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Cori and Tony Tobler Now: Updates on the Reality TV Couple

Since Jennifer Lynn Pandos vanished on February 10, 1987, leaving no physical trail behind, her case has truly perplexed not only her family but the entire country. She was only a sophomore in high school at the age of 15, and according to HBO’s “Burden of Proof,” there was a strange note left on her bed that left more questions than answers. We have the information for you if you’re just interested in learning more about her then-friend Cori and her ex-boyfriend Tony Tobler, with a focus on their genuine interpersonal ties.

Who Are Cori and Tony Tobler?

According to reports, Tony moved to Williamsburg from Newport News, Virginia, in the middle of the 1980s, only to find himself enrolled at Lafayette High School. He actually met Cori here for the first time; at the time, he had no idea that he would eventually be married to this kindhearted person, even if they had dated intermittently for a few years as teenagers often do. In fact, according to the original production, he was the “new guy” with such wonderful charisma that he was able to date her for a few months before luring in her close friend Jennifer in 1986.

The docuseries also reveals Tony and Jennifer did not date, as teen couples typically did at the time with “Saturday night movies or Friday night football games;” instead, they simply hung together a lot. However, it is clear that there was physical contact involved because it resulted in the young woman getting pregnant, which was followed by an abortion, and her parents made sure she was separated from the 17-year-old. Her old journal entries and letters to him imply they kept sneaking around, even though neither Margie nor Ron Pandos explicitly wanted her to stay with a boy two years older.

cori and tony tobler now reddit,cori and tony tobler now 2020,cori and tony tobler now in hindi,cori and tony tobler now

According to “Burden of Proof,” Tony started a committed relationship with Cari soon after he and Jennifer officially split up, but they frequently got together to maintain their relationship or have fun. But regrettably, by the time September-October 1986 got around (almost two following the abortion), things supposedly became pretty abrasive/forceful, causing more than a little argument. The missing teenager allegedly wrote to him once, “My arms have markings on them, not to mention bruising… “Hope you’re content; please quit treating me like a dumb**s wh**e. Call me again.

Then, according to her own stamping, Jennifer wrote, “Tony,” the exact night before she vanished, on February 9, at 7:42 p.m. I’m only writing to let you know that you ought not to have lied to me. Although I’m not quite sure what I’ll do, I can guarantee you that it won’t be nice in order to make up for the way you wronged me by lying to me. I believe I’m going to do you a huge favour. Unfortunately, none of this was known until the mid to late 2010s, at which point Charles May, a former friend of Tony’s, revealed to authorities that he had once called to inquire about how to dispose of a body back in 1987.

According to official police documentation regarding the case, “Charlie told Tony he would put [the body] in acid” without raising any issues about where this sudden interest came from. These documents even state that after an altercation “over getting pregnant and her parents [thinking] of pressing] rape charges,” the latter “told him he’d killed his girlfriend.” The article continues, “Tony told him he stole some acid from a construction site with a metal barrel” before placing her inside, filling it with the dangerous substance, and most likely leaving it next to a railway track.

Where Are Cori and Tony Tobler Now?

cori and tony tobler now reddit,cori and tony tobler now 2020,cori and tony tobler now in hindi,cori and tony tobler now

The truth is that tests done since Tony’s DNA and handwriting were compared to the note discovered at the foot of Jennifer’s bed following her disappearance in 1987 have come up empty. In other words, at this point, the ex-boyfriend is being investigated on hearsay alone, the specifics of which have supposedly changed four times in interviews over the years. It should therefore come as no surprise that Tony today wants to lead a quiet life far from the spotlight, even if we do know he is still living in Virginia and is the proud husband and father of four of Cori, a teacher assistant at WJCC Schools.

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