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Brandon Gilles Obituary: Remembering a Life

The passing of Brandon Gilles serves as a reminder of the value of maintaining optimism in the face of hardship and battling tenaciously for one’s own well-being.

After a protracted struggle with Long-COVID, Brandon Gilles lost his battle and the world lost a brilliant thinker and a devoted father.

Electrical engineer Brandon labored feverishly to try to prolong his own life.

He had a cheerful attitude despite his condition and gave his loved ones happiness right up until the end.

Though Brandon Gilles is no longer with us, his legacy endures. He was a devoted engineer, a devoted father, and a kind friend.

He gave hope, endurance, and resilience to many people.

After working diligently for months to get better, according to his wife Briana, he was glad when he died away.

He did, in fact, remember who he was—a fully functioning human being, not just a sick person.

Everyone who knew Brandon will miss him.

Early Life and Career

Boulder, Colorado is where Brandon Gilles was born and raised. He was an inquisitive child who enjoyed disassembling things to learn how they worked.

He decided to pursue a profession in electrical engineering because of his love of electronics.

Brandon started working at a local Boulder business after receiving his electrical engineering degree from college.

He rapidly made a name for himself as one of the most intelligent people in his industry, winning the respect and admiration of his clients and colleagues.

In his free time, Brandon like to spend time with his family and engage in activities like skating, soccer, and reading.

Brandon’s illness and struggle

Early in 2020, Brandon developed what he believed to be a mild case of COVID-19.

He had a few flu-like symptoms, but these went away after a few weeks, and he was able to return to work.

However, a number of additional symptoms quickly followed and remained for months in Brandon.

He had memory loss, brain fog, migraines, and weariness. He was ultimately identified as having Long-COVID, a disease that can last for months after the original COVID-19 infection.

Brandon was sick, but he was still going to fight back. He put in a lot of effort, along with his medical team and therapists, to get better.

He experimented with a variety of therapies, such as specific diets, supplements, and exercise regimens.

Brandon’s health substantially improved as he neared death.

He had the opportunity to spend priceless time with his family, which he treasured greatly.

Brandon’s legacy

The death notice for Brandon Gilles serves as a warning that Long-COVID is more serious than a simple cold. It may have long-term effects that are incapacitating for many years.

Brandon Gilles was a great individual who had a positive influence on his surroundings. His valiant and motivational battle with Long-COVID will not be forgotten.

We can pay tribute to his memory and continue to spread awareness of the difficulties faced by those battling Long-COVID by commemorating his life and legacy.

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