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Meet Buster Murdaugh’s Girlfriend, Brooklynn White

Brooklynn White is Buster Murdaugh’s girlfriend. She has been by his side through all of Alex Murdaugh’s troubles. She has been with the famous lawyer Alex Murdaugh’s only living son for a long time.

Other news sources say that White is a golden retriever. Buster Murdaugh’s girlfriend bought a condo on Hilton Head Island for $180,000 in July 2021.

A news station said that Buster and his long-term girlfriend live a quiet life in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. They live in a small condo together.

Neighbors say that they are a friendly couple who always smile and say hello. They also had a dog whose name was Miller. Since they haven’t gotten married yet, Buster Murdaugh is still single.

Buster Murdaugh girlfriend stood by his side throughout Murdaugh’s trial

Brooklynn White has stood by his boyfriend during the trial and continues to help him through this hard time. Buster has lost more than anyone else because both of his parents were killed. He also lost his close friend Stephen Smith in a fatal car accident in 2015.

Alex Murdaugh’s only living son, Buster Murdaugh, testified on Tuesday that his father was devastated after his son and wife were shot to death.

During his father’s double-murder trial in Walterboro, South Carolina, he told the jury, “I walked in the door, saw him, and gave him a hug. He was just broken down.”

Alex Murdaugh, who is 54 years old, is accused of killing his wife Maggie Murdaugh with a rifle and his son Paul Murdaugh, who was 22 at the time, with a shotgun in June 2021.

Alex’s son said that his father called him on June 7, 2021, to tell him that he had found the bodies of his youngest son and his wife near the dog kennels on the family’s hunting estate.

He told the Collection County Courthouse that his father asked him if he was sitting down, and he said, “Yeah.” Then Alex sounded strange, and then his father told him that his mother and younger brother had been shot, which shocked him.

Buster and his girlfriend, Brooklyn White, ran straight to the family’s 1,700-acre estate in Islandton, South Carolina, which is also known as Moselle. Early in the morning, they got there.

He wore a black blazer and a white button-down shirt, and he didn’t show much emotion as he testified while his father, Alex Murdaugh, smiled at him lovingly from the defence table.

Buster said that he and his father took showers at Moselle the day after the murders. This is why a puddle of water and a damp towel were found in the bathroom.

A defence lawyer named Jim Griffin found out during his questioning that the family was very close.

Buster testified again and said that the day of the murders was like any other day with a lot of phone calls. He said, “I talked to my mom every day, sometimes more than once. I did the same with my dad and my brother, and I know they all talk to each other, too.”

Brooklyn White’s boyfriend said that he knew his father had drug problems and had gone to a detox centre in 2018, but he portrayed him as a loving husband and father.

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