Vidhya and Prabha

Vidhya and Prabha Vijayalakshmi: Where Are Veerappan’s Daughters Now?

Nobody can dispute the fact that Koose Munisamy Veerappan was perhaps one of the most horrible criminals to have ever lived in South Asia as well as India. After all, he was a bandit, smuggler, and domestic terrorist who claimed at least 120 lives over the course of 36 long years, as thoroughly examined in Netflix’s “The Hunt for Veerappan” series. However, we have the essential information for you if you merely want to know more about his family life, including the two kids he has with his steadfastly devoted wife, Muthulakshmi.

Who Are Veerappan’s Daughters?

Veerappan, a native of Karnataka, purportedly married Muthulakshmi, at 15, in 1990 despite their enormous 23-year age gap, only for them to quickly flee into the woods. In fact, they had their first kid at that time, without knowing that just eight months later they would be encircled by the Special Task Force (STF) and he would have to persuade her to turn herself in. He reportedly said to her, “In this situation, I can’t do anything with you by my side,” as reported in the documentary series. She was overcome with emotion when she heard that the cops “won’t harm you because you are pregnant.”

Vidhya and Prabha

As a result, Vidhya Rani Veerappan was born in the tenth month, only to be nurtured mostly by her maternal grandmother because Muthulakshmi had abandoned her when she was only eight months old to go with her husband. In the first production, the mother said, “I couldn’t live without [Veerappan].” “I needed to see him in order to survive. I was so infatuated with him that I developed an addiction to it… I kissed the infant while holding her tight. Even though I was crying, I begged the mother to watch my child for a while. I’ll be there with him.

Then, in 1993, Prabha Vijayalakshmi was born; however, her father never even had the chance to meet her because, as far as is known, she was developing while he was away on the day that STF was able to capture or kill practically the entire gang. In reality, her mother was detained on a number of criminal charges before ultimately being found not guilty by a jury. Veerappan did make an effort to rekindle their relationship in the early 2000s, but Muthulakshmi made sure he backed out when he realised the reunion was a meticulously thought-out trap set up by the STF to capture him.

Where Are Veerappan’s Daughters Now?

According to official sources, STF at one point almost watched Vidhya’s every step because Veerappan was such a significant figure in her life. This had a negative impact on her academic performance. She really dropped out of school for two crucial years before opting to finish her education with all the ambition and skills necessary to be the greatest version of herself she could be. She refused to allow her parentage define her. Regarding Vidhya’s current situation, it appears that she is a contentedly married woman living in Tamil Nadu. Her husband is a Christian Dalit guy, which her mother first objected to due to the inter-caste relationship.

Vidhya is a proud law graduate who occupies the position of Vice-President of the Other Backward Class (OBC) wing of the BJP in Tamil Nadu. She also serves as the principal of a school in Krishnagiri. Nevertheless, she recently stated, “He had only one motto—to do good for the people. I do believe my father was right to some level. I would like to tell the youth, nevertheless, that using violence to overthrow the system is not the best course of action. Contrarily, fellow Krishnagiri inhabitant Prabha is said to be an engineer who prefers to avoid the spotlight in almost all ways, shapes, and forms.

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