Is The Addams Family In Netflix’s Wednesday Ghost Or Vampires?

The Addams Family is a fictional family that rose to fame in a comic book series that was first published in The New Yorker and has since been well-known in sitcoms, cartoons, and movies. The new Wednesday series on Netflix allows us to watch a recreation of the Addams Family. Of course, the most recent iteration of this fictional family is the Wednesday series. But who exactly are the Addams Family members?

The members of the Addams Family are historically real people, albeit somewhat peculiar people who have a fascination with the macabre and gothic themes. The Addams Family on Netflix, however, has a mystical edge because they come from a long line of witches and psychics.

One of the unique elements that Tim Burton brought to this tale is the psychic abilities that Wednesday Addams possesses in the Wednesday television series. Additionally, there were a few of others that stood out from the norm, which is why they were referred to as Outcasts. With that said, let’s look closely at what the members of the Addams Family are.

Are The Addams Family Human?

The Addams Family, one of the most well-known fictitious families, rose to prominence in The New Yorker after the comic book series’ initial release in the 1930s. Since then, other TV series and films have included this fictitious family. Naturally, the new Wednesday series on Netflix gives the Addams Family a fresh spin by reimagining this made-up gang of outcasts.

Of course, Wednesday Addams, the eldest child of Gomez and Morticia Addams, receives greater attention in the Wednesday series. Her tale is centred on a big mystery that is occurring at Nevermore Academy, her new boarding school and what is claimed to as a safe refuge for society’s Outcast children.

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But ever since we first encountered the Addams Family in the various iterations of this fictional family, the majority of people have pondered whether or not the family members are genuinely human. And it’s something that has baffled many people over the years since the many Addams Family members are too weird and odd to be classified as humans.

The Addams Family members have a keen interest in bizarre, paranormal, and odd stuff. They are a gothic group who adopt a darker theme in their family dynamics, therefore they have a keen interest in anything even even connected to the macabre. However, the family is still a close-knit, devoted group that may even be better than most of the families who are considered to be “normal” in society.

But the Addams Family members’ true humanity is something that people frequently overlook. Despite the fact that the Addams Family may be gloomy and dark, it was never implied that they were anything other than human. Some people might believe that they are vampires, zombies, or representatives of the supernatural. But the Addams Family has always consisted of individuals who are of the aberrant kind, in that they are just peculiar and have never been the kind to adapt to the norms of normal society.

What Exactly Are The Addams Family In The Wednesday Series?

Despite the fact that we just said that the Addams Family members are human, Tim Burton’s Netflix Wednesday series gave the Addams Family mythology a new twist by including Nevermore Academy, a school created specifically for the Outcasts. In that sense, the Addams Family mythology included the idea of Outcasts and Normies. Since the Addams Family members were never truly normal enough to blend in with the Normies, it stands to reason that they are Outcasts.

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The Fangs (vampires), Furs (werewolves), Scales (sirens), and Stoners are the four primary subgroups of the Outcast civilization in Nevermore (gorgons). However, Nevermore was also home to a variety of other magical people, such as shapeshifters and psychics.

Therefore, it appears that everyone in the Addams Family is human in the Wednesday series. Thing is an exception, according to Wednesday, who claims that he is one of the Addams Family’s numerous secrets. However, Tim Burton’s adaptation of Wednesday and her family added a twist that made them more extraordinary than typical humans, even if Wednesday and her family are still humans in the Wednesday series.

When Wednesday touches people or things, it is said that she may glimpse ominous future visions. Her innate psychic powers, which began to show before she arrived at Nevermore Academy, are the source of these sporadic visions. Principal Weems also revealed that Morticia, Wednesday’s mother, possessed the same psychic talents.

As a result, Wednesday in the Wednesday series is a psychic human. She is not, however, by herself, as every member of her family may possibly be psychic. Of course, Morticia is the only family member who has demonstrated psychic skills. In contrast to Wednesday, who is a Raven who only sees negative visions, she did explain that she has distinct psychic powers because she is a Dove who sees pleasant visions.

Morticia also mentioned that Wednesday’s intrinsic talent might have originated from her father’s side as Goody Addams, Gomez’s distant ancestor in the past, was a Raven who also possessed psychic skills. Morticia also mentioned that Goody was a formidable witch in her era. That would imply that the members of the Addams Family are witches who are skilled in magic in addition to being psychics.

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However, other than Uncle Fester, who can deliver electric shocks with his hands, we haven’t witnessed any of the other family members working any sort of magic. They are still just regular people with innate magical talents, which allows them to stand out from Normie society.


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