Burning Patience (2022) Movie Explained: Does The Lead Couple End Up Together?

The romantic drama movie “Burning Patience” from Netflix is based on Antonio Skármeta’s 1985 novel “Ardiente Paciencia,” which also goes by the name “Ardiente Paciencia.” The historical drama, which was directed by Rodrigo Seplveda, is set in Chile in 1969. After meeting Pablo Neruda, the most well-known poet in Chile, Mario, a struggling postman, decides to pursue poetry.

Mario tries to seduce the woman of his dreams using poetry as he develops his craft. But things might not go as expected, and Mario can lose his affection. Here is all the information you require regarding the conclusion of “Burning Patience” whether you’re wondering whether Mario’s poetry brings him the love of his life or sends him into sadness. Spoilers follow!

Burning Patience Plot Synopsis

The year is 1969, and the location is Isle Negra in Chile. It centres on Mario, a modest fisherman’s son who rejects the path taken by his father. Mario makes the decision to give up fishing and begins looking for a new profession after much thought and conversation with his family. He comes upon a job posting one day at the neighbourhood post office. Mario is appointed as a postman after applying for the position.

Mario’s first task is to deliver Pablo Neruda’s mail, a famous poet who lives on the island. Mario soon starts visiting Neruda’s house frequently.  Neruda teaches Mario about poverty as a result, and Mario buys Neruda’s poetry books. Mario eventually begins creating his own poems with the help of Neruda.

Mario meets Beatriz Gonzalez, a young woman who works at her mother’s restaurant, when he is working as a postman. When Beatriz first notices Mario, she falls in love with him. After some time, Mario and Beatriz begin conversing, and Mario reads poetry to Beatriz. Although Beatriz likes Mario’s company, her mother Elba cautions her to avoid boys who use words to seduce women.

Neruda is compelled to leave the island for his campaign after being asked to run for president. Elba, on the other hand, forbids Beatriz from visiting Mario while her daughter is grounded. Nevertheless, Mario comes up with creative ways to speak with Beatriz, and they do so via the radio messages played on the nearby radio station.

Eventually, Mario approaches Beatriz and confesses his love for her with the aid of Beatriz’s friend, Clarita. Mario presents Beatriz with a poem he claims to have written. Mario is shunned by Beatriz once she discovers that he stole the poem from Neruda. Beatriz breaks off touch with Mario and relocates to live with her aunt. Mario, however, recognises his error and sets out to find Beatriz. The rest of the plot revolves around whether Mario realises his mistake and reconciles with Beatriz.

Burning Patience Ending: Does Beatriz Forgive Mario?

As the story goes on, Mario and Beatriz develop a close relationship and fall in love. Mario, however, commits the error of stealing a poem and claiming it as his own. Mario’s actions cause Beatriz pain, and she departs the island to live with her aunt. Mario continues to write letters to Beatriz in the hopes of offering an apology. However, he waits weeks before hearing back.

In the meantime, Mario gets information from Clarita about Beatriz’s displeasure with him. Beatriz is a poet, as Clarita says, and a major Pablo Neruda enthusiast. She acknowledged Mario’s betrayal and stepped aside so he could consider his mistake. Beatriz eventually writes Mario a letter in which she expresses her hurt at his behaviour. Mario not only stole a poem, but he also mistook Beatriz for an idiot. He made the clear assumption that Beatriz wouldn’t be aware that the poetry wasn’t Mario’s.

In response to Beatriz’s letter, Mario composes an original poem, which causes the two to reopen their dialogue. Mario and Beatriz express their feelings and experiences via poetry written for one another. Mario experiences love-sickness and a strong desire to be with Beatriz once more. He realises his past errors and admits that Beatriz is the better poet. As a result, Mario writes an original poem to publicly declare his love for Beatriz. Beatriz is unable to pardon Mario, though.

Neruda returns home while also dropping out of the presidential candidacy. When he sees Mario, he finds out that his relationship with Beatriz didn’t work out. Neruda tries to instruct Mario, but when Elba runs into him, she tells him to keep Mario away from her kid. Mario suffers from depression since Beatriz won’t forgive him and her mother disapproves of their relationship. Neruda does disclose that Beatriz is coming back to town for a special occasion. Beatriz forgives Mario after meeting him thanks to Neruda, and their romance is revived.

Do Beatriz and Mario End Up Together?

Mario and Beatriz struggle to advance their romantic relationship throughout the entire movie due to a number of obstacles. Due of Mario’s naivety, Beatriz becomes irate with him. To live with her aunt, she departs the island. Beatriz is still deeply in love with Mario, though. By the time Beatriz gets back to the island, she learns that Mario has sincere regrets about what he did. Additionally, his sole motivation for writing poetry is to share his unending love for Beatriz.

Beatriz pardons Mario after realising that he is madly in love with her. Before they get together, Mario and Beatriz must persuade Elba, though. When Elba first met Beatriz’s father, she was just seventeen years old. He was a man of words, much like Mario and Neruda, and he used words to win her over. The man’s poetry wooed Elba, and she eventually fell in love with him. But she became pregnant, and the man left her with the child. Beatriz is therefore tired of poets and males in general. She forbids Mario and Beatriz from seeing each other as a result.

An occasion is planned to welcome Neruda back to the island in the film’s last scene. The gathering takes place in Elba’s eatery. She does not, however, want Beatriz to meet Mario. Neruda so invents a diversion to keep Elba busy so that Beatriz and Mario can meet covertly. At the party, Mario and Beatriz settle their disagreement and make their romance public. Mario makes a fearless and artistic speech to persuade Elba to approve of their love.

At the party, Mario finally utilises poetry to publicly declare his love for Beatriz. He uses metaphors in his poems to address Elba’s worries about him leaving Beatriz. Mario makes a vow in his poetry to stand by Beatriz’s side and love her forever. Mario makes use of all of Neruda’s guidance and lessons in order to win Elba’s blessing and his lover. Since Elba has had negative encounters with poets in the past, Mario persuades her that poetry itself has a sense of poetic rhythm.

Mario concludes by demonstrating that poetry is more than simply words. Even in the face of difficulties, one must keep one’s pledges made in poems. With a montage showing Mario and Beatriz getting married and having a child with Elba’s assistance, the movie closes on a high note. The conclusion suggests that Mario is keeping his word and understands what it means to be a poet both on paper and in real life.

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