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David Carter Sr.: A Story of Resilience and Success

This page will provide a detailed account of David Carter Sr.’s life, including his background, deeds, and ultimate fate.

Understandably worried when a devoted father stopped showing up for work, family members. But their worst fears came true in the days that followed. The Netflix documentary series “Unsolved Mysteries: Body in Bags” focuses on the events leading up to David Carter’s murder in Melvindale, Michigan, as well as the search for the murderer who supposedly left after the crime.

Who Is David Carter?

David Carter Sr., a 39-year-old father who resided in Melvindale, Michigan, was found dismembered on October 1, 2018.

Carter, who worked at the Magna Seating Plant and volunteered for the Melvindale Junior Football League, was reported missing in the first week of October 2018 after missing three days of work.

Samia Conner, DJ’s mother, and Carter’s family went to see DJ play football on September 28. There was also Tamera ‘Tammy’ Williams, a travel agent and employee of the medical center. Nevertheless, Conner claims that “David and Tammy came to the game together but weren’t together at the game.”

What happened to David Carter?

The Netflix documentary claims that on September 30, Carter’s son DJ visited his father to pick up a few items after his mother, Samia Conner, allegedly received a text from Carter’s phone indicating that he was feeling under the weather.

DJ allegedly saw Carter’s girlfriend Tammy emptying the trash when he got to his dad’s house.

DJ remarked, “She ran to the apartment door—like ran.” “When I arrived at my dad’s house, the door was shut. Since she could see me, she ought to have left it open, but I had the key.

Before closing the bathroom door and telling DJ that Carter’s bedroom door was closed, Williams apparently told the teenager that Carter had gone for a walk.

A coworker asked Carter’s sister, Tasia Carter-Jackson, to check on him on October 2 after he didn’t show up for work on September 30.

When she got to his house, she reportedly discovered his front door open and his bed unmade. She claimed there was a significant amount of blood on top of and underneath the mattress, which also had a gunshot hole.

On October 1, Carter’s legs and lower body were found in weeds by a highway in Eagle Township, Ohio, in a sleeping bag.

Nine days later, with a bullet wound beneath his ear, Carter’s head was found in a black duffel bag. On October 16, his upper torso and hands were found in a suitcase.

How Did David Carter Die?

David D. Carter, Sr., a jovial and honorable man, was lauded for being an excellent father to DJ, his teenage son, whom he shared with Samia Conner. David and Elton Carter, David’s father, had a similar bond.

He had a clothing store and worked at the Highland Park, Michigan, Magna Seating Plant.

The 39-year-old was close to his family and volunteered for the Melvindale Junior Football League. At the time of the event, Tamera “Tammy” Williams and David had been dating for around six months.

During the first week of October 2018, David was absent from work for three days. His sister Tasia Carter-Jackson in particular was worried by this and hurried to his house.

There, they found the door unlocked and the bed unmade, both of which seemed odd to David. He wasn’t there, but there were bloodstains on the bed’s mattress and carpet.

In weeds next to an interstate in Eagle Township, Ohio, a sleeping bag was discovered on October 1 by a Department of Transportation employee. The sack included David’s lower body, including his legs.

The rest of his remains were found on the same path by the authorities in the days that followed. The show claims that on October 10, 2018, a black duffel bag containing David’s head was found.

His hands and upper body were ultimately located inside a bag on October 16. David had been shot in the vicinity behind his ear from close range, and the bullet had exited through the top of his skull.

Tammy Williams Is On Run

The question at the center of the Unsolved Mysteries episode Tammy Williams Is On Run Body in Bags is whether Tammy, Carter’s girlfriend, killed him.

In connection with Carter’s murder, Williams is sought by the US Department of Justice for “mutilation, dismemberment of a dead body, tampering with evidence, and felony firearm,” according to Fox2.

Williams is reportedly the target of a $10,000 US Marshals reward for information. Police stated in September 2021 that they thought Williams’s relatives may have helped her avoid capture.

According to Andrew Battersby of the US Marshals Task Force in Detroit, who was interviewed for the film, she is receiving assistance from someone both financially and by being provided with a roof over her head. She merely didn’t disappear.

“A dangerous woman,” he remarked, “the weapon that was used has not been recovered.”He said she could be “armed and dangerous.”

After Carter’s body was discovered on October 5, 2018, Williams, a hospital travel agent, was taken into custody. Because there wasn’t enough proof to keep her in custody, she was freed.

She reportedly left Detroit in the middle of October, which prompted police to look for her. We’ll catch you, US Marshal Aaron Garcia told Fox2 in September 2021.

Although we have studied this topic for three years, cooperation is still necessary. Her whereabouts and contact information are widely known. Nobody has spoken up.

Where Is Tammy Williams Now?

As was reported in Unsolved Mysteries, Tammy Williams’ current whereabouts are unknown.

Williams escaped Michigan immediately after being let go from custody, leaving little to no trail.

Williams was apparently spotted in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on October 16, 2018, according to Andrew Battersby of the US Marshals Task Force. She was known to eat at restaurants and withdraw money from an ATM.

She is then believed to have boarded trains headed for Chicago and Penn Station in New York City.

There is evidence that she stayed one night at the Neptune Hotel after checking herself in. Williams was last seen on October 18 as he was seen leaving the motel.

Investigators believed Williams’ family had helped her escape in September 2021 by sending her money, according to FOX 2 Detroit.

Her mother was charged with embezzling more than $200,000 while holding the position of treasurer for the Detroit Firefighters Association.

She can have short braids or be wearing wigs. The only consistent feature of her is a huge rose tattoo on her left shoulder that runs from the elbow to the shoulder. The Radio Times claims that rose bouquet will be special.

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