Carol Phegly: A Look Into Her Life and Whereabouts

The Jewel Thief, a documentary by Landon Van Soest for Hulu, is unlike any other because it examines Gerald Blanchard’s life and crimes in his own words. This is due to the fact that it thoughtfully combines not only old footage shot by the convicted felon but also first-person stories from others who were there when it happened, allowing him to be seen for who he truly is. Since his mother Carol Phegly was one of them, we now have the information you need if you just want to discover more about her and her current situation.

Who is Carol Phegly?

Gerald was supposedly adopted by Winnipeg resident Carol when he was only six days old in 1972, and she immediately set about giving him the finest life possible. In the original performance, she did acknowledge that neither of them had it easy because of his academic problems, borderline dyslexia, and family issues, including her divorce around 1980. The mother-son team’s forced relocation from their comfortable Canadian life to near poverty in Omaha, Nebraska, where she toiled endlessly just to make ends meet, is undoubtedly the worst aspect.

According to Gerald’s story, he became a criminal after witnessing this hardship. It all began with him stealing milk for his cereal because there were times when they couldn’t even buy such necessities. Carol, however, has categorically refuted this, stating that her son was never required to steal milk and that she always made him return any items he had taken from places without paying for, such as candies. She honestly didn’t believe he could have grown up to be an international thieving mastermind because of these characteristics and his “little-guy” “nerdy” appearance, but he did.

Therefore, it’s important to highlight that Carol w asn’t even aware of her son’s acts as time went on. She was aware of his initial transgressions, but once he was deported in 1997, things changed. The truth is that he had already started setting up his lies in the US by telling her that the majority of his wealth came from honest business deals or investments that eventually led to real estate in Canada. This was plausible because his then-father-in-law was financially able to assist in the same, leading her to believe that her son was on the correct track. That is, until everything fell apart after his imprisonment in 2007.

Where is Carol Phegly Now?

“My son is a really compassionate person. In the documentary, Carol stated bluntly, “He’s incredibly affectionate to the individuals that are important to him. He possesses many skills that, if he had not chosen a life of crime, would have allowed him to succeed in anything he set out to do. She continued, “He has never stolen from anyone he personally knows or family members. It has always resembled corporate America more than anything else, and yes, I’m going to say banks because of his and, to be very honest, mine opinion that “The banks are legal criminals.” They have complete freedom of action and frequently extort money from others.

since of this, Carol will always support Gerald even though she doesn’t particularly agree with what he did between the 1980s and the 2000s since she is convinced that he has a decent heart. According to what we know about her present personal situation, the retired professional currently dwells near Manitoba, Canada, where she is not only surrounded by loved ones but also wishes to keep her experiences out of the public eye.

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