Explained Donkey From Shrek Fan Theory That Puts the Pieces Together

Fans have developed their own beliefs throughout the years about how fictional characters, such as Donkey from Shrek, came to be in their current positions. Fans are practically free to make their own assumptions because the backstories of these characters aren’t fully explored in some movies. In the end, they are either correct or incorrect, but even a mistaken interpretation results in an intriguing plot that only intelligent people could dream up—one that would undoubtedly make other fans think more carefully than anyone had anticipated when they turned on an animated film.

Contrary to his colleague in crime Puss in Boots, whose solo sequel is coming out this year, Donkey doesn’t get much of an origin narrative in the four Shrek films, eight short films, three television specials, and one Broadway musical. The only thing we initially know about Donkey’s past is that an elderly woman attempted to sell him to the wicked Lord Farquaad because he speaks too much or is “the talkingest d-mn thing you ever saw,” in her words. But before this, where was Donkey? How did he learn how to speak? It appears that people frequently delve deeply into the past of enduring Disney characters, as evidenced by the well-known The Little Mermaid-Tarzan-Frozen theory, as described by BuzzFeed. However, in this fan theory that explains how Shrek’s Donkey is actually from the 1940s Pinocchio, some intellectuals have combined Disney with DreamWorks.

Who is Donkey in Shrek?

Although Donkey was first presented in William Steig’s 1990 picture book Shrek!, most people first recognised him as one of the franchise’s deuteragonists in 2001 when Eddie Murphy provided the voice for him. Donkey, a colorblind asthmatic who enjoys waffles, instantly and voluntarily befriends Shrek, despite the fact that the other residents of the town view the stench-filled ogre as a misanthropic monster. Throughout the entire series of films, Donkey plays the role of the “annoying, talking animal,” befriending characters like Puss, Fiona, and Shrek as well as becoming a horse to Fiona at one point. During their marriage, Donkey and the fire-breathing dragon manage to have mutant dragon-donkey offspring with ridiculous names like Peanut, Bananas, and Parfait, which, in Donkey’s words, is “the most delectable thing on the whole d-mn globe.”

Who are the Donkeys in Pinocchio?

A character is transformed into an animal in a number of Disney animated films, such as Turning Red, but the most intricate—and, let’s face it, horrifying—scene was in the beloved Pinocchio. A haven for naive, young boys to have fun and do as they like, Pleasure Island, is where the titular puppet and his friend Lampwick were banished. When they first arrive, they had no idea that they will be transformed into anim als like horses after the show is over. The terrible transition is still depicted in the sequence, even though there isn’t much of it seen on screen (as if that were supposed to make it less scary). From there, we witness an army of kidnapped donkey boys being transported to various locations.

Fan Theory: How the Two Connect

The Three Bears, the Big Bad Wolf, and the Three Blind Mice, to name a few, were just a few of the popular fairytale characters who were unfairly detained by Lord Farquaad’s merry men in Shrek. It is simple to show where each character came from, whether they are Goldilocks, Little Red Riding Hood, or another. A talking donkey, though? Where is the origin of that character? Of course, a plausible guess would be the 1941 Pinocchio movie, which won an Academy Award. In order to strengthen the case, when Donkey and the elderly woman approach the knights, a well-known marionette stands in front of them, accompanied by an elderly man with white hair and glasses. The two Pinocchio figures should be placed together because Geppetto seems to be selling the “possessed toy” for five shillings.

To avoid being imprisoned for being a freak, Donkey pretends to be silent when he first encounters the guards. In Pinocchio, we observe that non-talking donkeys are sent to circuses and salt mines, and the few that can still speak are imprisoned on the island without tasty treats until all they can utter is a bray. Donkey, assuming he was present, could have pretended to be mute in an effort to escape once being moved somewhere else to avoid the unpleasant island situations. Donkey might have simply fled the circus once he arrived. He had, after all, outrun a number of guards before running into Shrek.

If Donkey was once a person who travelled to the cursed island, it has probably been some time since then because he has a potty mouth, a wife, and sensuous dreams, all of which indicate that he is an adult. If it’s true, the unfortunate animal has been walking on four legs for quite some time; even if it’s not, the situation is roughly the same; but, if he was born a donkey, he may simply be accustomed to it.

In the third Shrek movie, the once reclusive character also claims to have had wedgies, but keen-eyed spectators will notice that Donkey doesn’t actually wear pants. He also has a waffle fetish, and even without travelling to a farm, northern Africa, or the Middle East, it is clear that wild animals don’t typically have access to freshly toasted, golden morning foods.

In 2016, a fifth Shrek movie was planned, but as of now, there is no indication on whether it will actually be made. Disney is currently working on a live-action Pinocchio adaptation; perhaps this will make sense. It’s definitely best not to get your hopes up for an explanation of Donkey’s past since while Shrek and Pinocchio may have a connection, Pinnochio and Shrek don’t always. But in addition to the elderly woman and the wedgies, we can unequivocally attest that a farmer once attempted to buy him for some magic beans (a mishap he claims he never recovered from), and that after the man hosted a party where his guests attempted to pin a tail on the animal, they all became inebriated and began beating him with sticks while shouting “Piata! Piata!”

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