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Who is Jill Hornor?

According to people.com, Jill Hornor is a well-known art consultant in Cambridge and a professor from Germany. She is most known for being the wife of renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma.

One of the people who gained notoriety as a result of their marriages is Jill Hornor. She was financially secure prior to getting married, and her work chosen life served as the major route for some other people to achieve success. Well, after she wed Yo-Yo ma, we all got to know her, so why don’t you read this story all the way through to learn more about Jill Hornor? As usual, let’s start with an overview of her profile.

Jill Hornor Biography

On October 2, 1953, Jill Hornor was born in China; however, she was raised in Germany. When she was younger, her parents moved from England to Germany. Jill, while being of mixed ancestry, is probably a Chinese woman. She is currently 69 years old, making Yo-Yo Ma her husband by two years.

When Jill was younger, she took up the violin because she had always wanted to be a singer. She married a singer, but regrettably she never achieved fame in the music business.

Hornor received her secondary education at Mount Holyoke High School before continuing her study at Cornwell University, where she earned her initial degree in German literature.

Jill Hornor’s Marriage with Yo-Yo Ma

Jill’s marriage was a blessing. In addition to living in harmony with her husband Yo-Yo Ma, she has had the good fortune to give birth to two famous children since their 1978 wedding.

When Jill was a sophomore at Mount Holyoke High School, the pair first became friends. However, when he arrived to Harvard, he let her know what his plans were. Ma arranged for him to be asked by mail because of their separation, and they got married in 1978, one year after his graduation.

Her husband is a well-known American vocalist who has released over 90 produced albums and won 19 Grammy Awards. Since 1961, when he was a few months older than four, Yo-Yo Ma has been involved in the music business.

Information discovered demonstrates that Ma loved Hornor so dearly because they shared a passion. Both partners share a passion for singing.

Jill Hornor Children

The female child that Jill and Yo-Yo Ma shared, Emily Ma (born in 1986), wed John Mistovich of Londonberry on September 27, 2014. John is the son of Linda A. Mistovich and Eli Mistovich Jr. of Londonderry, New Hampshire.

John, Emily’s spouse, works at RBC Capital Markets as a vice president. John was a Harvard graduate, like Emily. The wedding ceremony took place at Trinity Episcopal Church in Lenox, Massachusetts. On the specified day, Emily refused to allow her father play. She said that she didn’t want him to be an artist that day; she just wanted him to be her father.

On the other side, their son Nicholas Ma, a man who was born in 1983, is credited with being one of the producers of the 2018 film Won’t You Be My Neighbor and is a writer, film producer, and director. In addition, he is recognised for his work on the 2017 short film Echoes as director and writer.

Jill Hornor Husband

Yo-Yo Ma, Jill’s husband, was reared in New York after being born to Chinese immigrants on October 7, 1955, in Paris. According to his Wikipedia article, his parents were immigrants from China to France; his mother, Marina Lu, was a vocalist, while his father, Hiao-Tsiun Ma, was a violinist, composer, and music professor at Nanjing National Central University.

Yo-Yo Ma began playing when he was four years old, but his full-time music career really took off in 1978 when he won the Avery Fisher Prize at the Lincoln Center. He is the artistic leader of the Silk Road Ensemble, a group that fuses traditional and contemporary music. His preferred instrument for the performance is a 1733 Domenico Montagnana cello known as “Petunia,” which is valued at US$2.5 million.

The Silk Road Ensemble, a Yo-Yo organisation that was originally known as the Silk Road Project, Inc., was established in 1998 to encourage collaboration between institutions and artists in order to develop cross-cultural artistic interchange. He gave it that name in honour of the over 2,000-year-old trade route that connected Europe and China across Asia. One of the noteworthy honours Yo-Yo Man has attained for himself is;

The Glenn Gould Prize in 1999
The National Medal of Arts in 2001
The Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2011
Polar Music Prize in 2012

Jill Hornor Career

Horner was a violist back in the day because she had always liked music. Before obtaining a degree in German literature, she learnt how to play the violin since she was so infatuated with music. Jill joined the Greater Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra as a violinist while pursuing a career as a singer.

In addition to this, she also worked a number of odd jobs after high school in an effort to advance her musical career. She was the wife of a famous musician, not a musician herself, as fate would have it. She currently holds dual employment as a professor and an art consultant.

Net worth

Jill Honor’s net worth was disclosed as $2 million in 2019 by a source. On the other hand, her husband’s net worth, which was around $25 million at the time, is not even close to this amount.

Three years after being married, Jill and Yo-Yo Man moved to Cambridge, where Honor taught German and Yo-Yo continued singing. Her work as a lecturer, art consultant, and part-time violist served as the foundation for her fortune.

Success Lesson

The decision made by Jill Hornor’s partner serves as an important lesson.

Yes, this is it if there is any. Over 42 years have passed since the pair first met. They saw their shared humanity and unity in themselves back in the 1970s.

Since Ma and Jill had a mixed ethnicity situation and a love of music, it is much simpler for them to comprehend one another and obvious to anybody who is not a part of their relationship.

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