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Anna Shay’s Son: Exploring His Journey

Kenny Kemp, the son of Anna Shay, appears in the hit Netflix series “Bling Empire.” He has, however, drawn attention because to his intense passion for bong collecting.

Kemp has an outstanding bong collection, estimated to be worth more than $500,000 in all, it has been claimed.

Kemp, Anna Shay’s son, has a collection of expertly crafted bongs in the form of creatures that were modelled after well-known Nintendo products. The cost of each bong is in the tens of thousands of dollars range.

Kemp’s motivation to amass such a unique selection stems from his enthusiasm for the meticulous craftsmanship used to make these one-of-a-kind bongs.

Kemp Shay, who is the son of Anna Shay, has occasionally been on television with his mother, yet nothing is known about his personal life.

At a high-end event Kemp hosted in January 2015, he allowed attendees to take hash oil using expensive glass pipes.

Kemp emphasised that he was not directly associated with the cannabis industry at that time. Instead, he amusingly studied the purchasing patterns of glass collectors.

He questioned the financial standing of these purchasers and the reasons why wealthy people would choose to purchase items other than premium glass objects. He also made light of the question of how they would clean them.

Despite the fact that he made an appearance with his mother in the first season of “Bling Empire,” he does not play a regular character on the programme.

Anna Shay death

In a statement given to the PEOPLE on June 20, 2023, Anna Shay’s family reported that she had suffered a stroke at age 62.

Shay’s family released a statement in which they expressed their profound sorrow and shared the news of the passing of their cherished mother, grandmother, vibrant celebrity, and inspiration.

They revealed that she suffered a stroke and died at the age of 62. The cast of “Bling Empire” rapidly adopted Anna Shay as a favourite, and she developed a devoted following.

Following the news of her departure, followers paid tribute to the late celebrity on various social media sites.

Trying to enjoy life and not take herself too seriously, Anna Shay tried to, one Twitter user reflected with nostalgia. Sigh. She was my favourite in Bling Empire.

Another tweet expressed sorrow: “Omg, RIP AnnaShay… She was such a distinctive character on Bling Empire, living her life frugally and authentically.

These quotes and social media posts demonstrate Anna Shay’s influence as a popular and dynamic figure in the entertainment business. Fans, friends, and fellow actors come together to pay tribute to her memory.

The strong mother-son bond

People frequently talk about Anna Shay’s close bond with her son Kenny Kemp on social media.

They routinely co-star in episodes of “Bling Empire” on Netflix and are enthusiastic participants in a variety of social gatherings.

The show features Anna Shay publicly expressing her love and support for her son, showcasing the closeness of their family.

Although there isn’t much information on their private life, it’s obvious that they have a special and passionate relationship.

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