Bob’s Burgers Cast Interacting Like Their Characters, Is The Whole Internet’s Delight

The voices of Bob Belcher, Linda Belcher, Tina Belcher, Gene Belcher, Louise Belcher, and Teddy in the animated sitcom “Bob’s Burgers” have been provided by H. Jon Benjamin, John Roberts, Dan Mintz, Eugene Mirman, Kristen Schaal, and Larry Murphy for more than a decade. It’s evident that over the course of the last 11 years, their personalities and relationship dynamics have gradually changed to match what we see on screen, and a significant portion of the personalities of their characters originate from their own incredibly funny instincts. I had the tremendous fortune of speaking with the cast in advance of “The Bob’s Burgers Movie”—but only after a long day of interviews.

By the time I came to bat, the “Bob’s Burgers” ensemble had been cooped up for over eight hours in a set of properly placed chairs for the best YouTube video presentation. It sounds like you’re watching an actual “Bob’s Burgers” episode while interviewing them since they all, for the most part, use voices that are remarkably similar to their own speaking voices to bring their characters to life. Since calling “H. Jon Benjamin” “H. Jon” makes him sound like the world’s least impressive SoundCloud rapper, I’m going to spell out his name whenever he speaks because I’m not about to disrespect a living comedy legend like that. If this piece were a “Bob’s Burgers” episode, I’d call it “Interview with the Glam-pire,” and I’d play the part of the glam vampire for reasons you’ll see as you read about these amusing exchanges.

Why the Belchers are one of the best families on television

One of the top television families, according to many, is the Belcher family. What do you believe it is about each of your distinct personalities that has such a strong emotional impact on viewers?

Roberts: In my opinion, Linda is a cool, East Coast-style mother who many people have already met. She loves her children dearly and wears her heart on her sleeve. She would do anything to defend her family and safeguard her children. She also sings well and has a fantastic sense of humour.

Mirman: I agree. Each character, in my opinion, is a representation of a particular type of genuine person.

Mintz: Tina strikes me as being very genuine and just into what she likes. Neither does she attempt to alter who she is or become what others believe you need to be.

Schaal: That is accurate, and Louise is — she is quite difficult. She constantly strives to change things up, shake things up, and embark on adventures, in my opinion. She is tough.

H. Jon Benjamin: Bob, since he is trustworthy and encouraging. He’s open to picking up tips from every member of his family.

Did I respond, Mirman?

Schaal: It was you, didn’t it?

Mirman: I provided a very general response, which is good. That is my response.

H. Jon Benjamin: I believe that everyone dozed off throughout my speech.

I did, Roberts.

Schaal: That voice is it!

Jonathan Benjamin: I don’t mind it, yes.

Schaal: How am I meant to stay awake during this entire day of press with this voice behind my head in a pitch-black room? Do you wish to change places?

Jonathan Benjamin: No, you’re not required to.

Guys, it’s been a long day. Roberts (Tinkering with Kristen’s hair) Can we bring hair inside?

Kristen Schaal on Louise Belcher

Bob’s Burgers Cast

I’ll ask you a question now, Kristen. Many of the movie’s characters are displaying a fresh sense of sensitivity, but Louise stands out in my opinion. So how did you go about bringing that genuineness to a little child’s fears?

Schaal: Having a child, too, I mean, she’s so fragile, makes it simple to access my inner child. It became rather raw, and I felt quite protective of her tale and the entire process. She’s really going through it, and because she’s small and doesn’t want to be small anymore, there were times when I felt a little shaken up in the booth. I wish all young children could understand that being young is only a phase, and that they should just enjoy it while they can because it will pass quickly. Yes, the process was delicate and fragile, and because I was once a child myself and a mother, I felt very protective of her.

That is lovely.

[Hon Benjamin laughs]

What? Schaal

Well, I didn’t mean to, I was simply scoffing, H. Jon Benjamin.

Roberts: I liked that. Oh, it was nice!

Schaal: It was foolish.

Jonathan Benjamin: Not at all, no.

Murphy, Mintz, Roberts, and Mirman all say “no!”

Jonathan Benjamin: I enjoy it. When you said, “as a former youngster,” I chuckled.

Schaal: We were all once children.

Jonathan Benjamin: I know. That’s why I felt the phraseology was humorous.

John Roberts connects his YouTube career to Linda Belcher

I want to ask John Roberts a question now. I have to admit that I was an avid viewer of your early YouTube videos. They had a significant influence on me in junior high. How does it feel to know that some of the character work you created and recently uploaded to YouTube may appear in a future movie?

Roberts: That’s definitely the most appropriate conclusion. My YouTube videos, which I obviously started in an effort to promote both my humour and myself, have far exceeded my greatest expectations. And having that thread makes me a really special and singular artist in my career. It’s been beyond amazing to start out on your own, from that little point with YouTube, and to end up here, and I’m so happy to be associated with all these other tremendous talents.

Schaal: You were, though, essentially back on YouTube, right? Will this be uploaded to YouTube? This job interview?

Since I don’t want anyone to see my face or my creepy workplace throughout this, I’m actually going to write this.

Cast as a whole: NOOOOO!

Schaal: Come on, no! You are very lovely!

Roberts: Those cheeks are gorgeous! Oh, how sweet.

I’m grateful. For you all today, I took a shower!

Schaal: This interviewer is the most composed one we’ve had.

Louise and Gene Belcher have ended the chat

Oh, I’m grateful. [tries to contain her tears of pleasure while blushing heavily] I have one more question before they send me on my way because I don’t have a lot of time, but I’d love to hear what kind of dialogues you hope the viewers will be having after the credits have finished, before they leave the cinema and continue on with their lives.

Murphy: I’m hoping they say it’s an enjoyable ride. Right?

Roberts: I want them to be more inclined to congregate around the Belchers. I want people to feel invested in the characters and inspired to watch season 1 in depth if they haven’t already. From there, just continue to love the characters and the environment and have a certain emotional connection to it.

Schaal: They better be like, “Do you already have dinner plans? Let’s go get some wings, please. Oh, did we just have those yesterday? Okay. What would you like to eat for dinner?” The entire cast chuckles. “Do you want to cook, then? Oh, I can’t even cook right now. We could simply drop by the shop.” That is what I desire.

Mirman: I also hope they research the background of swimming pools. The entire cast chuckles. I’m hoping they’re like, “Okay, let’s look into it! What year did they begin?”

On May 27, 2022, “The Bob’s Burgers Movie” will premiere in theatres.

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