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The Alina Gorbacheva Missing Case: Unsolved Mystery

Concern and outrage over the disappearance of Alina Gorbacheva have spread beyond the skating world.

Since she vanished on September 21, 2021, Alina Gorbacheva has been in the news frequently.

The 16-year-old Russian figure skater, the 2023 Russian Junior Champion, vanished in Moscow after leaving the ice at the “Chkalov Arena.”

Concerns and outrage about her absence have spread beyond the figure skating community.

Let’s go into more depth about the most recent developments, the causes for her absence, and the current search operations.

Alina Gorbacheva Missing

Around 7:00 PM on August 29, 2023, Alina Gorbacheva vanished after leaving the Moscow “Chkalov Arena” ice rink.

At the address Volokolamskoye Shosse, building number 67, the figure skater was seen on camera but hasn’t been seen since.

Her family and the skating community are concerned and speculating about her disappearance since despite the efforts of the search, there hasn’t been any meaningful lead in finding her.

Is she found?

Alina Gorbacheva is still missing as of this writing, and searches are still going on.

She was last seen in a park next to Pokrovskaya Embankment and Vladimirskaya Church, where the police, search teams, and volunteers have been scouring various portions of the park. They haven’t yet discovered any signs of her, though. Although her information has been added to the facial recognition database, Moscow’s surveillance cameras have not picked her up.

Possible reasons for her disappearance

There have been many theories and conjectures concerning the potential causes of Alina Gorbacheva’s disappearance.

This may be due to a factor involving the skater’s relationship with her coach, Sofia Fedchenko.

According to reports, there was a disagreement between the skater’s mother, Ekaterina Gorbacheva, and the coach.

When the daughter was nine years old, the coach took her away from her mother, which caused a disagreement.

Alina was also contemplating switching coaches, which might have led to a disagreement between her and Fedchenko.

A dispute between Alina and the coach reportedly happened before the session on the day of her abduction because she had refused to go.

According to some stories, Alina sprinted inside the changing area and only spotted Gorbacheva’s skates as Fedchenko came.

The girl’s grandmother also disclosed that the coach had prohibited the family from seeing the athlete for the previous three years, claiming that Alina shouldn’t consult her relatives in order to succeed.

Search and Rescue Efforts

There has been a protracted and exhaustive hunt for Alina Gorbacheva.

The area around the park where the woman was last seen, near Pokrovskaya Embankment and Vladimirskaya Church, has been searched by police, search teams, and volunteers.

To increase coverage, they used dogs, drones, and other tools, but no meaningful leads have materialized.

Additionally, both the skate community and the general public actively participate in the search, sharing news and updates on social media.

A reward has even been offered by several figure skaters and coaches for any information that can be used to locate Alina Gorbacheva.

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