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Carrie Williams: Where is Todd Chance’s Ex-Fiance Now?

The 45-year-old Todd Chance’s murder and the subsequent investigation to find his killer, his wife Leslie Jenea Chance, are both covered in NBC’s “Dateline: Point Blank.” On the morning of August 25, 2013, Leslie shot and killed her husband. She then left his body on the outskirts of an almond grove, abandoned his car, and made her way home to Bakersfield, California, by zigzagging. This episode shows how she did this. And she only did this to exact revenge on him and collect insurance money. After all, she had learned that Todd had resumed his relationship with Carrie Williams, his ex-girlfriend.

Who Is Carrie Williams?

When Carrie Williams first met Todd Chance and started dating him in 1990, she was just a young high school student. But because they were so content, they continued to stay close for the following five years, even going so far as to make plans for the future. Unfortunately, they ended their relationship gently and permanently not long after getting engaged in 1995.carrie williams todd chance now pdf,carrie williams todd chance now pdf download,*carrie williams todd chance now

Todd and Carrie maintained their friendship even after their romance ended, and since they belonged to the same social group, they periodically ran into one another at events. It wasn’t until Todd contacted Carrie on Facebook in 2012, though, that their relationship progressed to a deeper level. They flirted before exchanging phone numbers to stay in touch.

After then, according to Carrie, they continued to communicate, growing more romantic and private with each exchange. Therefore, she provided nude images in response to his request for a “nice pic”. Yet she insists that was the extent of their conversation. She was suspected of being the “other woman” when Todd was slain, but she had a valid excuse: she was visiting her daughter out of town. Leslie Jenea Chance, Todd’s wife, is thought by the police to have been driven to extreme measures by her intense jealousy after learning of her husband’s communication with his ex-fiancee. Thus, on August 25, 2013, Leslie shot her husband to death in an effort to teach Todd a lesson and obtain the life insurance money.

Leslie dumped the clothes she was wearing after the murder and left Todd’s car a short distance from where she dumped his body in an effort to disappear. It didn’t take long for the police to find the car, though, and a careful search turned up a gun that was later found to be the one used in the murder. Detectives also discovered CCTV evidence that proved Leslie was the passenger in Todd’s automobile on the day of the murder and that she had left the vehicle where it was found. She was eventually detained and accused of killing her spouse as a result.

Where Is Carrie Williams Now?carrie williams todd chance now pdf,carrie williams todd chance now pdf download,*carrie williams todd chance now

When Leslie was on trial in 2019, Carrie testified in court and insisted that her interactions with Todd did not go beyond light flirtation. Even though it was reported on the programme that the ex-naked fiancee’s photos were discovered on the victim’s phone, Carrie said she didn’t think the images meant much because Todd had already seen her naked several times throughout their five-year relationship. Yet when reflecting on her conduct as a murder trial witness, she added, “Since we’re here in a murder trial, I feel ashamed of the images,” and she admitted that she was embarrassed by the nudes she had sent to Todd because of what it had resulted in. I regret that if any of that was the cause of his passing. Yet, Carrie quickly adopted privacy following the trial and currently wants to maintain her personal life in secret. It appears that she is still a resident of Bakersfield, California, and has established a lovely life there with her loved ones.

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