The Noel Diary Ending Explained – Why Does Jake Return To His Hometown?

Welcome to the explanation of The Noel Diary’s ending, the latest Netflix holiday movie to be released this month. James Remar, Justin Hartley, Barrett Doss, Bonnie Bedelia, Treat Williams, and Charles Shyer are among the cast members of the movie. In the movie, a well-known author finds out some devastating news just before Christmas. Now that he has met a woman who has the potential to transform his life forever, the writer must return to his abandoned home and attempt to make amends with both his past and his future.

The movie is the newest and best Christmas offering on Netflix. The directing by Shyer feels mature and traditional, and it gives the characters such understandable reasons. You have probably seen this movie many times before, so the plot is nothing new. However, some good ol’ fashioned execution can make up for the lack of innovation, and the story, characters, and visuals are all extremely well done. We appreciate Shyer and his crew for refraining from creating another holiday film that appears to have been filmed in a supermarket. Thanks.

The Noel Diary spoilers are in the sentences that follow. At your own risk, read.

Why Does Jake Turner Return To His Hometown After So Many Years?

Jake Turner, a well-known author of spy thrillers, is first introduced in the movie. When we encounter Jake, it’s during a book signing, and his followers appear to adore his works. His tales are bursting with mystery, romance, action, and adventure. But it soon becomes apparent that despite his attractiveness and the attention from women, Jake doesn’t appear to be interested in finding a relationship. Jake’s puppy, Ava, appears to be sufficient for him in her place.

Jake gets a call with devastating news as he prepares for the evening. Due to his busy schedule, they were unable to inform him in time of his mother’s passing. Since a long time ago, Jake hasn’t seen his family. He has a tense connection with his mother, and he doesn’t know his father. He returns to his hometown, signs a few documents, and gets ready to remove everything from the house because it appears that his mother left everything to him in her will. He only intends to sell the property; he has no intention of residing there.

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Someone enters the house while he and Ava are attempting to remove items from it. Rachel, a female. While searching for the owners—parents—Rachel Jake’s learns that Jake’s mother recently passed away. As soon as Jake and Rachel start conversing, it becomes clear that they have a lot in common. Rachel is attempting to learn more about her birth mother, who is believed to have served as Jake’s parents’ nanny when he was a young child.

Jake can’t recall. Jake takes one of the antique books they discover after searching the entire house. When they eat supper, Rachel is unaware that Jake is a well-known author. When they get back, they approach Jake’s longtime neighbour and inquire about Rachel’s mother. Jake’s next-door neighbour recalls Rachel’s mother, but she speculates that Jake’s father may be much more knowledgeable. Jake agrees to accompany Rachel to his father’s house after first being hesitant to do so. simply to assist her.

Does Rachel Find Out Who Her Mother Is?

As Jake and Rachel travel, it becomes very evident that they have a great deal of chemistry. They discuss general topics of life. Jake explains that he had an older brother who passed away when he was a little boy, and Rachel mentions how she has always wondered why her mother abandoned her when she was a child. The three of them didn’t see one other very often because his brother’s death shattered the family. When Rachel finds the book Jake stole from his home, she realises it is her mother’s diary. Noel was her name.

Noel describes in her diary how her parents shunned her for being pregnant at such a young age. Noel describes how Jake’s parents adopted her and guided her toward becoming a better person. Jake was Noel’s favourite when he was their babysitter, according to his writing. Noel also discusses how, at such a young age, she wasn’t prepared to become a mother. She is aware that her mother adored her, but life forced them apart.

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The two of them appear to be in love when they arrive at Jake’s father’s house. Rachel, though, is taken. It doesn’t seem like a terribly romantic relationship, and Rachel seems to be having second thoughts. She purchases one of Jake’s novels and develops a deeper affection for him. Jake is also having second thoughts because he had imagined he would never fall in love but now finds himself constantly thinking about Rachel. As soon as they get there, Jake confronts his father.

The father of Jake sincerely regrets what he done. Jake’s father disappeared when his brother passed away, leaving the young boy and his mother by themselves. After reconciling with his father, Jake spends a night with Rachel, but she departs because she is bewildered. Jake pursues her and confesses his love to her. He is rejected by Rachel, but she later returns to his place, and as they kiss, they realise they are meant to be. As the movie comes to a close, Rachel and Jake are prepared to embark on a new venture.

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