money entering the system from actual LifeVantage product consumers who aren’t involved in the business opportunity.”

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Whitney defended her husband right away after learning about the lawsuit, telling Reality Blurb that Justin had been “removed from this litigation years ago.” Justin appeared to be prospering in his job at the business, despite the fact that the lawsuit against LifeVantage is still pending. That is, until his participation in “RHOSLC” led to his termination.

Justin was let go from his job because of Whitney

Justin Rose made the announcement that LifeVantage had sacked him in March. “As one door shuts, they claim, another one opens. But is it really necessary for the first door to shut all the way? Let me be clear: I can already tell from the first glance that it will only get better, therefore I can’t wait to see what’s beyond the next door “He published to Facebook. Justin revealed in “RHOSLC” Season 3 why his LifeVantage employer fired him. “With Whitney becoming a public person, he added, “I just didn’t see how we were going to be able to make this continue to work.” He expressed his appreciation for the work I had done. The conversation began in this manner, “He disclosed (per Newsweek).

Whitney Rose thought Justin’s termination was related to the graphic bedroom exchange in which they both utilised body paint. “To want to have a sexual relationship with your husband is common. When we performed the “love is art,” it seemed to be the last straw “she declared.

After spending the majority of their savings to rename Whitney’s business from “Iris + Beau” to “Wild Rose Beauty,” Justin was fired. Whitney revealed in “RHOSLC” Season 2 that they had invested “well over $300,000” into her beauty brand, which “strained” her marriage to Justin (via Bravo). Justin seems to still be unemployed, therefore Whitney and he will have to rely on her skincare business for the foreseeable future.

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