Money Heist Korea Part 2 Ending : Is It Same As The Original Money Heist?

One of Netflix’s initial international successes was the Spanish television series “Money Heist,” which popularised both the streaming service and its entertainment business model. The series features everything fans might want from a heist action thriller, including thrilling action scenes, a compelling love story, and a great cast of characters. The fact that the original show is unmistakably Spanish makes it the ideal choice for adaptations. The bones of the original series are used, while the blood and flesh of the Korean setting are added in “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area.”

The plot is set in a world where North and South Korea are undergoing reunification in part 1 of the adaptation. A clever band of thieves decides to steal 4 trillion Won from the newly founded Unified Korea Mint, which is intended to print currency for both countries, under the direction of the bright Professor (Yoo Ji-Tae). In part 2, the heist proceeds as the thieves and the police engage in a cat-and-mouse game of manoeuvring. The history of their leaders offers a different tale than what the majority of people believe—that the robbers are pursuing money. Here is all the information you require on the conclusion of “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area,” Part 2. Spoilers follow.

Money Heist: Korea Part 2 Recap

The former Joint Security Area, which was positioned between the two countries and represented conflict and violence, has been renamed the Joint Economic Area in the world of “Money Heist: Korea.” There is the Unified Mint of Korea. Politicians from both nations vowed that unity would boost wealth for everybody. That didn’t happen, which was almost expected. Rio (Lee Hyun-woo) is the only one of the robbers who is not a victim of the system.

Episode 7 basically picks up where episode 6 leaves off. We discover more about the past of Captain Cha Moohyuk (Kim Sung-oh), a member of the task team formed to deal with the robbers and an officer from the North Korean Ministry of Security. He learned of the impending reunion through a double agent, but he first didn’t think it would happen. In the present, he follows his suspicions to the Professor’s door. When the suspect learns he has been discovered, he gives Moohyuk some narcotics, takes him to their covert location, and handcuffs him to a series of pipes. The other officers at the Task Force command tent begin to think that Moohyuk is involved in the crime, but Seon Woojin (Yunjin Kim) is unconvinced.

The work goes on inside the Mint despite the rising anxiety. However, when Kim Sangman, Woojin’s abusive ex-husband and a powerful South Korean politician, proclaims immunity for anyone in the crew willing to reach out, things quickly get worse. His scheme is successful, and Anne, the ambassador’s daughter, is killed by someone who takes the duty. If she perishes, no one outside the Mint will be able to stop the authorities from storming the building. Because they are aware of this, the thieves go above and beyond to protect Anne and keep her inside the Mint.

The power supply to the Mint is cut off at Woojin’s command, and the Professor can no longer communicate with people inside the Mint. Berlin’s brilliant ruse leads the party to the realisation that Nairobi is the traitor. She says she did it because Sangman is the father of her son. Tokyo allows herself to be detained by law enforcement in order to reconnect with the Professor and save Nairobi’s son before escaping with Seoul, a unique character created for the Korean series. Berlin and Seoul had been friends since their time in the concentration camp.

Berlin and the Professor are revealed to be siblings as the season goes on, just like in the original series. In the grand climax, the robbers are successful in obtaining the money they have printed from the Mint and winning over the public.

Money Heist: Korea Part 2 Ending: What Do the Robbers Do with the Money?

The criminals were already planning to print the four trillion Won. In order to use that money to save business conglomerate businesses that made investments in North Korea under the guise of economic cooperation, the Third Summit between North and South Korea was established.

The majority of the cash goes to the Professor and his team. Through the single tunnel still in use by the North Korean defectors, they leave the Mint. They utilise vehicles to travel to Kaesong, a city in North Korea close to the Joint Economic Area, after exiting the tunnels. They then go by train to the Russian city of Khabarovsk before splitting off.

Every captive who ultimately cooperates with the robbers is given three billion Won by the robbers. Additionally, they strew 0.3 billion Won across Pyeonghwa Square. The general public there takes some of that home with them. When the remaining items are inspected, their serial numbers show that they were in fact intended to be utilised for company rescue efforts.

Woojin eventually finds her sweetheart there after following the postcard the Professor left for her and arriving at what appears to be Kherson, a city in Ukraine.

Why Does the Professor Organize the Heist?

The Professor’s complete past is exposed in part 2. He is a native of North Korea. When he was a government employee, his father was responsible for closing the tunnels that asylum seekers used to enter the South. When Berlin or Song Jung-ho was a young child, his family attempted to travel to South Korea for his treatment after receiving a diagnosis of Huntington’s illness. But when the dictatorship learned about it, Berlin and the professor’s mother were both murdered. Berlin was taken prisoner and delivered to the labour camp.

In an attempt to rob a bank in order to get his son out of the camp, Berlin and the Professor’s father was assassinated. Years later, the brothers got back together and plotted the heist. Sangman, who introduced him to Oh Jaeyun, a significant South Korean businessman, was one of the influential people on both sides of the border who were interested in The Professor or Park Sunho’s studies into the economic effects of reunification. North Korea’s open-door economic policy was the consequence of the Professor’s strategy and Oh Jaeyun’s funding.

Therefore, the Professor knew the plan for the Joint Economic Area that the capitalists had, and he made it for them. The Professor uses the theft to expose some of the worst members of the government after growing up experiencing the worst of both systems. By the end of the season, Jeon Yongsu, the North Korean envoy who formerly served as the commandant of the concentration camp where Berlin was housed, has vanished. We can safely presume that the dictatorship executed him because of its failure. Sangman and Jaeyun are currently under investigation. The former will probably not win the custody dispute with his estranged wife and will never achieve his long-held goal of becoming prime minister.

Do Oslo, Moscow, and Berlin Die?

In the original Spanish series, the Royal Mint heist results in the deaths of Oslo, Moscow, and Berlin. The Korean version follows a different approach. While attempting to provide water to a hostage situation, Oslo is slain. Oslo is killed by Park Chulwoo, a member of the North Korean military special operations squad who was originally sent in to infiltrate the Mint.

While attempting to get Tokyo back into the Mint, Moscow sustains injuries and eventually passes away. He accepts Denver and Stockholm’s romance before he passes away. Berlin and Seoul are able to escape the Mint alive, unlike the other two protagonists and his counterpart from the first season.

Both the police and the robbers conclude that Berlin is dead once the tunnel collapses. The Professor finds the hidden tunnel marked on the back of his childhood painting and understands that his father made it while he grieves for his sibling.

The Professor successfully makes his getaway with his men and the cash. Berlin and Seoul, meanwhile, emerge from the tunnel wearing their masks and blend in with the crowd. Later, Berlin calls his brother to let him know everything is well. He is slowly perishing from an illness that is still incurable. But for now, he is still alive and has the opportunity to enjoy his time here on Earth.

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