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Yolanda Holmes Murder: Investigating the Circumstances

The murder of Yolanda Holmes occurred on September 2, 2012, at her residence. After being shot and stabbed, a 45-year-old single mother who owned a hair salon was discovered dead in her apartment.

Her intermittent boyfriend, Curtis Wyatt, killed her as she was in bed with him.

Chicago homicide detectives responded to a 911 call early on September 2, 2012.

A broken pistol was found on the bedroom floor, and the paring knife from a kitchen block was taken out during the investigation.

Just before six in the morning, Yolanda’s son, Qaw’mane Wilson, an aspiring rapper, paid his mother a visit in the building.

The police detectives wanted to know who killed a woman who owned a hair salon and killed her in her own home. Was it someone else who was sleeping at the residence, or her lover? Let’s look into it.

The Police Investigation Met A Dead End

When Wyatt saw that he was bleeding from cuts to his head and face, he dialed 911 and was attended to by paramedics.

While speaking with the police, he disclosed to them that he had lately made contact with Yolanda again.

He insisted that the reason he woke up in the first place was Yolanda’s phone talk.

Then he heard the shots. He was harmed as he tried to tackle the man, but the man managed to escape. There were no fingerprints discovered. Blood was all over the place.

Wyatt’s blood was discovered elsewhere, based on the blood evidence discovered in the flat, but Yolanda’s blood was only discovered in the bedroom.

While officers searched the building, there were no witnesses to the gunfire. Wood also spoke with Qaw’mane, who asserted that he was not aware that his mother had started seeing Wyatt again.

When Wyatt consented to take a polygraph test, investigators turned their focus back to him.

Findings indicated that he was lying, but at the time, officials refrained from making an arrest as there was no evidence connecting him to the crime.

A few weeks passed with no sign of new information. Detectives followed up on every lead, including Yolanda’s husband, who was serving a life term for a double homicide, but they were unable to find anything plausible.

Yolanda’s murder may have been revenge, according to the police, although this line of investigation was abandoned.

The Phone Records Gave A Lead

Before phone records provided them with a solid lead, a year passed. It was found by the cops that Yolanda owned two phones.

They quickly learned that Yolanda’s second registered phone number was the one Qaw’mane provided to the police.

Spencer was identified as the murderer by Qaw’mane, who said he knew the man from the neighborhood when he entered Yolanda’s building the night of the killing.

Who Killed Yolanda Holmes, & Why?

Then Qaw’mane told the detectives that Spencer’s visit to his mother’s building was the single point at which the heist was supposed to be organized.

He was unemployed and his career as a rapper had reached a dead end, therefore he wanted her life insurance policy, business, and automobile.

After his mother passed away, Qaw’mane allegedly stole almost $70,000 from her accounts and used it to buy pricey cars and clothes. This information is reported by

On December 24, 2013, Qaw’mane Wilson was arrested for his mother’s murder. In January 2020, he was found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to 99 years in prison.

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