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Ben Shapiro Billboard: The Success of Facts and the Alliance with Tom MacDonald

Known for his conservative political opinions, Ben Shapiro recently garnered attention not for his political remarks but for his unexpected foray into the music business.

examining the motivations and beginnings of the strange collaboration that produced the contentious “Facts.”
evaluating the conservative talking points and how they were received while also dissecting the rap song’s themes and lyrics.
tracing Shapiro’s condemnation of rap music in the past, his transition to active involvement, and the effects on his public persona.
The controversial rap song “Facts,” which includes Shapiro and Canadian rapper Tom MacDonald, has surpassed releases from well-known artists like Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake to the top of the charts. This has triggered a wave of comments, both good and negative.

On January 26, 2024, Ben Shapiro’s unexpected musical debut, “Facts,” was launched. Described as a trap and political rap song, the song became popular right once, receiving 5 million views on YouTube in its first night and hitting the top of the iTunes charts.

The Rise of “Facts” and Its Criticisms

The conservative and “anti-woke” talking points that MacDonald addresses in the lyrics of “Facts” include gender pronouns, the LGBT community, gun control, abortion rights, and other topics. Delivered in an Auto-Tuned “drumfire monotone,” Shapiro’s verse makes parallels to his popular interpretation of Cardi B’s “WAP” lyrics and takes aim at “woke Karens” in his comment sections and yarmulke.

The song garnered criticism despite its commercial success. Critics labeled it “MAGA rap” and claimed that, especially in MacDonald’s lyrics, it promoted white nationalist beliefs. The irony of a conservative commentator entering a genre of music he had previously dismissed as non-art was discussed in response to Shapiro’s involvement.

Nicki Minaj Reacts To “Facts”

The song’s featured rapper, Nicki Minaj, initially posted on Twitter to express her confusion, asking, “Is this real life?” Later, she complimented Shapiro and acknowledged the song’s success, drawing a comparison to her 2010 single “Roman’s Revenge.”

The controversy surrounding Shapiro’s rap debut, which included accusations of racism and white supremacy, was brought to light by the differing reactions from Minaj’s followers.

History of Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro, who launched The Daily Wire, a news website, in 2015, had a history of attacking rap music and claiming that it was not art before he started “Facts.” The irony of his musical debut is enhanced by the unanticipated shift to actively writing a rap song.

A goofy moment on his Daily Wire podcast, The Ben Shapiro Show, in which he provided a sardonic reading of Cardi B’s lewd lyrics to “WAP,” gave Shapiro’s musical career a boost. Shapiro’s transition from political analyst to musician was made possible by this unanticipated foray into the rap scene.

“Facts” A Chart-Topper

The arguments over “Facts'” substance and the surprising pairing of Shapiro and MacDonald rage on as the song stays at the top of the charts. The disagreement has sparked discussion on the hazy boundaries between politics and entertainment as well as the surprising crossovers of public people known for their strong political stances into unorthodox fields.

Composition and Lyrics: “Facts” as MAGA Rap

“Facts” is more than simply a song; it’s a representation of Shapiro’s perspective set to trap music. The title itself parodies Shapiro’s well-known statement, “facts don’t care about your feelings,” and critics refer to it as “MAGA rap.” Together, they tackle a variety of conservative and “anti-woke” talking points. Canadian rapper Tom MacDonald is one of the partners.

MacDonald’s chorus, which includes words like “I hope I offend you/I ask myself ‘What would Ben do?'” gives the song a slightly edgy feel. This bold approach has not been without backlash; The Root’s Candace McDuffie, for example, called the song’s lyrics “white supremacist rhetoric.”

If “Facts” is a one-time event or the start of a longer-term change in Ben Shapiro’s media persona, only time will tell. One thing is certain despite the flood of mixed feelings: “Facts” has opened a new chapter in the ongoing narrative of political figures via the popular culture.

Watch the video for “Facts” here:

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