8 Cooking Based Movies Like ‘Burnt’ You’d Definitely Love

The comedy-drama film “Burnt” depicts the haughty and smug Adam Jones, who gets beaten by his own arrogance, and offers a dramatic redemption arc. The protagonist is a unique and accurate representation of a chef who was inspired by the characters of well-known chefs from around the world. The failed chef picks up the pieces left behind and moves to London to work in a renowned restaurant in an effort to get things back on track.

The 2015 film, which was directed by John Wells, features Sienna Miller, Bradley Cooper, and Daniel Brühl in the lead characters. It traces Adam’s quest to reclaim his former greatness. The tenacious chef overcomes all obstacles to achieve his goals. Furthermore, a sizable chunk of the plot is influenced by food and culinary arts. Therefore, the suggestions that follow are ideal if you wish to watch movies that focus on comparable themes. Most of these films, including “Burnt,” are available to stream on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

A Dash Of Love (2017)

The family comedy “A Dash Of Love,” which Christie Will Wolf directed, recounts Nikki’s goals and experiences. She decides to launch her business after being hired at her ideal restaurant only to be fired shortly afterward in an effort to win the competition. Nikki is accompanied on this expedition by a charming executive chef. Jen Lilley, Brendan Penny, and Peri Gilpin have key roles in the film. Nikki is just as committed to seeing her business succeed in the competitive food industry as Adam was in “Burnt.” Additionally, both chefs started their enterprises in order to be independent and do what they pleased.

Big Night (1996)

Two Italian brothers are running a well-known restaurant in 1950s New Jersey. When a rival business owner opens up shop close by, their business suffers. The brothers therefore use all available means to preserve their priceless dream. In desperation, they arrange a fantastic meal for the evening.

The comedy-drama film “Big Night,” directed by Campbell Scott and Stanley Tucci, examines the challenges of running a conventional restaurant at a time when everything has an alternative. The restaurant is how the brothers’ passion and ambition come true, and they will stop at nothing to keep it safe. This is comparable to Adam’s determination in “Burnt” to establish his new restaurant as a success and reclaim his former notoriety.

Boiling Point (2021)

Philip Barantini co-wrote and directed the movie “Boiling Point,” which gives viewers a look into the busiest day of a well-known restaurant. The lives of cooks in the kitchen are incredibly challenging due to the constant pressure and a supervisor who demands perfection. Andy Jones, the head chef, is portrayed by Stephen Graham. Andy Jones maintains a tight kitchen and a tighter crew.

The drama-thriller film from Britain focuses on the inner workings of a restaurant and what it takes to oversee a group of talented chefs. In “Burnt” and “Boiling Point,” respectively, Adam and Andy both demanded teamwork and maintained strong control over their personnel.

Chef (2014)

Carl, the chief chef, decides to strike out on his own after becoming worn out by a profession with no freedom. He aspires to do what will make him the happiest and loves food. Carl decides to leave his comfortable restaurant job as a result and buy a food truck where he can make and sell whatever he likes. In order to give the audience a more insightful and mouthwatering experience, “Chef” dissects the realm of culinary art by combining both personal and professional components.

Jon Favreau wrote, performed (as the lead character), and directed the comedy-drama film. This film depicts the struggles a chef faces in order to succeed in their line of work, similar to “Burnt.” The primary chefs in “Chef” and “Burnt” both possess a strong sense of determination and a love for cooking. Additionally, Carl and Adam succeed independently in order to maintain their interest and escape challenging circumstances.

Mostly Martha (2001)

The German romantic comedy film “Mostly Martha,” which was originally titled “Bella Martha,” closely follows the personal and professional lives of Martha, a talented cook. The film, which Sandra Nettelbeck wrote and directed, explores problems and changes in life that are believed to be out of control. The movie adequately focuses on going with the flow and adjusting to whatever life throws at you. Movies like “Mostly Martha” and “Burnt” centre on a passionate, exacting chef. Adam and Martha share similar behavioural characteristics and approaches to running their kitchens.

No Reservations (2007)

No Reservations is a seductive romantic comedy film directed by Scott Hicks that is centred around food and sensuality. When Kate is forced to take on the role of caring for her niece, her life is forever altered. Additionally, the arrival of an obstinate chef named Nick causes chaos in her professional life. The film, which draws inspiration from the German film “Mostly Martha,” stars actors Catherine Zeta-Jones, Aaron Eckhart, and Abigail Breslin. Both Kate in “No Reservations” and Adam in “Burnt” have strong personalities and a love of cooking. They effectively manage their kitchen to bring out the best in each member of the crew.

Soul Food (1997)

Burnt and the drama film Soul Food both use food as a major story device. It illustrates the significance of the one individual who holds every family together. The Simmons family disintegrates and resumes their old squabbling once Grandma Josephine’s health deteriorates. However, they make an effort to maintain the Sunday Dinner custom, which keeps them together. The touching film “Soul Food,” which George Tillman Jr. directed, tells the story of a family who discovers love and unity through the magic of food. Parallel to this, food plays a significant part in uniting individuals in both “Burnt” and “Soul Food.” Due of their similar love of eating, the characters in both films become closer.

The Founder (2016)

The Founder, starring Michael Keaton, depicts the incredible path that McDonald’s took to become one of the largest fast food companies in the world. It centres on Ray Kroc, who uses cunning strategies and determination to convert a regular restaurant into a worldwide success. John Lee Hancock’s dramatisation examines the businessman’s brutality and tenacity in pursuit of his objectives. He defies convention, takes the untrodden path, and helps the restaurant become extremely well-known. Adam and Ray are comparable to “Burnt” and “The Founder” in that they both have a strong desire to succeed and use every opportunity to their advantage.






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