Here’s Why Derrick Levasseur Was One Best Players On Big Brother!

Presently playing on television is Big Brother 24, which has a fresh batch of memorable houseguests. Derrick from Big Brother 16 is, nevertheless, possibly the most enduring player of all time. Derrick had a lot of wild times at home despite just playing for one season.

Due to his composed and experienced manner, Derrick is frequently referred to as one of the best players ever. Nevertheless, there were moments during the season when Derrick appeared a little out of it. Here are a few instances where Derrick displayed his erratic behaviour.

Creating Alliances

Over the course of the first few weeks of Big Brother 16, many alliances were formed. The majority of them had Derrick in the centre.

Derrick had the house’s inside extensively decorated. He possessed the Bomb Squad, afterwards known as the Detonators. Additionally, he made his last two deals with Victoria and Cody. In addition, he had Frankie and Donny from Team America. Derrick had many people that thought he was with them, but he manipulated his loyalties such that nobody knew.

Drawing Skittles

The Detonators needed pawns to use as bargaining chips in week eight because they were back in charge. Derrick assisted in the decision to draw skittles from a hat to determine who would go up because no one offered to volunteer.

This method of choosing nominees was incredibly unconventional. Derrick considered proposing newcomers to the block, but he ultimately opted to let the skittles choose. Donny ultimately became America’s favourite houseguest, while Christine was chosen to sit next to him. Cody and Caleb were the other two nominees.

Evicting Christine Brecht

The second Detonators member to be kicked out was Christine. She was suspected by the other participants of playing both sides of the house.

Derrick believed that Christine was working with Nicole and Donny inside the house to sway jury votes. Thus, he chose to vote her out during the double eviction in week 10. When Christine left to boos, he reasoned that this was the best course of action. This led to everyone throughout the season questioning Christine’s actions.

Mouse In The House

One of team America’s final tasks was to persuade the surviving residents that there was a rodent in the home and that they should spend the entire night attempting to trap it.

The house guests had just finished cleaning the kitchen, so this came at a bad moment. But this sparked a huge uproar inside the house since everyone believed there was a rat in the kitchen. Everyone was completely committed in trying to catch it, and they all had various strategies. Everyone eventually stayed up until six in the morning, indicating that Team America had successfully completed the assignment.

Not Nominating Devin Shepherd

Devin was the obvious home target in week three. Derrick chose not to nominate him because backdooring him was a better choice.

Devin was the focus of the house after one of the wildest veto ceremonies in Big Brother history. Devin approached him and advised him to nominate Derrick after he won the HOH contest. Being the astute player that he was, Derrick understood he could not allow Devin to have two chances to remove himself from the game. Therefore, he lied out loud and claimed that he had considered nominating others. This week, Devin finally returned home.


Derrick was also disorganised after Big Brother 16. He was connected to a Big Brother 22 pre-gaming rumour.

He almost participated in this season’s game but opted not to because of family commitments. He allegedly called Cody and Nicole and instructed them to collaborate. Within the Big Brother community, this was met with outrage. Many supporters believed that this was unjust and against the regulations. Cody and Nicole finally cooperated within the house until Nicole was booted out by Cody during the final three.


Team America was given the task of selecting one article of clothing from each inhabitant and concealing it. This led to a thorough search of the entire house for the garments.

Everyone started blaming Zach as soon as they noticed their garments were missing. Everyone believed Zach to be a saboteur, so Derrick let him take the fall. This led to one of the largest betrayals between guys in the history of the programme, which led to Zach’s eviction this week. No one was aware that Derrick and Team America were involved in this mission, so they got away with it.

Starting A Rumor About Zach Rance

On Big Brother, Zach Rance was speaking with his lips open in the diary room while his arms were out on each side of the couch.
To spread the myth that one of the house guests is connected to a former player was one of Team America’s objectives. Zach was chosen to be Amanda Zuckerman’s cousin from the previous season.

They decided Paola would tell Donny that Zach was connected to Amanda before she departed. The rumour spread quickly. Because the other residents of the house distributed it for him, Derrick didn’t have to do much. In the end, Zach did not dispute his relationship with her.

Targeting Nicole Franzel

Derrick at last pondered whether it was time to backdoor Frankie in week 10. Nicole did, however, say something that appeared benign but Derrick misinterpreted it as a threat.

Derrick believed he could eliminate Frankie and continue to trust Nicole for a week. Nicole, on the other hand, informed Derrick that she makes him think of Dan Gheesling, one of the greatest players ever. Derrick immediately realised that he could not allow her to inform the other house guests of this, so he returned his attention to Nicole. His game would be wrecked if the other house guests discovered that he played a similar game to Dan.

Week Seven House Meeting

Since Frankie had just won the Battle of the Block by himself, this week in Big Brother 16 was quite exciting. Derrick noticed several flaws in his strategy but called a house meeting to address them.

Zach didn’t have any specific motive to inform Victoria about the Detonators relationship. Zach went to Derrick and told him that Nicole told Victoria since he knew she would tell him that he told him. Given their tight relationship, Derrick could have easily helped Victoria relax, but he called a house meeting instead. Derrick benefited from Zach’s admission that he lied to him since it made everyone angry with Zach seem bad.






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