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What Happened to Baki’s Girlfriend? Unraveling the Mystery

What happened to Kozue Matsumoto, Baki’s lover, has left fans wondering?

The protagonist of the Baki the Grappler manga series, Baki Hanma, has won readers’ hearts with his amazing martial arts prowess and unrelenting quest to become the strongest fighter in the world.

However, a love story between Baki and his girlfriend, Kozue Matsumoto, provides depth and heart to the story in between the heated clashes and fierce opponents.

Let’s explore their story and learn what happened to Kozue in the series’ following sagas.

The beginning of love

A straightforward and kind girl named Kozue Matsumoto lives next door to Baki and goes to school like any other adolescent.

They meet by chance, and before their love can fully grow, they form a close friendship.

Kozue, who has no experience in martial arts, stands by Baki’s side and encourages him as he strives to surpass all records for strength.

Kozue’s Concerns: What happened to Baki’s girlfriend? Kozue’s Concerns

Despite being quiet and timid, Kozue Matsumoto is not afraid to speak up for her convictions.

Because her father, Taizan Matsumoto, met a horrible end as an underground martial arts fighter, she has a profound dislike for the cruel underground fighting scene.

Kozue may appear gentle and peaceful, but her bravery is evident as she stands up to Baki and implores him to leave the perilous arena.

She stands by Baki during his battles despite her worries for his safety, showing her true concern for his welfare.

Despite the ups and downs of their relationship, Kozue has always been Baki’s loyal partner, even as his attention shifted to his martial arts training.

Fans eagerly anticipate learning what happened to Baki’s girlfriend and whether their love story will continue to develop in later installments of the Baki series because of her enigmatic absence.

The ongoing Romance

The early Baki the Grappler manga sagas have a substantial plot arc centered on the connection between Kozue and Baki.

They share heartfelt exchanges, and Baki finds Kozue’s encouragement to be incredibly helpful. In the tumultuous environment of martial arts fights, her presence becomes a source of stability for him.

The difficulties they face put their love to the test.

Baki’s life is in peril when an adversary poisons him in the story of the most terrible death row inmates.

In a heartwarming sequence, Kozue’s tears are crucial to his recovery and reveal the depth of her love for him.

The love triangle

As the plot develops, a love triangle between Kozue, Baki, and Mohammad Alai Jr. appears. A talented boxer named Mohammad demonstrates his love for Kozue by falling in love with her.

Despite her concern for him, Kozue still prioritizes her love for Baki, which causes an intense clash between the two rivals.

Kozue’s Presence in Later Sagas

Kozue makes less appearances as the story progresses into later sagas.

Fans have conjectured about her whereabouts, speculating on whether she split up with Baki or continued living her life.

The mystery surrounding her departure, though, keeps readers waiting impatiently for her return.

The future of Kozue Matsumoto: Although Kozue’s importance in the later sagas decreased, her romance with Baki is still very much alive.

In the Great Prison Battle Saga, the chance of their relationship rekindling arises as Baki returns from his trip to America.

Fans eagerly await Kozue’s return as they wait to see how her romance with the stubborn martial artist Baki Hanma develops.

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