8 Most Expensive Bodygaurds In Hollywood & How Much Money They Make!

What would you do if you met your favourite Hollywood star? For an autograph, a selfie, a handshake, or anything else you can think of, you’d naturally want to get close. Imagine a situation where a celebrity was surrounded by hundreds of fans like yourself.

They would probably be crushed to death in a stampede. In a similar vein, rivals might attempt an assassination or kidnapping. Because of this, it is understandable why these celebrities must spend so much on security and bodyguards.

You must realise, though, that not just anybody can pass for a bodyguard. Similarly, certain bodyguards are more expensive than others due to the skills they possess. We’ll talk about the top 7 priciest and most exclusive bodyguards in Hollywood in today’s post. Then let’s go.

Hollywood’s Top 8 most expensive and exclusive bodyguards

Adele’s Bodyguard

We’re presently discussing Adele, one of the humblest musicians you’ll ever meet. She does, however, have a net worth of $220 million, which is more than you could ever dream. Pete Van Der Veen, her bodyguard, formerly served as a security guard for Lady Gaga.

Every year, Adele spends roughly $75,000 on security. Pete also enjoys a solid reputation for being a top-notch

David and Victoria Beckham’s bodyguard

Together, the football player and his wife Victoria are worth $900 million. They both also own businesses with a combined market value of around $80 million. Victoria Beckham, David’s wife, is a music star and a fashion designer.

You already know that this power couple is rolling in a lot of money for the obvious reasons. The security at each of their houses and their personal bodyguards are undoubtedly funded in large part by their enormous riches.

You can only image what these bodyguards earn with an annual budget for protection that tops $1 million.

security guard.

Floyd Mayweather Jr’ bodyguard

Without mentioning Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s bodyguards, the quickest boxer of all time, when discussing the most expensive bodyguards in the world. The boxing champion owns some of the most costly pieces of jewellery and has a net worth of over $450 million.


The “Money Team” is Mayweather Jr.’s group of bodyguards. The boxing champion pays his bodyguards $750,000 a year in compensation for their loyalty. They also receive extra benefits like Mercedes Benz automobiles and Rolex timepieces.

Halle Berry’s bodyguard

Halle Berry is a top model and an Oscar winner. In addition, Halle has a $90 million net worth. Since the 1990s, the Hollywood model has been in the public eye. She has therefore experienced the awkward situations that can arise in front of admirers. Fans approaching her for a signature or photo are nothing new to her.

She has therefore employed a large number of bodyguards over the years. Of course, you won’t often see her in public without a bodyguard or two around. Halle Berry pays her bodyguards a salary of roughly $300,000 each year.

Jennifer Aniston’s bodyguard

Popular American and Hollywood personality Jennifer Aniston shot to stardom after appearing in the hit show Friends. Aniston plays Rachel Green in this 236 episode, 10 season television series.

Sheldon was hired as her bodyguard in 2013 after several incidents with fans that had the potential to go out of hand. If you’re one of the many Hollywood fans who thinks Sheldon, her bodyguard, seems too familiar, here’s why: he’s previously served as a bodyguard for a number of other Hollywood celebs. Therefore, you may have once or twice glimpsed the man’s face.
Julia Roberts, Katie Holmes, and Robert Pattinson are just a few of the famous people Sheldon has collaborated with. Aniston has a net worth of over $300 million and pays her bodyguard a staggering $20,000 every month. This equals a yearly sum of $240,000.

Jennifer Lopez’s bodyguard

Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez’s illustrious ex-girlfriend, has an astounding net worth of over $290 million. Alex, popularly known as A-rod, is an American businessman and philanthropist who was her ex-fiance. He used to play baseball shortstop and third base.


Alex is also fourth among all-time great home run hitters. Jennifer, a filthy rich singer and actress, has a squad of powerful bodyguards to help keep fans and any dangers at bay. Jennifer Lopez budgets roughly $500,000 per year for the costs of her bodyguards.

Katy Perry’s bodyguard

Many people assert that a young Hugh Jackman serves as the popular singer’s bodyguard. Well, the similarities are obvious, especially now that he has facial hair. The two main apparent drivers for Katy Perry’s latest security improvement are her astounding $330 million net worth and the impending birth of her first child in 2020, among other factors.

Given that Katy Perry spends $350,000 a year on protection, her bodyguard is rumoured to be the wealthiest bodyguard in the world. The bodyguard who resembles Hugh Jackman gets a fair chunk of the money, as one might anticipate. Additionally, he travels everywhere Katy does.


Kylie Jenner’s bodyguard

The mind-blowing net worth of the 24-year-old Kardashian-Jenner blood is over $900 million. Her yearly bodyguard expenses account for a sizable portion of her wealth, or roughly $4.8 million. In case you’re wondering how she makes such money, the culprit is Kylie Cosmetics.

Owned by Kylie Jenner, Kylie Cosmetics is an online retailer of cosmetics. Kylie is also related to the well-known Kim Kardashian. Additionally, Kylie Jenner has been on a number of notable dates and is a well-known Instagram user.



There you have it, the best bodyguards in the world taking home the largest paychecks. Sorry if you were unhappy that you didn’t learn their real names. You may consider these bodyguards to be covert operatives whose personal information is kept private for obvious security reasons.
As a result, classified sources are generally where you’ll learn more about them. We also believed that learning which celebrity has the largest bodyguard in the world could be of interest to you. The post is filled by Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his enormous bodyguard.

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