1000-lb Sisters Season 4 Preview Shows Tammy Slaton’s Death Scare

Season 3 of 1000-lb Sisters, including much more from Tammy Slaton, is almost here after a year. The TLC reality show, which will debut on January 17th, is jam-packed with drama, growth, life-changing experiences, and some genuinely frightifying sequences. Tammy, age 36, is seen having a near-death experience in a recently published trailer for the forthcoming season.

What Happens To Tammy Slaton?

In the preview for The 1000-lb Sisters, Tammy is seen being brought to the hospital in an ambulance. We observe her being rushed to the ER well in advance of the scheduled date of her normal gastric bypass surgery. What exactly took place? And will our cherished celebrity be alright? These are just a handful of the queries I wager viewers around the world have after viewing the trailer.

We can see Tammy Slaton struggling to breathe as she is hurriedly transported to the emergency room, and her 35-year-old sister Amy explains that “her body is shutting down.”

We have all witnessed Tammy’s struggle over the course of the three seasons as she attempts to live a healthier lifestyle, so one can’t help but worry. Her road hasn’t been simple, but fans have always supported her since she motivates so many of us.

We observe Tammy’s doctor in another scene, which heightens our mounting apprehension. The doctor expresses concern about Tammy’s health despite the fact that she has a tracheostomy, which is aiding in her breathing.

He tells her, “I told you, Tammy, you have significant risks.”

1000-lb Sisters

As soon as it premiered in 2020, the TLC programme “1000-lb Sisters” swiftly won over the hearts of its viewers. The programme, which follows two sisters Tammy and Amy as they lose weight, has been emotionally true to its subject matter. We have shared in all aspects of the two sisters’ travels, including happiness, rage, depression, and resolve.

Both sisters added up to more than 1000 pounds. 1000-lb demonstrates how they grew craving for more autonomous and contented lives. They simply desired good health.

Tammy Slaton’s Death Scare Earlier This Year

Tammy had taken the initiative to obtain help and attended a weight reduction rehab clinic in Ohio just one day before she was hastily transported to the ER. She has previously struggled with depression, alcoholism, and vaping.

They received a call letting them know that Tammy’s brother Chris and his wife Brittany had dropped her off at the facility just as she had stopped breathing.

Amy, Tammy’s sister, told People that “they’re just telling us that her lungs have given out and like her body is closing down.” We currently have to make funeral preparations for my little sister, you know.

“Oh my god, I’m just sitting here thinking that. She’s been in a terrible place for a very long time. She took too long to act. And now that she has the courage to go forward and seek the assistance she requires, this.

What More To Expect From Tammy And Amy In Season 4

Chris expresses his anxieties openly in the preview that was published. He claims that if Tammy doesn’t have the procedure, she might potentially pass away from her weight. She’s on the right track to leading a better lifestyle thanks to her gastric bypass surgery, which she fortunately underwent in June 2022.

The love and support of all her loved ones is the one thing Tammy has and will never be without. Her loved ones, as well as her devoted followers. Even so, Tammy was able to extend her list by one more specific person.

Tammy Get’s Married

Season four, as I’ve previously stated, is filled with both terrifying and even great moments. 1000-lb will detail how she developed a new relationship with Caleb Willingham, a fellow patient she met while receiving treatment at the facility, and how the two eventually got married in November 2022. Surprisingly, they chose to get married in the same rehab facility where they first met.

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