Update: Amazon PS5 Restocks Will Now Be Available By Invitation Only

The retail behemoth recently released its first PS5 resupply in weeks, but now it’s going in a different path. Customers who visit the PS5 product page on Amazon(opens in new tab) will find a “Request Invitation” option. This service has been set up to alert participants when a new PS5 replenishment becomes available.

You don’t have to be a member of Prime to sign up for alerts, and when the next PS5 resupply does arrive, you’ll get an email with an invitation valid for 72 hours. It should be noted, nevertheless, that Amazon cannot ensure that each participant will receive an invitation.

Other stores, like Sony Direct and Newegg’s Shuffle system, have implemented such invite-only programmes with tremendous success to prevent PS5 stock from falling into the hands of scalpers. But since this is a whole new service that Amazon is launching, only time will tell how successfully it’s executed. Sadly, only the main $499.99 PS5 system has invites available; the less expensive $399.99 Digital Edition is not covered by this programme.

Recently, PS5 restocks have been even more obstinate than usual, but last week, drops at Amazon, Walmart(opens in new tab), and GameStop(opens in new tab) opened the floodgates. It’s worthwhile to keep all of your options open with a chance for an invite if you’re still looking for the most recent console generation.

How to sign up for Amazon PS5 restock invites

1. Go to Amazon’s PS5 product page.
2. If you haven’t done so before, sign in.
3. Select the “Request Invitation” link in the yellow box.
Once you’ve signed up formally, you need to wait for a replenishment. You might get an email with a special link to buy your console when one does arrive (Amazon isn’t promising that everyone who signs up will be invited, though).

The only console participating in Amazon’s invitation system is the flagship PS5, and this model is the one we most frequently see on store shelves. This console costs $100 more than the entry-level model, but if you have a physical PS4 library or want to save money on less expensive disc titles, this is the one to opt for.

The PS5 Digital Edition isn’t eligible for Amazon’s invite programme, and it’s been much harder to buy this less expensive gadget in stores. You can obtain the PS5’s full power for $100 less if you keep an eye out for deals if you truly want to spend as little as possible. But given that you might be spending a little more on your games, we advise the majority of players to keep an eye on the primary device.

Why is Amazon offering PS5 restock invites?

As was already mentioned, scalpers are the primary motivation behind Amazon’s new invite scheme. The company will be able to keep as many consoles going to actual customers as possible and avoid contributing to the resale market by keeping bots out of its virtual aisles. But there can be other, more technical explanations for this shift in strategy.

Any site that receives a PS5 refill experiences significant traffic congestion as customers rush to get their consoles. Because of this, stock frequently vanishes just to reappear a few hours later. Retailers achieve this by turning off availability whenever their sites get overcrowded, then turning it back on after things have settled down.

This kind of invite method enables Amazon to speed up its PS5 resupply procedure while maintaining a stable website.

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