Ciera Blas: Discovering Her Current Endeavors

The sinister truths behind social media influencers are highlighted in Hulu’s “Age of Influence,” which also shows how people have abused various platforms for swindles and scandals. The documentary also follows Danielle Miller, a former social media influencer, as she lived her life before being eventually detained for fraud and identity theft. It’s interesting to note that Ciera Blas, who had previously been charged with identity theft, was introduced to Danielle while she was detained at Rikers Island following her arrest for a credit card scam. Danielle and Ciera then unexpectedly became friends, which drew them farther into a labyrinth of frauds, secrets, and scams. We have information for you if you are curious to learn more and want to know where Ciera Blas is right now.

Who is Ciera Blas?

Ciera Blas’ childhood is largely unknown, but Danielle Miller once said that the New York City native “fought her way through life and didn’t care much about the circumstances.” She exhibited a rather careless attitude and exuded great confidence in the lies she paddled. In fact, Danielle even spoke about her initial thoughts on Ciera following her arrest, stating that “she was so confident in her fake façade, but it was really interesting because she was trying so hard to have all the things that I’ve always had.”

Ciera ran a scamming ring before she met Danielle, stealing credit cards, using them to buy pricey stuff, then selling them to the highest bidder. She also had a moderately popular Instagram account where she accepted requests for particular luxury products before stealing and reselling them online. Additionally, she was able to pose as someone else in order to steal money from their bank account.

In the end, Ciera stole a credit card in 2015 and used it to make purchases totaling $22,000 at a Bergdorf Goodman store in New York. A manager noticed there were indications of something odd going on and promptly notified the police, stopping her before she could leave the establishment and pretend everything was well. At that point, police arrived at the scene, caught Ciera in the act, and filed charges against her for credit card fraud and identity theft. Nevertheless, after appearing in court, she was found guilty only of the second count before being given parole for the first. But it didn’t take her long to break her parole, which got her sent to Rikers Island.

Where is Ciera Blas Now?

Ciera and Danielle shared a cell, although they barely spoke to one another while they were imprisoned. However, after their release in 2019, they got back in touch and started a big criminal spree that included fraud, identity theft, and credit card schemes. Until the two chose to withdraw cash from a Chase Bank in Sarasota, Florida, they actually continued dodging the law. The con artists approached the counter and handed the bank teller a false California woman’s identification. The teller immediately called the police after realising the document was fake. As a result, when the two were apprehended by the law, they were found to be in possession of multiple phones, false identifications, counterfeit credit cards, and $25,000 in cash.

Ciera was arrested and given a single count of principal to criminal use of personal identification. Unfortunately, there are no sources that discuss her likely penalty or acquittal. Therefore, Ciera’s whereabouts are unknown and it appears that no legal action has been taken against her following the arrest in Sarasota, but Danielle is presently in jail awaiting punishment for three charges of wire fraud and two counts of severe identity theft.

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