The Tragic Case of Alexee Trevizo’s Baby: Exploring the Heartbreaking Autopsy

A lady from New Mexico has admitted to discarding her infant in the hospital trash. On the internet, this information spread like wildfire. Alexee Trevizo is the name of the mother. She is a young woman, even at the age of 19.

She has been facing first-degree murder allegations since last week. Alternately, she sexually assaulted a child, which ultimately resulted in the child’s demise. Numerous pieces of evidence cast a negative light on her.

A young New Mexican woman acknowledged giving birth in a hospital lavatory. then placing the infant in a trash can, where it was subsequently discovered to be dead. according to previously released video from a police body camera.

Alexee Trevizo, 19, was detained and charged with first-degree murder, which is defined as assaulting a child fatally.

Additionally, she tampered with evidence exactly one week after giving birth to her child covertly at Artesia General Hospital on January 27. Trevizo is accused of also tampering with the evidence. To see what she had to say about it, simply scroll down.

Who is the Alexee Trevizo mother of baby?

She acknowledged that she was sorry. The child’s body had been discovered in the bathroom, and Trevizo informed her mother and the doctor that “it came out of her, and she didn’t know what to do.”She told Lexee the bad news.

She only wished Lexee Baby would be honest with her. Finally, her mother began to cry.

Trevizo said to the nurse that “it was not crying or anything,” adding, “She was scared.” “What did you do to it?” her mother yelled in a passion.She was going to assist the police, but the medics silencing her prevented that.

Trevizo, who lived in New Mexico approximately 80 miles from the Texas border, had back pain and had visited the hospital that morning.

Even though tests indicated Trevizo was pregnant, a doctor can be seen assuring investigators that Trevizo denied having any sexual activity.

When physicians persuaded her to unlock the door after allegedly locking herself in a hospital bathroom for “quite a while,” they discovered her wiping up a lot of blood off the floor.

The doctors believed she had “done something to herself” to end the pregnancy until one of the nurses found the dead, full-term baby in the trash.

She threw the baby in the trash, the doctor claims, and covered it with a new liner. We have sad news: the baby has died.

She slaughtered the child inhumanely. She won’t ever acknowledge what she did after it happened in the lavatory. She didn’t tell the physicians she was pregnant.

About her pregnancy, she had lied to the medical staff. The New Mexico Office of the Medical Investigator afterwards learned that the baby had been slain. We have now finished discussing the case.

What happened to the baby?

Alexee Trevizo visited Artesia General Hospital in December 2022 with severe back pain, which started a series of events that are still going on today.

After finishing her treatment, she was given her freedom. However, she went back to the hospital a few weeks later with the same complaint.

Trevizo, according to hospital staff, was born in a private restroom. fled after leaving the infant in a trash bin.

After being detained, Trevizo was charged with first-degree murder. The Artesia Police Department tampered with the evidence and committed child abuse that resulted in death last week.

The horrible confession made by Trevizo was recorded, as she indicated. “I didn’t know what to do, so it just came out of me.” It was put in the trash bag by me.

I’m sorry, mum. She went on to say that nothing was crying. It produced nothing. A hospital employee present confirmed the infant’s demise: “The baby’s dead. She ordered the kid’s murder. The mother of Trevizo kept asking furiously, “What did you do?”

Due to the air being discovered in the baby’s lungs during the autopsy, which ruled out the possibility of a stillbirth, the Office of the Medical Investigator of New Mexico came to the conclusion that the infant’s death was caused by homicide.

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