Miley Cyrus Dating History: All The Men Miley Cyrus Has Officially Dated

Do you want to discover Miley Cyrus’ past relationships? Yes, the Hannah Montana actress is the topic at hand. Who has she been dating so far? Let’s learn a little bit about Miley Cyrus’ notoriety before delving into the specifics of all of her personal relationships.

We already know how well-liked Miley Cyrus is in the music business. Many of you are still unaware that the singer became well-known after making an appearance in the Hannah Montana Disney sitcom.

Resuming our discussion of Miley’s musical career, some of her well-known songs include Wrecking Ball, Angels Like You, Nothing Breaks Like A Heart, Midnight Sky, Mother’s Daughter, Edge Of Midnight, Adore You, Plastic Hearts, The Climb, We Can’t Stop, and many others. Have you not heard Malibu, one of Miley Cyrus’ best songs?

Miley is also a talented actor. A Very Murray Christmas, So Undercover, Stand By You, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, The Last Song, and more films are given credits.

Miley finished her concert tour for 2022 last month. That was created to support her seventh studio album, Plastic Hearts, and was dubbed the “Attention Tour.” Were you indeed fortunate to be present at the concerts?

Returning to Miley Cyrus’ dating history, the singer has had romantic relationships with a number of well-known guys in the business. She continued to make news online, starting with her collaboration with Nick Jonas and ending with her marriage to Liam Hemsworth. She currently dates Maxx Morando, who will be discussed later.


Miley Cyrus’ Dating History: The Singer’s Love Life

Cody Simpson

How can we forget Cody Simpson when talking about Miley Cyrus’ past relationships? He became well-known for portraying Dmitry, the main character, in the Broadway musical Anastasia. He also participated in Season 1 of The Masked Singer Australia.

It was a really awful breakup. Cody was the one who broke up with Miley. Why? He revealed in an interview that he was compelled to end their relationship because he wanted to devote more time to his swimming career. It was linked in October 2019 and ended in August 2020, lasting less than a year.

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Kellan Lutz

Who hasn’t heard of the Twilight star? Yes! Kellan Lutz is another ex-boyfriend of Miley Cyrus. The Legend of Hercules, Extraction, Immortals, After Dusk They Come, etc. are just a few of the actor’s other successful roles.

It was not serious to discuss their love relationship, which was clearly alleged. Why does that matter? Well, Kellan previously claimed that he never dated Miley Cyrus. We never dated, he declared. All of that was hearsay and gossip. However, there are rumours that they got together.

Liam Hemsworth

Things were both lovely and strange with Liam Hemsworth. That’s clear? Possibly, either yes or no.

We all know Liam Hemsworth is a talented actor, so he doesn’t need to be introduced. However, it is advised to think back on some of his best compositions. The Last Song, The Hunger Games, Neighbours, The Expendables and Poker Face, among other films, are among them.

They fell in love with one another while collaborating on The Last Song. Miley and Liam were somewhat on and off, but they got engaged in 2012. However, they parted ways, and the latter assured them that they would continue to be “best friends.”

Liam and Miley made up and contemplated trying again. Miley Cyrus married Liam Hemsworth in 2018. However, their union was only intended to last for a few years before they filed for divorce. Why? There were stated to be “irreconcilable disputes” in it.

Maxx Morando

Now let’s talk about Miley Cyrus’ dating status right now! Many of you are unaware of what Maxx Morando does, as she already disclosed about their romantic relationship.

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Maxx, of course, used to be a part of The Regretters. He now performs on the drums for the group Lilly. He really is a fantastic musician. Maxx and Miley seem to be deeply in love. wishing they have a long-lasting relationship! The best thing is that their family have given their relationship their blessing as well as the fact that they are serious about each other. The situation is excellent! Miley also appears to be quite content.

Nick Jonas

When it comes to Miley Cyrus’ dating history, it all began in 2006 with Nick Jonas, one of the Jonas brothers. Priyanka Chopra Jonas, a well-known Bollywood actress, and Nick are now wed.

Well, according to reports, Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas were just 13 years old when they first started dating. Additionally, both were too young to be in a committed relationship and comprehend what love was. Miley and Nick dated for over a year before splitting up in December 2007.

But why did Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus split up? When questioned about it, the former admitted that she had previously resisted becoming everything Nick wanted her to be. Later, she recognised and considered acting of her own own. However, Miley preferred to think for herself and pay attention to herself over paying attention to others.

Even Nevertheless, Miley once revealed that they were still much in love. Additionally, she was already broken when they split ways.


Patrick Schwarzenegger

Patrick Schwarzenegger is also included in Miley Cyrus’ dating history. He is well-known as an actor and model in addition to being the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger, a legendary actor. The Terminal List, The Staircase, Moxie, Echo Boomers, etc. are a few of Patrick’s best-selling titles.

Patrick, though, was the one who made the first move. The actor once admitted in an interview that he had been admiring her for a while. Additionally, Miley Cyrus fell in love quickly.

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The romance between Patrick Schwarzenegger and Miley Cyrus seemed to be very serious. But it only persisted for five months! All of their fans were shocked by it.

Miley and Patrick started dating that year. What led to their split? Well, not all relationships are intended to last a lifetime. Patrick was seen having a lot of silly time while on vacation with a woman while they were dating. Patrick acknowledged that it was platonic when questioned. But Miley remained hopeful that their relationship would succeed. It was a failure!



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