"7 women and a murder ending"

7 Women and a Murder Ending, Explained: Who Is The Real Killer?

Alessandro Genovesi’s murder mystery comedy “7 Women and a Murder” is available on Netflix. The Italian movie, also referred to as “7 Donne e un Mistero,” was adapted from Robert Thomas’ 1958 play “Huit Femmes,” which was the basis for the French film “8 Women,” which was released in 2002 and was directed by François Ozon. The movie has an all-female cast and centres on a group of women who are struggling with the death of the patriarch of their family.

When the eldest daughter, Susanna, gets home, she learns that her mother, grandmother, aunt, and sister are all being investigated for the death of her father. While looking for the murderer, the women are forced to face their sinister secrets. Here is all the information you need to know on the conclusion of “7 Women and a Murder” if you are interested in learning who the murderer was. Spoilers follow!

7 Women and a Murder Plot Synopsis

"7 women and a murder ending"

The opening scene of “7 Women and a Murder” shows Susanna, the affluent businessman Marcello’s daughter, visiting her hometown for Christmas. Maria, the new housekeeper, welcomes her when she arrives at the family’s mansion. Before meeting her mother, Margherita, Susanna first gets back in touch with her granny, Rachele. Susanna soon has breakfast with the other women and meets her aunt Agostina and younger sister Caterina. The women try to catch up over brunch and casual chat. Agostina, however, is resentful of Caterina for keeping the nights going all night and depriving her of sleep.

Maria is told by Margherita to get Marcello to get up for breakfast. Despite being married for more than 25 years, Margherita and Margherita no longer share a bedroom for unidentified reasons. Marcello is discovered to be dead as Maria unlocks the door to his room. When the women in the home become upset, they demand Caterina affirm that her father has indeed passed away. Marcello has been stabbed in the chest, and Caterina thinks he was killed. She then locks the room to prevent contamination of the crime scene. The women find that the phone lines have been shut off when they attempt to call the police.

The women begin to distrust one another as they quickly understand that the murderer is among them. While Rachele informs the group that Marcello was having financial difficulties, Margherita admits that she and Marcello were having a difficult time in their marriage. Marcello asked Rachele for her stocks to rescue his firm while Agostina was in love with her brother-in-law, it is revealed as Susanna pieces together the circumstances leading up to his death.

Margherita makes the decision to drive to the police station and let them know about the passing of her husband. The car’s engine, however, has been altered. Marcello’s ex-girlfriend from his early years, Veronica, shows up at the mansion before Susanna can continue her inquiry. Margherita admits that she and Marcello had lately resumed their relationship and that she believes Veronica to be the murderer. Veronica is prevented from fleeing the house by a blizzard, and the two women are imprisoned together while thinking that the other is the murderer.

Eventually, after false evidence is found to shift the focus away from Margherita and Veronica, Caterina understands that someone is attempting to frame each of the ladies for the murder of Marcello. The women individually describe what they did the night before, but for various reasons, they are unable to be totally honest. Caterina comes to the conclusion that their secrets prevent them from catching the murderer. As a result, each of the seven women is compelled to divulge her secret. The rest of the plot revolves around whether or not the women’s hidden trail can bring them to the murderer.

7 Women and a Murder Ending: Who Killed Marcello?"7 women and a murder ending"

The seven ladies are compelled to confess their darkest, most disturbing truths as the story goes on. Susanna confesses that she told Marcello about her unwed pregnancy to him the night after she arrived. Susanna, however, is horrified when Rachele discloses that she is not biologically Marcello’s daughter and was produced as a result of Margherita’s extramarital relationship with a guy named Umberto before to their marriage. Margherita also admits that she had been holding off on leaving Marcello throughout the holidays out of respect for her girls. She was worried, nevertheless, that Marcello would include Veronica in his will. Additionally, Angostina had written a letter to Marcello confessing her feelings for him, and Maria was also having an affair with Marcello.

The gathering of women eventually understands that Marcello intended to meet with his attorney in the morning to draught his will. The women were all given a reason to murder Marcello because alterations to his will were specifically designed to have an impact on them. Margherita wants to leave Marcello for another man, Veronica infers in the meantime. Within a short period of time, Margherita and Veronica come to the realisation that they are having an affair with the same man—business Marcello’s partner. The other women observe the two women fighting and realise they have no way to call the police.

In the end, Caterina is the only one who has kept her secret a secret. She therefore makes the decision to finally come clean about Marcello’s death night. Caterina acknowledges that she killed Marcello, albeit only as a component in a complex play, after outlining the night’s events and establishing the presence and intentions of the other six women. Marcello, according to Caterina, had become weary of serving the women in his home and not earning their respect.

Marcello needed to know how the women would feel about his death before he could finalise his will. He therefore needed Caterina and Maria’s assistance to pretend to be dead. Marcello was not ultimately slain by any of the women. Nevertheless, Marcello’s loss of faith in his family and struggle to find meaning in life are all the fault of the ladies. As a result, Caterina assisted Marcello in pretending to die so that he might learn the genuine intentions of the women who reside in his home. He was present the entire time and observed women sharing their secrets.

How Did Marcello Die? What Happens to the Women?

The women find out the truth about Marcello’s fabricated demise in the movie’s closing scenes. When they go to Marcello’s room to confront him, they find that he has fallen from the balcony. Maria observes a person on the patio before Caterina tells her the truth. The discussion about Veronica and Margherita’s relationship with Marcello’s business partner immediately precedes the pivotal moment. Marcello probably overheard their chat and ended his life as a result."7 women and a murder ending"

Finally, the ladies alert the authorities and declare Marcello’s suicide, proving that the group was somehow to blame for the patriarch’s passing. The women remain together, nevertheless, and do not act suspicious of one another in front of the cops. Rachele argues that women shouldn’t sacrifice their life for males and that they should stick together even if they disagree. As a result, the group hides Marcello’s death and claims it to be a suicide to avoid being connected to the crime.

In the end, the women understand they are driven by self-preservation and cease doubting one another. They may therefore put aside their differences and look out for one another. Additionally, the gang decides to stay at the mansion because the holidays are just around the corner. The funds from Marcello’s estate and Rachele’s stocks are in the hands of the women. They are therefore free to decide their own future and are no longer dependent on a man for happiness and financial support.

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