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Anna Project Runway Divorce: Unveiling the Details

Many Project Runway fans and viewers were shocked to learn of Anna’s divorce.

Gary King from Below Deck appears on Project Runway All-Stars as part of the Project Runway and Below Deck crossover.

In the sneak look released by PEOPLE, Gary is seen working with designer Anna Z while using his well-known charm.

Over cocktails, as the two get to know one another, Anna says she has only been divorced for two days and that she wants to party with Gary more.

Gary is unable to resist Anna’s contagious enthusiasm and yearning for fun.

He even compliments Anna on how adorable she is and labels her a superstar. In front of the cameras, Anna makes it plain that she is not required to flirt.

Later, NBC Universal confirmed to PEOPLE that Anna Z is happily married and has just had a kid.

Fans of Below Deck will be happy to learn that Luann de Lesseps and Real Housewives of New York alum Kate Chastain will serve as guest judges on Project Runway All-Stars.

Continue reading to learn more about the intriguing development on Project Runway All-Stars:

Gary and Anna’s Instant connection

The sneak look demonstrates Gary and Anna quickly establishing a connection. With the yachtie and her colleagues designers, Anna appears to be having fun and enjoying herself.

Gary becomes so at ease with Anna that he begins to flirt with her and wraps his arm around her shoulder.

But at first, Anna rejects Gary’s approaches.

She tells him that she is there to have fun with everyone and that she doesn’t need to flirt.

She subsequently tells Gary that she just got divorced and wants to party more with him, nevertheless.

Anna project runway divorce

The two start talking about Anna’s most recent divorce.

Gary appears sincere in his desire to improve Anna’s mood and show interest in her life. At first, Anna is reserved, but she eventually confides in Gary about her divorce.

It is crucial to remember that Anna is happily married and has just welcomed a child, as confirmed by NBC Universal.

Her divorce, however, becomes a topic of conversation with Gary.

The Boozy Runway show

A temporary runway show takes place in the midst of the institution as a result of the alcohol-fueled excitement.

As the yachties and designers alternately go down the improvised runway, Anna appears to be having fun.

While some designers worry that Anna might have a hangover the next day, Anna insists on having fun.

As the evening goes on, Anna feels more at ease and likes Gary’s company. Finally, Gary and Anna go outside together to find a private place to talk.

The project runway and Below Deck crossover

In the Project Runway and Below Deck crossover, Luann de Lesseps and Real Housewives of New York alum Kate Chastain will serve as guest judges on Project Runway All-Stars.

Fans of both programs will come together as a result of this crossover, giving them the chance to see their favorite actors perform on a different platform.

Fans of Project Runway All-Stars and Below Deck are eager to see what the future holds after seeing the most recent sneak peek.

It is important to remember that Anna is happily married and has recently welcomed a kid, despite the fact that her recent divorce has become a topic of conversation.

The relationship between Gary and Anna seemed weak, but it will be interesting to watch how the rest of the episode develops.

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