Delivery by Christmas Ending, Explained: Why Does Maria Throw The Ring In The River?

The Netflix Christmas romance comedy “Delivery By Christmas” is about a young, single mother who works as a courier to support her child and was directed and written by Aleksandra Kulakowska and Maciej Prykowski. When the packages are sent to the incorrect addresses on Christmas Eve, things go wrong. To rescue everyone’s happy festival, Maria, the main character, needs to act quickly and deliver the goods to the right location.

The plot of the Polish film makes reference to issues like familial ties, the reality of relationships, and the effects of misunderstandings. It touches on a number of these elements to provide a thorough overview of both the lives of the supporting characters and the protagonists. In the film, each subplot is adequately resolved. So let’s find out how the major characters are affected by “Delivery by Christmasending. “‘s Spoilers follow!

Delivery By Christmas Plot Synopsis

Christmas has arrived, and the courier service DTP’s office is overflowing with packages and presents. As Christmas approaches, we watch Maria and her coworkers putting up their best effort to deliver every item. The boss tries to give a speech at the office celebration but is unsuccessful. He misinterprets Maria’s attempt to comfort him as an approach. The nasty employer labels all of Maria’s deliveries for the following day incorrectly out of sadness over her rejection and her pity.

Along with all the other packages she has to deliver, Maria has one for Krzysztof, whom she meets while doing so. Maria’s packages end up at the wrong addresses as a result of her boss’s crazy behaviour. Krzysztof finds Maria after realising he doesn’t have the right package containing the ring to pop the question. They grudgingly set out to return to each of the delivery locations.

In the meanwhile, we see a glimpse of what happens when people receive the incorrect gifts. When a young boy’s parents discover that he has become pregnant by Milena, one of his coworkers, their world is turned upside down. The opinion of Mirek’s parents is that he must mature and assume greater responsibilities. Estera, on the other hand, feels entrapped in a sexless union. Eryk, her husband, is purely interested in seeing new places and watching nature channels. Estera rushes to the tailor as her dress tears because he has a crush on her. Estera has known the tailor for a very long time, so she also gives him a Christmas gift. He misreads the situation when he receives the incorrect package. But things work out well because Estera feels the same way about him.

Maria and Krzysztof struggle to get along since they frequently disagree on important issues. The entire time, they argue and fight. The two accomplish what can only be described as a Christmas miracle by delivering all the gifts to their appropriate recipients. Despite how big the mess is, everyone engaged benefits from it in a positive way. In order for Mirek to learn how to take on some responsibility, his parents kick him out of the house. Milena eventually helps him come to terms with his individualism and freedom. Estera is given the opportunity to examine her sexuality and discover her true desires. In the movie’s climax, the characters’ fate is made clear.

Delivery By Christmas Ending: Do Maria And Krzysztof End Up Together?

Maria’s son Maksiu is in an office delivering a parcel when he visits the restroom and runs into Krzysztof. Maria and Krzysztof’s journeys eventually cross paths thanks to Maksiu. To propose to his lover, the latter requires his grandmother’s engagement ring. Krzysztof asks Maria to pick it up as a result. Maria also delivers Krzysztof’s package on the final day before Christmas along with her other deliveries. Maria is initially seen by herself on the balcony. She yearns for love in her life since she observes how her neighbours care for and adore one another.

Maria and Krzysztof spend the day together delivering the packages to the proper addresses in the midst of the parcel mix-up. Despite having completely different personalities, they become more compatible when faced with difficulty. When compared to Maria, who is a happy-go-lucky person who lives life freely and autonomously, Krzysztof is a realistic, well-planned man. While hiding from the police cruiser, they have a private moment together. Maria and Krzysztof are aware of their chemistry but do nothing about it. They compliment each other well and are compatible with one another, therefore they would form a terrific couple.

The pair discuss their emotional baggage as Maria throws the ring into the river at the movie’s climactic scene. Krzysztof has just ended a relationship, therefore he doesn’t initiate contact. Maria is embarrassed since she never imagined that someone could enter her life in this way. Despite having extremely different perspectives and opinions, they are able to see the good in each other by spending the day together. Krzysztof observes Maria’s dedication and maternal love for her child. Maria is grateful that Krzysztof spent the day assisting her.

The characters do not die at the conclusion of the film. We think they get to experience their enchanting love tale, which exemplifies the strength of attraction between opposites. Maksiu, who got along with Krzysztof well, would be the most delighted to see his mother with the latter. Additionally, Krzysztof bought Maksiu some much-needed Christmas presents. Nothing is more rewarding for a child than to witness his mother’s happiness. Krzysztof’s grandfather, who constantly watches after his cherished grandson, was connected to Maria and Maksiu.

Why Does Maria Not Take The Ship Back From The Wrong Address?

Maria discovers three young children spending Christmas Eve alone as she arrives at the final location to deliver Maksiu’s gift. The happy evening is being enjoyed by the siblings alone because their parents are at work. The ship Maria ordered for Maksiu is on the table, and children are occupying the area surrounding it. They miss their parents, and she feels awful for them. The three siblings’ condition is compared to Maria’s relationship with Maksiu in this instance. Her son is frequently left with the neighbours while she leaves for work. Maria considers Maksiu’s emotions of isolation and desire for his mother to be present with him.

Maria also recalls what Krzysztof told her before. He says Maria cannot purchase Maksiu’s affection. Instead of buying him expensive things, she should spend more time and enjoy herself with him. Maria takes the news hard. She acknowledges his correctness. She makes the decision to abandon the ship at this time and get Maksiu something significant that he could find more enjoyable. She prefers feelings and sentiments than pricey gifts that merely make up for the shortness of life. It is a critique of contemporary parents who think that giving their kids technology and expensive goods will make them forget about them. They have to accept the fact that their time, effort, and affection are better spent on those living things.

Why Does Maria Throw The Ring In The River?

Maria notices Krzysztof’s sadness when he cannot give Zuzia the ring. She hands him a ring she had previously pulled off. While he pursues after his grandmother’s engagement ring the entire time, he is actually not dedicated enough to wed Zuzia. Even his grandfather is aware of this, which is why he chooses not to send Krzysztof the ring. Krzysztof relocates to his grandfather’s flat following their breakup.

We think Maksiu’s father gave that ring to Maria. In the film, he is neither named nor seen. But Maria admits that the ring represents her emotional baggage, which she wants to let go of. As a result of the split, it also becomes Krzysztof’s baggage. As a result, when Krzysztof gives Maria the ring back, she throws it into the river as a sign of finality. With this, Maria and Krzysztof start over in their relationship.

The movie employs the ring as a story device to demonstrate commitment and love in relationships, along with many other components. Some people never have the courage to claim it as their own, while others cling to it their entire lives.

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