Amazon Prime Video’s Nanny’s Ending, Explained: What Really Happens In The End?

The horror thriller “Nanny” on Prime Video centres on Aisha’s life. She and her kid have migrated from Senegal to New York, leaving behind their lives there. She wants to be able to support her son’s flight costs so they can be reunited in America. There are numerous obstacles in her way, but the issue comes when she begins to experience visions and is haunted by legendary creatures she had only heard of in tales. By the movie’s conclusion, she learns, however, that the significance of these visions and hauntings points to a profound change in her life—one that is incredibly heartbreaking and will forever alter Aisha’s course. What the ending entails for her is as follows. Spoilers follow!

Nanny Plot Synopsis

Amy and Adam employ Aisha to take care of their baby Rose. Aisha’s job is greatly facilitated by the child’s instant acceptance of her. While the work initially seems promising, things get problematic when Amy begins to take advantage of Aisha. Aisha has to work overtime since she doesn’t arrive home on time, and she never gets paid. When Aisha is unable to schedule time to speak with her kid, who is still in Senegal with her cousin, she becomes more irritated.

Aisha hardly has any time for a social life because she spends so much time taking care of Rose. But when she meets Malik, everything changes for the better. When Aisha learns about his family and history, they start to fall in love, and she starts to feel more connected to him. But at about the same time, Aisha begins spotting Mami Wata near sources of water. Her visions plague her, and each time they occur, they get scarier. Aisha also begins to see Anansi, the trickster spider, and eventually develops a series of hallucinations that endanger both her life and the lives of those close to her.

Nanny Ending: Does Aisha Die?

Aisha’s son Lamine was the only reason she travelled to New York from Senegal. She was drawn in by the promise of the American dream because she wanted to guarantee him a better future. The father of her child back home, who was married to someone else, refused to assume parental responsibilities for Lamine. Aisha was forced to make the difficult decision to leave her son and move to America because she had no one else to support her. As long as she got paid, she didn’t mind working late as long as it meant she could bring Lamine to her sooner.

Aisha finally takes action and asks for the money she has been entitled after going without pay for so long. The first thing she does after receiving the money is arrange for her cousin’s and her son’s flights. She anxiously awaits their arrival at the airport, but when they don’t show up, she starts to worry. When she phones her cousin, she discovers that she is at the airport without her son. When she inquires as to Lamine’s whereabouts, she learns that her son had passed away some time earlier.

The information totally shocks Aisha. She is horrified to learn that while she was still fighting for her overtime money, her kid had already passed away. She comes to the conclusion that everything she has been striving for all these time is pointless and ends her life. She dives into the water and nearly perishes. She reaches out to her son when she later notices him in the sea. She runs into Mami Wata again at the same time, and unlike the last time they met, she is not attempted to be drowned. Instead, by assisting Aisha to reach the surface, where Malik can rescue her, she saves Aisha. It is made known that Aisha is pregnant while the paramedics attend to her. They return home together, where Aisha is beginning a new life with Malik and their child.

The concluding scene supports what Malik’s grandma had previously informed Aisha. She had been troubled by images of the fabled beast and was unable to comprehend Mami Wata’s intentions. Malik’s grandma advises Aisha to reevaluate Mami Wata’s motives and advises her to concentrate on what the creature wants for her as opposed to what she wants. Things finally start to make sense when she learns about Lamine. Around the time Lamine passed away, Mami Wata had begun to appear. It makes fitting that a mythical sea creature would appear in Aisha’s visions since she was unaware that her son had drowned.

Aisha wasn’t doomed by Mami Wata’s unexpected entrance. It was done to get her ready for upcoming loss. The being desired that Aisha discover the truth. She eventually assists Aisha in exiting the water because she didn’t want her to perish. Aisha also realises at this point that Mami Wata is about more than simply devastation. She also denotes transition and fresh starts. Aisha feels as though her entire life’s purpose has been snatched away from her after losing Lamine.

Although she will never be able to replace Lamine, the news of her pregnancy gives her fresh vitality, and she discovers a new reason for living. This does not imply that she would suddenly solely experience ease in her life. She still has a lot of challenges to face, but this time she has family to support her. She is no longer experiencing both happiness and pain in isolation.

How Did Lamine Die?

Throughout the movie, Aisha experiences a number of awful hallucinations and terrifying images, but nothing is as horrifying and terrifying as the death of her kid. Even worse, she continues about her life without recognising that her kid passed away some time ago. She doesn’t learn of his passing for at least a few weeks, if not months, and only after she has already paid for the airfare that was supposed to bring them back together.

Because she would either be preoccupied at work or the connection would be poor, Aisha has always found it challenging to speak to her kid. He was captured on camera just before he joined Aisha’s cousin at the beach, and it was the last time she saw him. She promptly missed a couple calls from her cousin following this. She attempted to call back, but nobody answered. Aisha caught her first glimpse of Mami Wata in the water at this precise moment.

Later, it is discovered that Lamine’s trip to the beach was her final action. The current was too strong as he entered the water. Nobody could prevent the youngster from drowning, therefore he died. Aisha’s cousin must have made an effort to inform her that it had been a dreadful thing to have happened. The relative could no longer resist telling Aisha that her son had died when she didn’t answer the phone. The truth was harder and harder to come out as time went on. The next time the cousin and Aisha have a chance to speak, we catch her grappling with it. Her voice’s melancholy gives away that something negative has taken place. Aisha, however, believes that it is connected to her aunt’s condition.

Even though Aisha keeps sending money, eventually sending enough to reserve a trip for Lamine, the cousin refuses to tell her the truth. Additionally, it appears that she had no intention of meeting Aisha at the airport. When they arrived, Aisha and Malik were waiting for them, but her cousin snuck out of another gate. She appeared to be prepared to depart when Aisha called and noticed that the phone was nearby. The relative is forced to admit that Lamine had passed away that day at the seashore.

Anansi’s appearance in Aisha’s vision is also explained by Lamine’s passing. In one scenario, Rose explains to Aisha that Lamine is the one who has assumed Anansi’s shape and is tricking his mother out of jealousy. It’s possible that while his mother was busy caring for Rose, his spirit was attempting to contact her and attract her attention. He also caused her to have such severe hallucinations that she nearly stabbed Rose. The boy only wanted his mother to be aware of what had occurred. Her visions end when she learns about it, and Lamine’s spirit is at peace.

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