Are the Ghost Bandits real bank robbers? Is Atlas Reserve a real bank?

Are the Ghost Bandits Real Bank Robbers? Investigating the Truth Behind ‘Atlas Reserve’

How much do you truly know about your in-laws? is an intriguing question posed by Netflix’s “The Out-Laws” to its audience. In preparation for his upcoming marriage to Parker, Owen was eager to finally meet her absentee parents. He thinks that it will be simple to win them over. But they prove to be far more complicated than he anticipated. Not only are they chilly and scary, but they are also sought for bank robbery.

Knowing that his in-laws could be criminals was frightening enough, but imagine his complete breakdown when he learns that they might be the Ghost Bandits. The plot of the movie is advanced by relying on Billy and Lilly’s notoriety as Ghost Bandits, which eventually brings them to Atlas Reserve, the best bank in the state. Here’s everything you need to know if you’re wondering if the Ghost Bandits and Atlas Reserve have any real-world counterparts. Spoilers follow.

Are Ghost Bandits Based on Real Bank Robbers?

Are the Ghost Bandits real bank robbers? Is Atlas Reserve a real bank?

The fictional story “The Out-Laws” was written by Evan Turner and Ben Zazove, and it was helmed by Tyler Spindel. The action comedy raises the stakes by illustrating just how difficult a person’s relationship with their in-laws can be. The characters and locations featured in the film are all made up. The movie’s reference to the Ghost Bandits is not based on actual bank robbers.

There are a few bank robbers that have adopted the term “bandit” in their names in real life. Gilbert William Galvan, also known as Robert Lee Whiteman, is the most well-known of them all. Over the course of three years, he committed a string of robberies during which he stole from about fifty banks and jewellery stores. He went by the nicknames “The Phantom Bandit” and “The Flying Bandit.” Josh Duhamel plays Josh in the 2022 film “Bandit,” which chronicles the tale of his life in a far different way than what we see with Billy and Lilly.

A more recent instance of a robber with “bandit” in his name was the Ghost Face Bandit, who was apprehended by police in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, in 2019. As a result of wearing a white mask when robbing people, the 53-year-old robber acquired his moniker. He participated in these robberies alone, as opposed to Billy and Lilly, who work together. Billy and Lilly’s personas may have been influenced by past bank robbery incidents because there are so many of them; nonetheless, it is unclear whether Billy and Lilly were modelled on any particular thief.

Is Atlas Reserve a Real Bank?

Are the Ghost Bandits real bank robbers? Is Atlas Reserve a real bank?

In “The Out-Laws,” Atlas Reserve is not a real bank. The fake bank was developed to advance the storyline of the film. The Atlas Reserve, run by Phoebe King, is the state’s safest bank in the movie. Owen is really envious since he would like to have a comparable vault installed for his bank. He must, however, make due with a model of lesser quality that is nonetheless acceptable to his bank.

The Atlas Reserve has multiple levels of security in the film. Using a decoy to divert the robbers is the first step. The password and Phoebe King’s handprint are then displayed. After that, triple-enforced titanium with digital, manual, and combination locks will be used to confront the criminals. Owen had assumed that the Atlas Reserve vault would have a lot of security measures in place. We might presume that banks typically employ a variety of intricate security measures to safeguard the belongings of those who have trusted them with their money. The fictitious Atlas Reserve, however, is not based on a specific bank or security system in the film.

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