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Is XXXTentacion Anime Happening? XXXTentacion Anime Updated News

Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, better known as XXXTentacion, was born in 1998 and was a rising star in the music industry who collaborated with established artists like Diplo. His tracks occasionally appear on the Billboard charts. Additionally, he produced the album 17 which contained numerous songs that broke records, including Revenge and Jocelyn Flores. Skins, his record, was listed as the top album on the Billboard 200. He also received the BET Hip Hop Award and the American Music Award.

The artist reportedly was shot during a heist and died on June 18 of that year. An regrettable incident turned into a significant loss for the music business, which had to see another talented performer pass away. XXXTentacion died when he was 20 years old. Following his passing, there was a significant scandal involving his mother and brother (s). Onfroy named his mother, Cleopatra Bernard, as his representative in his last will and testament.

Onfroy frequently and freely shared his passion of anime when he was still alive. He frequently tweeted about his favourite shows, which included Parasyte, Death Note, and Naruto Shippuden. He has also stated that he prefers anime with English subtitles to anime with Spanish subtitles.

Information So Far

Anyone who followed XXXTentacion on social media knew how much he enjoyed anime. But what really caught everyone off guard was Cleopatra Bernard’s assertion that an anime based on the life of XXXTentacion would be released soon. The announcement shocked and intrigued a good number of individuals somewhere in November 2020.

xxxtentacion art,xxxtentacion sad,xxtenations 2018 death,xxxtentacion wallpaper,xxxtentacion pictures,xxtenations,xxxtentacion anime,most popular yuri anime,anime xxxtentacion

A journalist from the United States named Adam Grandmaison, who hosts the podcast No Jumper, tweeted on November 8 that an anime series starring XXXTentacion would be produced. Since the mother is the only one who has brought up the statement, the news’s veracity is not very strong. The latter did little more than quote what Bernard had said. Therefore, there is no corroboration of the information.

No statement has been made by an animation studio regarding a XXXTentacion-centric anime adaptation.

There are, however, numerous XXXTentacion fanarts that have caused confusion.

Fan Reaction To The News

Following Bernard’s comments regarding the XXXTentacion anime adaptation, there have been a variety of responses. The talented musician had a sizable following. Fans from both the music and anime communities were drawn to him. Anime fanart was always being posted in large quantities, but following Bernard’s comment, the quantity increased. Naturally, a lot of people view this favourably and are in favour of the creation of an anime version.

Despite the fact that most people were delighted with the news, some people attempted to refute it. Never before has an anime been made about a famous person or artist. The introduction of an anime depicting a person with so many scandals is opposed by many people.

There was still another set of folks who responded in an intriguing way. They thought Bernard had created the rumour to attract more attention.

People find it difficult to believe news as such without an official declaration.

Should This Anime Adaptation Be Made- Personal Views

Many people could relate to the music that XXXTentacion produced. His songs frequently dealt with death, depression, and overtly depressing feelings. His songs did indeed have a lot of girth and hefty weight to them. People are persuaded that he was born with musical genius because he accomplished so much at the young age of 20.

xxxtentacion art,xxxtentacion sad,xxtenations 2018 death,xxxtentacion wallpaper,xxxtentacion pictures,xxtenations,xxxtentacion anime,most popular yuri anime,anime xxxtentacion

While Onfroy had a natural aptitude as an artist and was gorgeous, he also led a scandalous life. He had a traumatic upbringing. He spent a considerable amount of time in a juvenile detention facility where, out of homophobic jealousy, he beat a cellmate nearly to death. Additionally, he was charged with assault, battery, and domestic violence. He had abducted and terrorised his girlfriend. He was accused of beating, kicking, and abusing the woman mentally in a lawsuit that was brought against him. Onfroy has terrified both his girlfriends and random people. He allegedly assaulted an other student as well, for which he nearly lost his scholarship. In addition, he was charged with witness tampering, having Xanax and guns in his possession, and resisting arrest.

It is more difficult to consider him as a viable candidate for an anime adaptation because his lyrics advocated the use of Xanax. Onfroy was an abusive homophobe who shouldn’t be praised.

As I’ve already said, XXXTentacion was a very talented musician. As an artist, he is inspirational, but there are too many wrongs in his history that make it difficult to picture him in an anime series as a good character.

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