11 Beauty and the Beast Movies & TV Shows You Can Watch This Christmas Season

According to the song, “Beauty and the Beast” is “the tale as old as time, the song as old as rhyme.” It’s not surprising that “Beauty and the Beast,” a timeless folktale with roots that go back 4,000 years, has continued to inspire artists over the years.

The Disney film “Beauty and the Beast” from 1991, which has a well-known soundtrack with songs by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman, is probably the most well-known adaption. Be Our Guest, Gaston, Something There, and, of course, the title song from “Beauty and the Beast” are just a few of their well-known tunes. It became the first ever animated film to receive an Academy Award nomination for best picture. It was turned into a successful Broadway musical, had three direct-to-video sequels, and served as the basis for the live-action movie from 2017 as well as the 30th anniversary special from 2022.

But the tale of Beauty and the Beast isn’t exclusive to Disney. There have been many live-action versions, many of which have set the traditional story in a more contemporary environment. The sci-fi future 2022 setting of the Japanese animated film “Belle” has the two destined lovers in contact within a virtual environment.

Here are 11 movies and TV shows based on Beauty and the Beast.

“Beauty and the Beast: A 30th Celebration” (2022 TV Special)

In honour of the first movie’s 30th anniversary, “Beauty and the Beast: A 30th Celebration” will air on ABC on December 15. The two-hour extra has “new outstanding musical performances” together with live-action and animated clips from the movie. H.E.R., a musician, plays Belle, Josh Groban portrays the Beast, and Joshua Henry plays Gaston in the special. The Narrator is Rita Moreno, Lumière is Martin Short, Mrs. Potts is Shania Twain, and Cogsworth is David Alan Grier.

“Beauty and the Beast” (1987 Film)

The live-action picture “Beauty and the Beast” was released in 1987 as a part of The Cannon Group’s Cannon Movie Tales series. Rebecca de Mornay played Beauty, a merchant’s daughter whose life’s work is to take care of her father and several siblings, in the musical. Her father arrives at a castle after an unsuccessful voyage and is graciously received by an enigmatic host. His host, played by John Savage, shows himself to be a beast and orders his daughter to relocate into his castle as punishment when the father takes a rose from the garden to give to his daughter. Though first discouraging, Beauty’s separation from her family eventually offers her the chance to decide what she wants out of life, which may end up being the Beast.

“Beauty and the Beast” (1987 TV Series)

For his performance in the “Beauty and the Beast” television adaption from the late 1980s, Ron Perlman won the 1989 Golden Globe for best actor in a television series drama. He played the role of Vincent, a noble being who lives in the “World Below,” a secret world beneath New York City. He saves ADA Catherine Chandler (Linda Hamilton) from a vicious attack in the “World Above,” or NYC. Vincent defends her and they get to know each other while she hunts out the criminals who attacked her. It gets harder to prevent the collision between their two worlds as the threat grows, though.

Fun fact: The show’s producers and one of its writers was “Game of Thrones” creator George R. R. Martin.

“Beauty and the Beast” (1991 Film)

The 1991 Disney classic “Beauty and the Beast” is without a doubt the most well-known adaption of them all. Belle is a stunning bookworm who dreams of being more than the pompous town hunk Gaston and the provincial existence that is expected of her in France. When Belle sets out to find her father, she ends up in an adventure straight out of one of her favourite stories. When Belle discovers that her father is imprisoned in a cursed castle, she offers to live with the castle’s owner, the Beast, in exchange for his release. She adjusts to her new situation and makes friends with Mrs. Potts, Lumiere, Cogsworth, and Chip, who were once house workers but are now household items. As she gets to know the Beast, she learns the reason for his curse and realises that she might be the one to break it.

“Beauty and the Beast” (2012 TV Series)

The CW’s “Beauty and the Beast” features Catherine “Cat” Chandler (Kristin Kreuk), a young woman who sees her mother’s slaying and almost becomes a victim herself. It is loosely based on the 1987 programme of the same name. Fortunately, she is saved by an unknown creature. Nine years later, Cat is a detective with the New York Police Department when she meets Vincent, a soldier who took part in a covert government operation to create a “super soldier.” But because of a mutation in his DNA, Vincent is compelled to change into a beast anytime he is in a stressful situation. The two work together to protect Vincent from the humans who created him while falling in love along the way after Cat discovers that Vincent was the beast who saved her life years ago and has been keeping a watchful eye on her ever since. There were four seasons of the show.

“Beauty and the Beast” (2017 Film)

2017 will see the release of Disney’s live-action “Beauty and the Beast” adaption. Dan Stevens was replaced as the Beast by Emma Watson. The movie, which also stars Josh Gad, Emma Thompson, Ewan McGregor, Ian McKellen, Stanley Tucci, and Audra McDonald, is notable for Luke Evans’ portrayal as Gaston. The movie added some additional songs that weren’t in the animated classic and increased Belle’s position by giving her a little bit more agency in the story. The movie reportedly cost $255 million to make, making it one of the most costly movies ever, but it more than made up for it by grossing $1.264 billion worldwide.

“Beastly” (2011 Film)

Kyle Kingson, a conceited, affluent high school attractive boy, is portrayed in this 2011 romantic drama by “Magic Mike” actor Alex Pettyfer. He unintentionally offends a witch (Mary-Kate Olsen), who curses him and turns him into an ugly duckling with tattoos, scars, and baldness. He needs to find love by the Spring season if he wants to return to his previous (beautiful) self. He gives up on life and flees in humiliation over his transformation. Soon after, he starts to feel attracted to quiet girl with a chaotic home life Lindy Taylor (Vanessa Hudgens). Lindy relocates with Kyle to avoid detection when her safety is at danger. Their love blossoms now that they share a roof, just in time for Spring. The film also stars Peter Krause, Neil Patrick Harris, and Dakota Johnson.

“Belle” (2022 Film)

The Japanese animated fantasy movie “Belle” was released in the US in 2022. Mamoru Hosoda, who wrote and directed it, was influenced by past adaptations, such as the 1991 movie.

Suzu joins a virtual community called U in “Belle,” allowing her to rediscover her love of singing. She rises to fame very quickly. She goes looking for him after a monster known as “The Dragon” interrupts her show. He proves to be much more than he initially seems. Despite not precisely being a musical, the film has many songs because of Suzu’s vocal prowess.

“Blood of Beasts” (2005 Film)

The 2005 film “Blood of Beasts” centres on a Viking princess (Jane March) who sets out on a mission to save her dying father. She journeys to a remote island where a hideous beast is said to reside. Despite her initial fear, she eventually realises that the Beast (David Dukas) isn’t actually a monster and the two form a close connection. She intends to deliver him from his terrible destiny, but the appearance of her warrior fiancé makes things more challenging.

“The Beautician and the Beast” (1997 Film)

Timothy Dalton acted in the 1997 romantic comedy “The Beautician and the Beast” nearly ten years after he played James Bond. The movie centres on Joy Miller, a beauty school instructor who is recruited by an Eastern European dictator named Boris Pochenko to teach his kids (Fran Drescher plays her in “The Nanny”) (Dalton). When it is revealed that Joy is actually a beautician rather than an academic instructor, she maintains the lie and instils self-confidence and joy in his four children. She also assists President Pochenko in taming his reputation as “the beast” in other nations. He starts to fall for her determination and independence as they spend more time together, and she discovers that he has a soft heart underneath his ferocious demeanour.

“Faerie Tale Theatre: Beauty and the Beast” (1984 TV Anthology Series)

In films like “Popeye,” “The Shining,” “Roxanne,” and others, Shelley Duvall has acted. Many people are unaware that she conceived, hosted, and produced the anthology series “Faerie Tale Theatre” in 1982. The Showtime series, which ran for six seasons, featured a live-action retelling of a well-known fairy tale in each of its 50 minutes, usually with a variation on the plot. A Beauty and the Beast-themed episode from the third season featuring Susan Sarandon and Anjelica Huston was broadcast.

Fun fact: The series also featured other notable actors besides Susan Sarandon and Anjelica Houston. Famous actors like Helen Mirren, Leonard Nimoy, James Earl Jones, Matthew Broderick, Eve Arden, Billy Crystal, Jeff Goldblum, Frank Zappa, Liza Minnelli, Carrie Fisher, and others appeared on the show during its six seasons. The idea also involved directors like Francis Ford Coppola and Tim Burton.

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