Connect (2022) Kdrama : Dong-soo’s Eye Patch Explained

Directed by Takashi Miike, Disney+’s mystery series ‘Connect’ revolves around Ha Dong-soo who gets abducted by an organ-harvesting group that removes one of his eyes for Jin-seok. Even though Jin-seok received the transplanted eye, Dong-soo begins to have dreams about the images his eye has been viewing. As the series goes on, Dong-soo makes attempts to get his eye back but instead becomes involved in a string of homicides that shock Seoul. The horror series, which stars Jung Hae-in as Dong-soo and Go Kyung-pyo as Jin-seok, comes to an ambiguous and astonishing conclusion. You have come to the ideal location if you are attempting to understand the same. Spoilers follow.

Connect Season 1 Recap

Dong-soo is taken hostage by a group of organ harvesters at the start of “Connect.” When Dong-soo’s eyeballs are removed by a surgeon, he sees one of the two eyeballs become reattached to him. The surgeon calls his men, forcing Dong-soo to flee the covert facility before the other eyeball could reconnect to him. Dong-soo begins to recall events from his early years, focusing on the time when he fell from a tree but miraculously recovered from his injuries. Seoul residents are shocked to see a lifeless corpse in the city that resembles a traditional statue. Detective Choi is in charge of the investigation into the murder, and when the officer sees Dong-soo at the site, he accuses him.

After being transplanted inside Oh Jin-seok, Dong-soo begins to have images similar to those that Oh Jin-seok has been seeing with his stolen eye. Dong-soo discovers through the visions that Jin-seok is the serial killer who is becoming known as the “corpse art killer.” When one of Jin-seok’s coworkers makes the same discovery, the serial killer kills her to conceal his killings. When Dong-soo shows up at the site to meet Jin-seok, the police officers suspect him due to the death of Jin-seok’s colleague. After Dong-soo is taken into arrest by Detective Choi, he confesses to being a Connect to the head detective. He also jumps off the police station’s roof to show off his abilities.

The organ hunters are currently looking for Dong-soo. Dong-soo is in danger when Lee I-rang, an online author who has been keeping tabs on the actions of the organ harvesters for the subject of her upcoming book, notices him and repeatedly protects him from the men. Jin-seok is enraged by Dong-soo’s attempts to dissuade him from killing any more people. I-rang admits to Dong-soo that she shares his Connect heritage. She also explains how the acts of a pharmaceutical firm helped give rise to the Connects, eternal beings that are immune to physical injury. I-rang once more protects Dong-soo from Jin-seok’s attempted murder.

Connect Ending, Explained: Does Dong-soo Get His Eye Back?

Dong-soo has been searching for the same since loosing one of his eyes and is doing his best. He utilises his visions to track down Jin-seok in order to prevent him from killing anyone else and to get his eye back. Jin-seok recognises Dong-soo as a threat and even makes an attempt to kill him, but the Connect escapes the assassination. With the help of I-rang, Dong-soo overcomes various difficulties and threats and prepares to meet the serial killer. Meanwhile, Jin-seok’s sickness worsens and his life expectancy shortens. The serial murderer understands that he will not be able to remain in his body for very long because he has terminal-stage cancer.

Then, Jin-seok appears to want to “become one” with Dong-soo by taking the rest of his organs. Jin-seok must have recognised that Dong-soo’s organs weren’t permanently damaged when attempting to kill him. Realizing this, the serial killer decides to kidnap Dong-soo in order to obtain the organs required for his survival. Jin-seok even kidnaps Z, a well-known singer and Dong-soo’s favorite, to do the same. Dong-soo voluntarily meets Jin-seok after learning that Z is suffering as a result of him, demonstrating that Jin-seok was correct in his expectations. But Jin-seok’s lack of familiarity with the Connects’ way of life stands in the way of his ambitions.

Dong-soo’s eyeball separates from Jin-seok’s eye socket when the two are in close proximity. Jin-seok tries to stop it, but the eyeball manages to come free from the serial killer’s socket and reattach itself to Dong-soo’s. Dong-soo recovers his lost eye from the killer. The musician is a Connect, meaning that any organ or bodily part that has been removed from him would return to his body if it is nearby, even if it has been transplanted into another person. In doing so, Jin-seok loses the eyeball Dong-soo had obtained from the organ harvesters.

Does Jin-seok Die? Is He a Connect?

Dong-soo makes the decision to kill Jin-seok after regaining his eye. According to the musician, Jin-seok deserves to die not only for what he did to the musician and his friends but also for the many innocent victims who died so the serial killer might treasure his own idea of beauty. Before Dong-soo could hurt the murderer, however, Detective Choi shows up on the scene and persuades the former to turn Jin-seok over to the authorities. Dong-soo must have found it simple to decide against killing the psychopath since he is aware that he isn’t a murderer like Jin-seok.

One wonders if Jin-seok is a Connect like Dong-soo and I-rang as worm-like nerves begin to protrude from his empty eye socket as Dong-soo departs him with Detective Choi. Jin-seok may not be a connect, despite the fact that he has those nerves, which can develop as a result of having a connect’s organ in his body for a long time. To begin with, Dong-soo and I-rang are Connects by birth. There is no evidence that someone who is not born a Connect can change into one. Therefore, Jin-seok has very little to no probability of being a Connect.

Additionally, if Jin-seok were a Connect, he wouldn’t get cancer. Being a Connect entails immortality, yet Jin-seok’s deteriorating health makes it evident that he is not only mortal, but also very close to passing away. The organs of Dong-soo are not even harmed when Jin-seok uses poisonous gas to try and kill him. Jin-seok’s organs would not have suffered severe damage if he were a Connect. The serial killer’s physical condition rapidly deteriorates as he confronts Dong-soo, and he pukes blood, demonstrating that he is an ordinary human being.

In the helicopters, who is there? Will Dong-soo and I-rang be killed by them?

I-rang comes at the scene and warns the former about hidden beings they must flee from while Dong-soo confronts Jin-seok. Dong-soo and I-rang flee from Jin-seok with Detective Choi only to come face to face with a number of helicopters as they attempt to reach safety. The most obvious explanation is that the helicopters are owned by the authorities who are probably looking for Connects. We know that Connects are plentiful thanks to I-rang. I-rang informs Dong-soo that there are several Connects even though the former hasn’t met any of them aside from him.

I-rang’s admission suggests that such a sizable group of Connects may not have been able to flee from the law. Government officials may therefore be attempting to seize the Connects in order to examine them and restrict their potential. Connects are immortal beings who can do anything without worrying about dying. The reason the government sought out and imprisoned these “special” entities must have been their concern for the spread of anarchy among the Connects. If not the government, the individuals in the helicopters might be a part of an unidentified group that is attempting to use the Connects’ immortality, perhaps for illicit purposes.

Dong-soo discovers that the gang that collects his and numerous other people’s organs is familiar with the Connects when he confronts them. Similar to this, a different criminal organisation that is more powerful and prominent may be behind the individuals and helicopters that are trying to find Dong-soo and I-rang. If not, the helicopters might be owned by other Connects who are attempting to leverage their resources for political and financial benefit. I-rang must have originated from a Connect group that intentionally harms other living things in order to maintain its supremacy. If such is the case, it also explains why, although being aware of other Connects, I-rang chooses not to be with them. The same organisation might also be attempting to recruit Dong-soo and I-rang to their team.

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