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Brittany Renner and Charleston White: Lap Dance Controversy

There has been a lot of talk in the neighborhood about the recent event between Brittany Renner Charleston White.

During a live podcast, Renner gave a daring lap dance that got people talking.

A well-known Instagram influencer with millions of followers, Brittany Renner is known for her honest personality, fitness, and lifestyle content.

She did, however, recently grab attention for a peculiar appearance on The Danza Project podcast.

Many people are baffled as to what specifically transpired during her appearance on the podcast.

Let’s explore the contentious episode in which Brittany Renner performed a “wet” lap dance on a live podcast for Charleston White.

Brittany Renner Charleston White

Renner appeared as a guest on the web comic Charleston White’s program The Danza Project.

Due to a horrific incident that took place on the show, the episode where Renner featured has subsequently gone viral.

In the episode, White danced on Renner’s lap after he sat on her lap. The incident was caught on camera and quickly went viral on different social media sites.

β€˜Wet’ Lap Dance On Live Podcast

White said on the podcast that he had never been wet before.

If he wanted to get wet, Renner questioned him. White begged Renner to avoid getting any water on him.

Renner, however, doused him and the show’s host with water. Renner then twerked her butt on White’s groin while sitting on his lap.

The incident continued after that. Renner continued to pour water at the presenter and White, and when a man off-camera requested her to stop, she gave him the backside shake.

Renner’s actions have drawn criticism from many people, and the situation has generated controversy.

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Brittany Renner Interview

Renner recently talked about her personal life, work, and the Charleston White viral moment in an interview with Akademiks.

She claims that Renner and White are close friends and that they joke about the incident.

She argues in her defense that she did nothing wrong and thinks that people are overanalyzing the circumstance.

She also discusses her prior union with PJ Washington, who is the child’s father.

She adds that they first connected when she was 26 years old and Washington was a basketball player at the University of Kentucky.

After a year, their relationship ended, and Washington claimed on Twitter that someone had been “faking it all along,” although Renner disputes this.

She makes it clear that Washington was the one who was after her. Renner also revealed that Washington expressed interest in creating a family with her when she was 22 years old.

She declined the offer, though, as she didn’t feel ready for such a heavy burden at that time in her life.

Renner provided details about her interaction with social media and influencer marketing in relation to her career journey.

She went on to say that fitness and wellbeing are the main focuses of her online persona.

Even her memoir, “Judge This Cover,” which explores her life and individual experiences, was written by her.

Moving forward

Brittany Renner has once again been in the news due to the incident with Charleston White, but she doesn’t seem phased by it.

Renner oozes confidence in her most recent interview and expresses no remorse for the lap dance event or her prior relationships.

Regardless of what people may think, it is clear that she is proud of who she is and what she does.

One thing is known about Renner’s future endeavors: she bravely embraces unorthodox and unpopular decisions.

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