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Abby Jackson: Exploring the World of Oceangate

The underwater videographer’s TikTok post on the Abby Jackson Oceangate scandal has since been taken down, but not before it was downloaded and repeatedly shared on different social media sites, receiving over 20 million views.

A video has surfaced showing the last known footage of the fatal vessel amid the recent news of the implosion of the missing submarine headed for the Titanic and the awful loss of lives.

The video shows Abby capturing footage of the submarine headed towards the Titanic just before it makes its catastrophic descent.

She was filming the submarine from the mothership while employed as a videographer by OceanGate, the corporation in charge of the Titanic sub missions.

Watching a submarine descend to the Titanic was described in the text overlay on the video.

Netizens are startled and distraught by the video, and several have expressed their unsettling feelings about the strange coincidence.

Regarding the submarine footage, Twitter users have also produced memes and irrational theories.

Abby Jackson Oceangate’s official Photographer/Videographer

Abby described her life as an OceanGate photographer and videographer in a post on Instagram two weeks ago.

She conveyed her thanks in her post, writing, “Life’s wild, can’t tell you how grateful i am.”

Abby was obviously enthusiastic about her work and enjoyed the experience.

She filmed Paul-Henry Nargeolet, a former deep-sea diver for the French Navy and the head of underwater research at RMS Titanic Inc., waving from a raft in the water in a TikTok post on June 5.

Mr. Titanic

Due to his knowledge of and involvement with Titanic, Nargeolet earned the nickname “Mr. Titanic” in the public eye.

He had made 37 dives to the wreck, and in 1987, he was the first to bring something back from it—a steel plate.

Nargeolet was described as a person who always had a story by Jessica Sanders, President of RMS Titanic Inc., in an interview with Atlanta News First.

Abby Jackson Oceangate: Finding the debris

On June 22, a robotic dive device sent from a Canadian ship discovered the submarine’s wreckage.

The submersible underwent a “catastrophic implosion,” according to the U.S. Coast Guard, and everyone on board perished.

1,600 feet from the Titanic’s bow, debris from the ship was found on the ocean floor.

The bottom line

The world’s attention has been drawn to Abby Jackson’s most recent video, in conclusion.

It brought attention to the tragedy of the missing submarine and the awful deaths.

Her social media posts expressing her thankfulness and excitement for her career show how her work as a photographer and videographer for OceanGate has had an impact on her.

Additionally highlighted is Paul-Henry Nargeolet’s “Mr. Titanic” body of work.

There is now some closure surrounding the lost submarine thanks to the recent recovery of the debris.

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