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14 Rare Photos Of Salman Khan And His Home Every True Fan Must See


Everything about Bhai fascinates us, be it his always successful line of movies or the steady ‘family is first’ sentiment that he eschews. So when we got a chance to showcase lesser seen photos of his home we lapped the chance, take a look:

1. A side view of one of Salman Khan’s apartments.

2. Salman Khan at his home with family.

3.  Another view of one of Salman Khan’s properties in Bandra, Mumbai.

4. Salman waving to fans from the balcony of this house in Mumbai.

5. Salman’s house has many paintings, seen here is Salman doing an artwork himself.

6. Salman in his good old days.

7. Salman Khan’s farmhouse in Panvel which is named after his sister Arpita.

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8. Salman Khan enjoying with family.

9. For over 40 years Salman and his family stayed in the same Galaxy apartments in Bandra Mumbai. He relocated only recently to better accommodate his pets and other requirements.

10. Seen here is Salman and one of his superbikes.

11. A photo from older days at the Galaxy apartments in Bandra, Mumbai.

12. Salman Khan enjoying dinner with his extended family.

13. Salman Khan with his two loyal dogs

14. . Ganapathi puja at Salman’s home in Mumbai.

15. When Salman went Bald for a movie. Anyone remembers the name of the movie?

The man has been rather strictly reserved about his personal life and his home, hopefully, he shares better images of his home and family for his fans.

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