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Andrew Frey: Unveiling the Life and Achievements of an Inspirational Figure

According to the prosecution, Andrew Frey tried to abduct and traffic two women in Suffolk County in October 2018.

He claims that one of the ladies, a sex worker battling a heroin addiction, declined to go with him to a secluded beach.

According to reports, Frey became enraged and threatened to kill her.

According to reports, it took a sizable number of police officers, along with a Taser, to get Andrew Frey at Iggy’s Bar & Grill on Portland Road Northeast.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office is the source of this data.

Authorities in Marion County said that a guy by the name of Frey called a locksmith but declined to pay him for his assistance.

Frey allegedly went to Brook’s Market and refused to leave after being told to pay.

After being led out of the market by a staff member, the suspect went to Iggy’s Bar & Grill.

Marion County officials claim that Frey’s actions at this time turned severely insulting.

According to reports, Frey exposed himself and acted lewdly in front of a bartender.

He then proceeded to the bathroom and continued acting in this manner there until a Marion County constable showed up.

According to reports, Frey fought being arrested, requiring the constable to use a Taser several times.

Surprisingly, Frey appeared unfazed by the Taser and started to fight the constable physically right away.

At least 15 police officers from Salem, Keizer, and Marion County swiftly arrived at the pub and detained the suspect.

In the end, Frey was accused of stealing, resisting arrest, and using profanity in public.

What happened?

A Long Island man has been charged by American prosecutors with attempted kidnapping and sex trafficking.

Two women were lured into his car, where they found him with a variety of restraints.

A jury found Coram resident Andrew Frey, 57, guilty of attempted kidnapping and sex trafficking on September 20.

Frey was accused of getting two women into his car, when they fled from him by jumping out as it was driving.

What did Andrew Frey do to them?

Frey pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice and felon in possession of a handgun on Tuesday.

According to the prosecution, he could be sentenced to life in jail if found guilty.

She allegedly jumped out of his moving car to flee, but she was hurt in the fall, and she later went to the hospital for back pain.

He reportedly drove rapidly, locked the doors, and grabbed her neck in an attempt to imprison her inside.

According to the prosecution, Frey subsequently discovered the woman dozing off in a friend’s parked automobile at a Long Island Railroad station and made an attempt to remove her from the vehicle while brandishing a knife.

Frey followed the buddy in their car as she sped off, but the friend was able to escape once more.

A s*x worker reportedly became irritated in July 2019 when he asked a remote forested location in Coram if he may join him.

He grabbed her firmly while driving, showing ownership over her and trying to stop her from leaving.

Woman Takes Brave Leap from Moving Car

The second woman allegedly managed to escape by leaping out of his driving automobile, but she did so with knee injuries, according to the prosecution.

Prosecutors claim that when he was apprehended in November 2019, numerous sets of handcuffs, knives, rope, and other things that might be used to hold victims captive were found in his car.

According to the prosecution, Frey created a device to instantly conceal his license and kept a Glock 23 handgun and ammo in a safe at his house.

In order to conceal the fact that he, the convicted felon, was the actual owner of the firearm, the prosecution claims he encouraged his son to obtain a gun licence.

U.S. Attorney Release the statement

Breon Peace, the US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, Michael Driscoll, the Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI’s New York Field Office, and Rodney Harrison, the Suffolk County Police Department Commissioner, all made the announcement that Frey had entered a guilty plea.

Peace claimed that Frey had targeted and utilized violence against weak people of society in an effort to satisfy his own desires.

He expressed relief that the young women who had been the defendant’s intended victims had been able to flee.

The guilty plea and the jury’s decision today show that there was no way for this dangerous person to escape punishment.

In addition to thanking the ATF for their aid, Peace mentioned that the victims had jumped from a moving car to avoid Frey’s planned punishment for them.

It was evident from the weapons found that Frey intended to do something hazardous, if not deadly.

Peace pleaded with further victims of s*xual predators to come forward in the hopes that the bravery of these women will encourage others to get in touch with the police.

According to Suffolk Police Department Commissioner Rodney Harrison, Frey had shown to be a dangerous person who preyed upon and attacked defenseless women who refused to yield to s*xual predators.

He praised the victims for coming forward and working with the police to apprehend this dangerous perpetrator.

What did the Investigation lead to?

The woman had thought the man she was meeting would provide payment in return for sexual services.

He allegedly tried to kidnap her instead by dragging her into his car and taking off for a far-off location.

The woman ran for safety after jumping out of the moving car.

According to investigators, the man went back with a weapon to find her. However, she managed to flee once more.

When the authorities investigated his home, they discovered rope, zip ties, and knot-tying instructions.

The October 2018 event, according to federal prosecutors on Long Island, was one of several violent instances involving Andrew Frey and female sex workers.

Mr. Frey, a 54-year-old resident of Long Island, was taken into custody on Friday on two counts of attempted trafficking and kidnapping.

On Friday, Mr. Frey appeared in court for the first time in relation to the charges. And he entered a not guilty plea. He was wearing an olive green jacket and was audibly sobbing.

Authorities discovered the corpses of four sex workers and numerous more in close proximity to Gilgo Beach on Long Island’s South Shore beginning in 2010, and the circumstances surrounding this legendary Long Island mystery were identical.

a few of the unsolved homicides, at least. Long Island has been plagued by them for a long time. are thought to be the work of a serial killer.

Two knowledgeable sources have made their statements. Federal agents were investigating Mr. Frey. to determine if he was connected to the murders at Gilgo Beach. No immediate proof, according to some, connected him to the murders.

Who is Andrew Frey?

Mr. Frey is a family man who lived in Coram with his wife and their two children. He allegedly worked as a manager for a Long Island-based producer of airplane parts.

A prosecution made the case that Mr. Frey ought to be jailed on remand. Considering that the accusations against him were “alarming.” In court, the government submitted papers that stated.

The fact that Mr. Frey has a history of disobeying court orders warranted his detention. A felony drug possession conviction was one of five prior convictions.

The community was found to be at risk from Mr. Frey. He was ordered to stay in jail by a federal magistrate judge after she sided with the government.

Jeremy Frey 3
a picture of 54-year-old Andrew Frey from Facebook.
The government attorney representing Mr. Frey left the courtroom without answering the judge’s questions. If found guilty, Mr. Frey would likely serve at least 15 years in prison.

The arrest highlighted the dangers of the sex industry.

According to officials, many women engage in this. Feel awkward reporting wrongdoing or violent behavior directed at them.

The defendant “has probably victimized a lot of other people.” who haven’t yet told law enforcement about their experiences,” the prosecution stated in a court document.

The lawsuit claims that Mr. Frey intentionally rammed his automobile into another sex worker. She was being encouraged by him to file for a restraining order against him.

He was also accused of disregarding the court’s directive. when it is said that he left her with ominous voicemails.

Mr. Frey is accused, according to the charge. He made an attempt to kidnap Jane Doe #1 and Jane Doe #2, two prostitutes. Both of the women got from his moving car and fled to safety.

A prosecutor claimed on Friday that Mr. Frey told federal agents he kept handcuffs in his car.

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