Tokyo Revengers Season 2 : Is It Happening Ever?

You probably already know that you can discover almost any narrative you could possibly desire to see in anime form if you watch any anime. The consistently popular “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure,” which follows generations of the Joestar family as they embark on strange and supernatural adventures, and “FLCL,” which you really can’t even try to explain in one sentence, are among the craziest anime ever produced. “Sekk Boys,” about four Greco-Roman busts that sing and perform as an idol group, is another. However, because of the chaotic creative freedom afforded by the anime medium, audiences everywhere can embark on wild adventures with innovative characters without ever running out of ideas.

The story of a young guy who time goes back 12 years in order to infiltrate a gang in Tokyo and save his friends’ lives has captured the interest of many viewers in the intriguing new anime “Tokyo Revengers,” which recently ended airing Season 1 in September 2021. The manga of the same name by Ken Wakui, which debuted in 2017 and is continuing in production, serves as the basis for the television show. Fans are excited to learn everything there is to know about “Tokyo Revengers” Season 2 after such a great first season.

Season 2 isn’t confirmed yet, but fans can expect a new arc to play out

While there has been no formal statement on whether or not “Tokyo Revengers” will get a second season, the anime’s creators presented a new teaser trailer during the Jump Festa event in December 2021. The first season of the show ran from April 11, 2021, to September 19, 2021. “Tokyo Revengers” will feature the Christmas Showdown arc from the original manga, according to Comic Book. The trailer includes clips from the anime’s first season, including one from the dramatic cliffhanger that puts the life of the lead character Takemichi Hanagaki in jeopardy, as various characters from the series prepare for some serious action during the holidays.

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The main conflict in the arc, which is also known as Christmas Conflict in the manga, is between Takemichi’s gang, Tokyo Manji (commonly known as Toman for short), and the adversarial Black Dragon gang. To stop a Christmas Eve fight between his fellow Toman member Hakkai Shiba and Hakkai’s older brother, Black Dragon commander Taiju Shiba, a bully who has long tormented his younger brothers, Takemichi must go back in time. Takemichi won’t be able to easily change this chapter of his past, though.

Even though this sounds exciting, it’s not yet known whether the Christmas Showdown plot will be incorporated into the conceivable second season or if it will be turned into a stand-alone movie or a brand-new OVA (original video animation) series.

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