How Exactly Does Geralt of Rivia Become A Witcher? What Are His Powers?

as Of course, we were able to see his mother and his early years in the The Witcher on Netflix adaptation. This means that we have a solid understanding of both his mother’s identity and his early life. However, how did Geralt end up a Witcher?

When his mother abandoned him and left him with the School of the Wolf, which was based at Kaer Morhen, Geralt turned into a Witcher. As a result, he was had to go through the Trial of the Grasses, which gave the Witchers the opportunity to notice his unusually high tolerance for the Mutagen. And for that reason, he underwent even more alterations.

The Witchers of Kaer Morhen needed to raise their population, and the fact that Geralt had been abandoned as a kid was precisely the reason for this. Geralt finally developed into the strongest of his type since he was naturally powerful enough to survive the process of becoming a Witcher. And it all began when his mother abandoned him as an unwanted child.

How Did Geralt Become A Witcher?

The main character of The Witcher, Geralt of Rivia, who was directly lifted from the pages of Andrzej Sapkowski’s books, is the focus of the series, if there is one thing we do know about it. Given that Geralt is the protagonist of The Witcher games, which were taken from the same source material as the Netflix series, some fans are undoubtedly already familiar with him.

While it is true that Geralt of Rivia had a variety of adventures while working as a Witcher to hunt monsters across the Continent, little is known about his early life. Naturally, The Witcher’s first season gave us a glimpse into some of Geralt’s early years, particularly while he was still the Butcher of Blaviken. But neither the book nor the series had much of an impact on his formative years.

Additionally, we discovered that the Witchers are mutants and not necessarily regular people. They go through an experimental process that enables them to convert into potent mutants with improved physical powers and constrained magical skills, which explains why. Thus, how did Geralt become a Witcher after all?

It all began with Visenna, a witch who was probably impregnated by Korin, a warrior. Naturally, Geralt didn’t get to spend much time with his mother because, soon after he was born, he was sent to the School of the Wolf, one of the numerous Witchers’ schools that existed at the height of the Order of the Witchers’ influence. Before the Witchers’ population began to decline, The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf depicted the School of the Wolf stationed at Kaer Morhen, the lone keep in which they still reside.

In Nightmare of the Wolf, we also discovered that almost all of the Witchers had passed away, with the exception of Vesemir and a few kids who ended up turning into Witchers. Because of this, Vesemir was the only older Witcher present during the events of The Witcher series. All of the other Witchers were younger and still in their prime.

Vesemir raised Geralt and the other kids to become the final survivors of an ancient order of monster hunters. Geralt was one of the kids whom Vesemir kept safe during the events of Nightmare of the Wolf. We can assume that the Trial of the Grasses, which involves using the Witcher Mutagen to transform a regular human being into a mutant, was used on Geralt and the other children.

However, Geralt was put through more tests that made him stronger than any other Witcher because he was able to not only survive the Trial of the Grasses but also displayed incredible tolerance to the Mutagen. He was raised by the Witchers as a result after being undesired and abandoned and was later transformed into a Witcher. Naturally, Vesemir served as his tutor and father figure as he was the only more experienced Witcher still alive following the events of Nightmare of the Wolf.

Why Did Geralt’s Mother Abandon Him?

Geralt was an undesired child who his own mother had to put in the care of the Witchers, despite the fact that we do know that he became a Witcher after being abandoned by her. So why did his mother leave Geralt?

We saw Geralt’s mother during the events of The Witcher’s first season. Although she left Geralt when he was a toddler, we don’t know much about her real motives for doing so. This is due to the fact that not many details about Geralt’s early life have been documented, although we do know that his mother, Visenna, was a powerful witch.

Naturally, Geralt had a severe wound in season 1 that caused him to have a fever dream in which he encountered his mother for the first time in his adult life. She was the one who assisted in his recovery because she had a reputation for being a powerful healer. He tried asking her why she abandoned him at that point if she knew how risky it was for a young person to be exposed to the mutations that would turn him into a Witcher.

Geralt’s mother, though, didn’t provide him with any specific responses. But given that she assisted Geralt in recovering from his injury, we do know that there is a chance that she did care about him.

The thought that Geralt himself might be a kid of surprise that Visenna most likely had to give up due to the Law of Surprise is, of course, the first thing that comes to mind. It’s possible that Visenna received assistance from a Witcher in the past (likely Vesemir), and that the only thing she could give him was the Law of Surprise. Of course, that surprise might have in fact been Geralt, with whom she was undoubtedly pregnant at the time.

Because he was a child of surprise, it’s possible that she left him with the Witchers. We all understand that the Law of Surprise must be respected because disobeying it is associated with bad luck. In order to uphold the Law of Surprise, she had to leave the infant in the care of Vesemir and the other Witchers.

Another theory is that Visenna just realised she couldn’t raise Geralt alone because she didn’t have a husband who could assist her in doing so. , and She must have left him with the Witchers so they could nurture him to be a strong and powerful lad in the safety of their fortress since she realised she couldn’t raise a child on the road without a father to support her.

Visenna might have been aware of Geralt’s destiny and his significance to Ciri’s existence from the beginning. She must have seen a vision of her son’s destiny as a Witcher because she was a sorceress, and this is why she probably left him in the care of the Witchers in the first place. She was aware of the risks involved in the transformation of a boy into a Witcher, but she also knew that her son would survive the procedure regardless, so she wasn’t overly concerned about whether or not Geralt would survive the Trial of the Grasses.

Even though we are aware that Visenna’s life and the reason she abandoned Geralt are not explained in the novels or games, it is still possible that the series will attempt to do so. After all, The Witcher: Blood Origin, a prequel story that takes place 1,200 years before the main plot, will already allow the series to explore the times before The Witcher’s period. As a result, there is a significant likelihood that upcoming episodes of The Witcher may attempt to delve more into Visenna’s background and the motivation behind her decision to entrust the care of her kid to the Witchers of Kaer Morhen.


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