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Allison and Marie José Benitez: Found or Missing, the Investigation Continues

On July 14, 2013, a tragic tragedy occurred in the normally tranquil French prefecture of Perpignan when Allison Benitez, 19, and her mother Marie-Josee Benitez, 53, vanished from their house. Francisco Benitez, Allison’s father, first asserted that his wife and daughter were on holiday in Toulouse, but after learning of their passing, he appeared to be inconsolable. The horrifying occurrence is detailed in ‘MISSING: Allison and Marie-Josée Benitez’ by Crime Junkie, which also includes a look at the subsequent investigation that aimed to bring the women back home safely. Let’s investigate the specifics to see if Allison and Marie are still missing.

What Happened to Allison Benitez and Marie-Josee Benitez?

Allison Benitez, a vivacious 19-year-old with high goals for the future, adored spending time with her pals. The beautiful relationship Allison had with her parents was also recognised by those who knew her, and it was noted in several accounts that she was especially close to her mother, Marie-Josee Benitez. Francisco “Paco” Benitez, the husband of Marie and the father of Allison, was the chief warrant officer of the French Foreign Legion at the time of the double abduction.

allison benitez,allison and marie jose benitez found or missing you,allison and marie jose benitez found or missing link,allison and marie jose benitez found or missing in spain

Although most people thought Francisco and Marie had a good marriage, there was strife growing behind closed doors, and it finally led to a terrible catastrophe. Several reports claim that Allison and Marie were last seen at the French Foreign Legion barracks in Perpignan, where they had arrived to see Francisco Benitez. Witnesses maintained that there was nothing unusual that would have suggested possible wrongdoing because Francisco spent the entire day with his family.

Nevertheless, Allison and her mother appeared to vanish in the days that followed because they stopped returning calls and emails. Naturally, those who knew the woman were the ones to approach Francisco at first, telling him they were tourists in Toulouse. Additionally, he argued that there was no need for concern because they had turned off their mobile. But as the days went by and there was no word of the missing women, their loved ones grew worried and eventually reported the incident to the police.

Are Allison Benitez and Marie-Josee Benitez Found or Missing? Are They Dead or Alive?

We regret to inform you that Allison and Marie-Josee Benitez are still unaccounted for as of this writing, leaving us unsure of their current whereabouts. The police continue to take public tips seriously and view the case as a current investigation. After alerting the authorities about Allison and Marie’s disappearance, they organised a number of search parties and started scouring the neighbourhood for the missing women. They even made use of every facility at their disposal and turned no stone, but to no avail. After Marie and Allison went missing for several months, their family members started to worry about the worst.

allison benitez,allison and marie jose benitez found or missing you,allison and marie jose benitez found or missing link,allison and marie jose benitez found or missing in spain

Strangely, despite Francisco’s repeated claims that Marie and Allison were in Toulouse, the authorities could find no proof to back up his assertions. The two could not have driven to Toulouse because neither had a driver’s licence, and there was no sign of them ever being at the Perpignan train station, according to security footage and passenger manifests. Investigators also learned that both of their phones had been deactivated since July 14, 2013, and that there had been no activity in their bank accounts.

When the authorities questioned Francisco again since these findings suggested foul play, he said that Marie had left with Allison because of some issues in their marriage. In addition, law enforcement authorities discovered that the chief warrant officer had many extramarital affairs while he was married and that one of his girlfriends, Simone Oliveira Alves, had mysteriously vanished in 2004. Francisco maintained his innocence throughout the investigation despite the fact that such evidence made him the main suspect.

Francisco even uploaded a video to the Paris Match magazine’s official website asking people to come forward with any information they may have regarding his wife and daughter. The chief warrant officer passed away by suicide at the French Foreign Legion barracks in Perpignan on August 5, 2013, or 22 days after the double disappearance, despite the police’s refusal to withdraw Francisco as a witness. Although the authorities discovered a letter in which Francisco discussed his innocence, the general consensus still holds that he committed suicide out of guilt.

Additionally, a mistress of Francisco’s in Barcelona claimed that he called her before denying any participation in the double disappearance. Unfortunately, the probe was in risk of coming to a halt now that he had passed away. However, police acquired a warrant to perform forensic investigations at the Perpignan barracks, and as a result, they discovered blood splatters in a freezer and a tumble dryer. Local authorities indicated that Francisco had handled the freezer and tumble dryer just before his death, despite the fact that this blood was positively recognised as Allison Benitez’s.

Consequently, the podcast claimed that the public believes Francisco killed Allison and Marie-Josee Benitez because his daughter was about to tell her mother about his indiscretions, even though they haven’t been found. The inquiry is still ongoing, so readers should take this notion with a grain of salt until further information becomes available.

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